Silicone Bong vs Glass Bong – Pipe Comparison

Differences Between Silicone and Glass Bongs

Differences between Silicone and Glass Bongs

Silicone Bongs are Indestructible

This is one of the strongest reasons to get a silicone bong – there are no worries at all about whether or not this bong is going to break. Whereas with a glass bong there is often the issue of fragility, a silicone bong is nearly indestructible. Silicone as a material is much like rubber and this bong will simply fall to the ground and bounce around. While there is of course the issue of water spilling out, that is nothing compared to not worrying about having to sweep up broken glass.

Glass Bongs offer Tastier Puffs

Glass bongs, however, are often thought to provide cleaner, tastier puffs. This is because, as one can imagine, the silicone material will have a less neutral flavor to it than the glass bong would. Imagine other materials like wood, plastic, or even metal that have their own sort of ‘flavor profile’ associated. Some of that will translate into the silicone bong. This doesn’t mean that a silicone bong necessarily tastes ‘bad’ – just that there are glass purists and other people who would never trade the purity of a glass bong over a silicone bong. Also, remember that this difference is assuming both bongs are clean. A dirty glass bong will naturally have a bad flavor.

Bong Portability

This is directly related to the indestructible nature of the silicone bong compared to a glass bong as well as the difference in weight. With the same size a silicone bong is much lighter than a glass bong – unless it is made with thinner and therefore weaker glass. This means that not only are glass bongs more susceptible to accidents and shattering but a silicone bong will be less of a burden to move all around. This doesn’t mean that glass bongs are bad but that if this is a bong that is meant to be more mobile there is a good chance a silicone bong will serve that purpose more reliably (and with less worry) than a glass bong.

Glass Art vs Silicone Utility

All in all, both bongs are bongs. The quality and force of the hit is going to depend on the brand and quality materials and both can have added features like ash catchers or percolators that will change the dynamic of the bong. However, that aside, there are certainly structural differences and implications for using either that are going to come down to preferences. Make sure to consider what kind of use the bong is going to be associated with and how this can either be furthered by the type of bong chosen. All in all, there are excellent bongs in both categories that are hard to make a direct comparison between.

Silicone Bongs can be Disassembled

One other cool advantage to having a silicone bong is that these bongs can be disassembled. This is a wonderful advantage that is easily recognized by anyone who has struggled to clean the hard-to-reach places in other bongs before. Besides the slide, it can be hard to get into the very bottom of any glass bong much less the larger, more intricate models. If easier cleaning is a preference, make sure to consider a silicone bong that can be disassembled.

Similarities Between Glass and Silicone Bongs

Similarities between Glass and Silicone Bongs

Acceptable Smoking Pipes

Both are going to provide an excellent smoking pipe experience if chosen for the right reasons and/or match someone’s preferences. Again, neither is unequivocally the best.

Meant to be used with Water

Both are going to need water to operate properly and to ensure a clean, smooth hit. The entire point of a bong is to use it with water so make sure that there will be some in nearby.

Filter Smoke for better Puffs

This is related to the water – the smoke is percolated and infused into it in order to give a smoother hit. This means that either bong option is going to be easier on the throat, heat-wise, than a regular pipe or bowl. Watch out for the larger hits though.

Require Bong Bowls

Bongs will require a bong bowl to place the dry herb into. These can often be purchased with the bong or separately if broken or in need of a replacement.

Ice Catchers

These can be found in both bong types and make the hits as smooth and cool as ice itself. Definitely worth the investment for heat-sensitive smokers.

    Are Silicone or Glass Bongs Better?

    As mentioned earlier, this is entirely based on someone’s preferences. If someone is more clumsy, a silicone bong is an obvious choice. If someone is a purist, maybe they prefer glass. Think about what priorities matter most and find the style bong that best meets those parameters.

    2-Piece Silicone Bong vs Glass ROOR Bong

    2-Piece Silicone Bong vs Glass ROOR Bongs

    Both of these bongs are excellent examples of two fantastic bongs chosen based on preference. The silicone bong is able to be split into two pieces for easier cleaning and has all the traits of a silicone bong – lightweight, indestructible, easy to use. The ROOR is a well-known glass bong brand that packs quality, power, and stability all into one beautiful, clean piece. Overall, the decision to go with either will rest entirely on the specific needs of the smoker. Both, however, deliver quality experiences.

    The Benefits of Using Water Bongs

    The Benefits of Using Water Bongs

    For most smokers, a water bong provides the best way to maximize strength with comfort and smoothness. This is, of course, a tradeoff for the convenience of not needing water. However, there is a reason bongs are so popular – their quality, power, and smoothness is almost impossible to match with other pipes.

    Where to Buy Silicone Bongs and Glass Bongs?

    As always, these bongs can be purchased anywhere. However, make sure to check out the incredible inventory at and remember that all orders shipped in the USA are always FREE!  

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