Vaping Auto-Flowering Cannabis

What is Auto-Flowering Cannabis?

Unlike Sativas or Indicas that require a dark photoperiod to flower, Ruderalis is unique in its ability to flower regardless of how much light it receives. This opens the door to many varieties that can be crossbred with much more popular strains to produce a plant that is potent and much easier to grow.

While Indicas produce short and stocky plants with fat, resinous buds that are suitable for nighttime use, Sativas produce tall and lanky stalks with modest amounts of buds that are better suited for daytime use. Ruderalis is in a league of its own.

Much shorter than an Indica in terms of height, Ruderalis plants do not require darkness to stimulate the production of buds. This makes them ideal for stealth growers and those looking to shorten the height of their strains without sacrificing on potency. The downside is that yield is lost due to the reduction of size bred into a new variety with Ruderalis.

Why Ruderalis is Good for Vaping

The reason why Ruderalis is an ideal fit for vape users comes down to the fact that many medicinal strains can be grown at home in states where it is legal without resorting to expensive grow lights and other tedious factors.

Other reasons include being able to have access to more exotic strains in the form of an auto-flowering variety and much faster production. Cannabis Ruderalis is almost always mixed with other breeds, as the Ruderalis variety itself is not bred for any other reason than its auto-flowering capabilities.

While Indicas and Sativas are bred for their yield, cannabinoids, and terpene profiles, Ruderalis is mixed with these powerful varieties to create plants that can flower on their own without human intervention. Cannabis with the Ruderalis gene vapes very well and is perfect for those looking to capitalize on its short stature and fast harvest times.

Medical Ruderalis

One of the best reasons for acquiring cannabis with a Ruderalis gene is the sheer convenience of being able to access strains that otherwise would be very hard to acquire due to their growing times, environment, etc. Many exotic cannabis strains hail from different parts of the globe with temperate regions, making them very hard to acquire for the average vape user.

Fortunately, Ruderalis has made it possible to come across many of these hard-to-find varieties thanks to growers who understand plant genetics and cannabis horticulture. Medical trains such as Super Lemon Haze, which is notoriously hard to maintain in the right environments, can flourish with a shorter harvesting time thanks to crossbreeding with Ruderalis.

Other popular medical strains such as White Widow, Northern Lights, Skunk, and Exodus Cheese come in a Ruderalis variety. This makes them ideal for vaping since Ruderalis maintains a quick turnout that is much cheaper to produce while keeping potencies intact. It is truly a marvel of the flowering world and a literal godsend for the cannabis community.

Auto-Flowering CBD Strains

When you use a high-quality vape such as the E-CLIPSE or the Titan 2, medical strains that incorporate CBD as part of their medical makeup are vastly improved since no material is wasted on smoking. Therefore, vaporizers are so crucial to the cannabis community as they are built to last and make the most of consumption sessions.

CBD is specifically bred for its potent pain management and contribution to anxiety reduction capabilities. Combined with an auto-flowering gene, medical strains such as this do not suffer from human error or lack of timing on the grower’s part. The last thing a medical patient would want is to resort to vaping cannabis that has not been properly grown or harvested.

Auto-flowering strains have a preset harvesting time without having to guess or make timing adjustments. It is almost a “set it and forget it” method of growing since Ruderalis genetics have predetermined growing and flowering times. Whether the plants receive 12 to 18 hours of light throughout their growth cycles has no impact on its flowering stage, unlike traditional cannabis which relies on very specific photoperiods.

The Pros and Cons

Even though Ruderalis are so versatile and convenient for both breeders, growers, and consumers alike, there are a few drawbacks that, while not complete deal-breakers, offer a few things to consider. One of them is a reduction in yield. This creates a market that will have a larger demand than supply. Fortunately, because Ruderalis strains are so predictable and consistent, all it would take to mitigate this issue is to simply grow more.

In fact, since Ruderalis is so small in stature, mixing them with a hybrid that can produce a big yield while remaining potent is what makes Ruderalis strains so sought-after. Another drawback however is a slight increase in price regarding the seeds. While this is not much of a concern to most commercial growers, home growers will have a tough time justifying some of the prices just to have a plant that auto-flowers.

Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that these are the most convenient varieties to grow without sacrificing on the high that these strains produce on their own otherwise. Because one can technically have a steady flow of auto-flowering cannabis at their fingertips, using a high-quality vape like the SteamCloud Box Mod for example can ensure you can take advantage of having dry herbs, wax, and oil concentrates on hand thanks to the magic that is the Ruderalis plant.

Final Thoughts

While most people only know about Indicas or Sativas to a certain degree, most will scratch their heads when you mention Cannabis Ruderalis. This is quickly changing thanks to the internet and the wider social acceptance of the cannabis plant for medical and recreational reasons. What is interesting to note is that unlike most cannabis varieties that have been bred by man to create the strains we have today, Ruderalis remains unique in its natural form.

Indicas and Sativas in nature are not always known to be as potent as they are today thanks to the ingenious breeding techniques of many growers and breeders. Ruderalis in nature lacks height, yield, potency, and flavor profiles. Its magic lies solely in its ability to flower without adjusting the light it receives.

Vaping these varieties is truly a joy to encounter since users will find that prices can also be significantly lower if the grower of these plants clones their Ruderalis varieties, which is what most growers do anyway. While the seeds might be pricier, any thoughtful grower will pass on the savings by cloning these varieties and making this wonderful plant more accessible to all who seek it.

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