What Are The Benefits of a Silicone Pipe?

If you walk into a vape shop or head shop, you have probably seen a growing inventory of silicone pipe products. Though you may know that silicone pipes are popular, you might not fully understand why. Let’s examine the unique benefits offered by silicone pipes that are hard to find in other materials.

1. Silicone Pipes Are Nearly Indestructible

Silicone is an extremely durable material. It is flexible, soft, and has a high melting point. If you find that you regularly drop pipes (maybe you have even broken a few), silicone is a great alternative to glass. Their lifespan is impressive, too. If you take care of a silicone pipe properly, it could last you a decade or more!

2. Silicone Is Cheap

Silicone pipes basically indestructible, but they are also inexpensive! They do not require the craftsmanship that a quality glass pipe needs. Silicone pipes can be produced in bulk, which translates to very low production costs. Those cost savings are passed on to you through low pricing! Silicone pipes are a great option if you want to have a high-quality pipe but lack the budget for an expensive glass piece.

3. Silicone Pipes Are Easy to Clean

Silicone pipes are among the easiest to clean pipes. Their durability helps, since most accidents with pipes happen while they are being clean. However, the most useful attribute pipes have is they are made in multiple pieces. If you can take a pipe apart to give it a thorough clean, it makes the overall cleaning process much easier. This is especially true for silicone bubblers since glass bubblers are notoriously difficult to keep clean.

If you are a beginner to pipe smoking, or a bit clumsy, then silicone pipes might be just what you were looking for!

4. Silicone Pipes Are Portable

When you combine how durable silicone pipes are with how easily they can be taken apart, you end up with a very travel-friendly pipe. You will never have to worry about a pipe breaking in transit, and you can arrange the pieces in whatever way works best for your packing! For glass pipes that are particularly challenging to travel with, like bongs, a silicone alternative is a great choice!

5. Silicone Looks Awesome

It is easy to find silicone pipes that are in all kinds of vibrant, psychedelic colors. The nature of silicone manufacturing makes this easy to obtain, so most silicone pipes will have bright, eye-catching colors. Even if a multi-colored pipe is not up your alley, silicone can offer a standard palette of color choices to choose from.

6. Silicone Is Great for Smoking

Silicone is a good choice for a smoking pipe, in general. Food-grade silicone (the kind of silicone your pipe should be made from) does not leech chemicals or tastes into the smoke you inhale. There are veteran smokers that swear by the taste of smoking from glass pipes, but silicone pipes have a substantial following of dedicated smokers.

Most silicone pipes have glass parts built into them, specifically for those parts that will come in direct contact with your dry herbs. Examples would be glass bowls in silicone bongs or spoon pipes, glass vapor paths in silicone chillums and steamrollers, and many more.

7. Silicone Pipes Are Perfect for Beginners

For our last point, when you combine all the benefits we have mentioned, you get a product that is perfect for beginners. A low-cost of entry is ideal for smokers that are figuring out what they like and do not like in a pipe. The durability is forgiving to those who are learning how to handle and clean their pipe, and the multi-piece design most silicone pipes have make it easy to get a good clean.

If you have never smoked before and want an easy, low-cost experience, we cannot recommend a silicone pipe strongly enough!

Where Can I Find Silicone Pipes?

As we mentioned, silicone pipes are not hard to find. Vape stores and head shops are starting to carry them, and you can even find them in CBD specialty stores. If you want a larger selection, there are dozens of stores to shop at online that carry quality silicone pipes, though you will want to be sure they are made from food-grade silicone.

If you want the best selection of high-quality silicone pipes, we recommend shopping here at vapevetstore.com! We stand behind the quality of all of our silicone pipes, and all silicone used is food-grade. Any pipe purchased from us comes with FREE U.S. shipping with no purchase minimums required!

If you have questions about finding your ideal silicone pipe, we would love to help. Reach out to our customer service and we will get you in a silicone pipe that you love!

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