Vape CBD or Smoke CBD - Which is Better

CBD has hit the market with a variety of different products all offering relief from common ailments. Everything from pain and arthritis to cancer and PTSD is covered under the therapeutic umbrella that is CBD. It is highly debatable whether CBD can be more or less beneficial to someone who either chooses to smoke or vape CBD.

Here we will be going over the details of smoking and vaping, and how they perform during a session. Some methods might work better than others, though ultimately it is the user who will determine what is most beneficial to them. In terms of which method is better, we would do well to examine exactly what we mean by better.

When we speak of “better” when referring to the length of a session or how long your material will last during a session, we mean that it will outperform another method. “Better” in terms of delivery and taste is subjective and will be at the judgement of the user. We will do our diligence here and provide you with the most objective view possible when comparing the contrasted worlds of smoking vs vaping CBD.

Vape pens are good

Vaping CBD

There are many forms of vaporization methods that can accurately measure and dose a therapeutic amount for delivery via dry herb vaporizers, wax, or oil. Of these three, oil is the most accurate in terms of gauging dosage. CBD in wax form is great for those who want the benefits of oil without the heavy cloud production.

Dry herbs are the least effective when it comes to providing relief that lasts in comparison to the other two methods. Nonetheless, dry herb vaping is a viable option for those who want a mild sedative for insomnia for example, and with a full flavor profile. In terms of what type of vaporizer is better for vaporization, we recommend a combination or 3 in 1 vape that can accommodate all these modalities.

Vapes such as the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 and the Yocan Hive 2.0 are perfect examples of vapes that are capable of efficiently using these materials without waste. Vaping can be much better than smoking in that there is no residual buildup over time when compared to smoking. There is no ashy taste and the tools used to vape are minimal.

The drawback here is having to eventually purchase replacement coils and atomizers for your unit. This can add up in the long run, though when vaping for health or medical reasons, it should be looked at more like an investment. Vaping is considered to be a much healthier alternative to smoking, for example. Transitioning into vaping can save your lungs from the harshness that accompanies smoke and its many inflammatory compounds.

CBD Vaping is the best

Smoking CBD

While both vaping and smoking can deliver effective doses that are immediately felt to the user, the truth is that smoking CBD can actually lessen its therapeutic effect by way of combustion. CBD vapes great at a certain temperature below a boiling point whereas smoking goes beyond that boiling point and actually wastes CBD in the long run by essentially incinerating it. Be that as it may, smoking CBD still remains a viable way to quickly deliver therapeutic doses.

The problem here is that the user is relegated to just one modality, which is dry herbs. Dry herbs are inherently less potent than wax and oil forms, and so the effects after smoking CBD are very minimal. The upside to this is that the user will spend less money in the long run on essential components and accessories. If price point supersedes the health aspect of your investment, then smoking is the way to go.

The price range for a typical pipe or standard bong is much less than a high-quality vape pen from a reputable brand. However, it should also be noted that there are some very reputable brands out there that offer vaporizers that are actually cheaper than some pipes out there! The Yocan Evolve D is an example of a high quality vape with an affordable price point.

In fact, if one is trying to smoke their dry CBD herb and wants the perfect entry-level vape that offers the ease of smoking with the prospect of vaporization, then the AGO by Darkside Vapes is the way to go. This vape is perfect for smokers and former smokers who want to ease their way into vaping without breaking the bank. Using no chemicals or external components to ignite your CBD herbs, the AGO can convert to a vape by simply inserting a glass screen.

CBD Vaping smoking

How to Use CBD

If you are looking for a true investment for your health needs, we recommend getting your hands on a vaporizer, whether that be for dry herbs, wax, or oil. In fact, the best type of vape we can advise is to go for a 3 in 1 vape to cover all your preferences, which can evolve over time.

If you want to stick to your guns and keep smoking, try considering the AGO which can help you transition into the world of vaping while giving you the option to smoke without the need for a lighter. Another benefit to a combustion vape like this is that you can even use it during harsh weather conditions, unlike with a traditional pipe and lighter. No matter what you end up choosing, always make sure that the option you go for is what you truly want.

Here we have laid out flexible options for you to consider without restricting your future preferences. To answer the question of which method we think is better for CBD, the clear answer would have to be vaping, especially for medical reasons. Smoking is usually reserved for recreational or social reasons, and so we feel that vaping CBD is the best.

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