What is a Mini Nectar Collector Dabbing Tool

One of the rarest achievements is the ability to produce a product that is efficient, innovative, and simple. This is especially true when it comes to hand-blown glass pipes designed for the consumption of wax or shatter-- products are often either too big, too smelly, or too complicated to ever entice consumers to be interested.

This has all changed with the emergence of dabbing wax. A new generation of cannabis lovers has revolutionized the way the plant is consumed, with dabbers leading the way.

Initially, lovers of dabbing were plagued by the fact that portable dab rigs were often way too big to be in any way portable. While dabbing was on the cutting edge of consumer technology, there was still no convenient way to do it.

Then the Nectar Collector Mini came along. This simple and portable three-piece glass dab rig combines the power of a regular dab hit with the cleanness of vapor hit through glass.

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What is Dabbing?

The process of dabbing is relatively straightforward -- it is natural vapor being produced after bringing extracts into contact with a very powerful heat. Dab rigs are often glass structures that are partially filled with water. They are designed to have as little space possible between the heating element and the extract being vaped, so that the vapor itself will be as fresh and potent as possible.

On a typical dab rig, an element known as the domeless nail is heated with a blowtorch until it is glowing hot. (Depending on the preference of the consumer, domeless nails may often be made of titanium, ceramic or quartz.) While the consumer is waiting for the nail to cool down, they need to use a dab tool to scoop up the shatter or wax and then take the dab tool and touch to the heated nail, which produces vapor that passes through the dab rig. 

As mentioned, dab rigs are often constructed of glass. Glass has been known for centuries to produce a better airflow and better flavor than do many of the other substances out of which dabbing and smoking equipment is made. However, silicone dab rigs seem to be just as good as glass, making it much more portable and easy to take around

The problem with many dab rigs is that they are simply too large to tote around and be able to dab when you’re out and about. Whether they are made out of glass or silicone, dab rigs are not easily concealed and are often not able to be disassembled.

Related to the portability issue is the number of components that typically comprise a fully-functioning dab rig. These include the sizable rig itself, the domeless nail, and the glass joint -- that is, the hinge that connects the dig and the nail. Combine that with the blowtorch that is needed to heat the domeless nail, and that is a hefty amount to have to tote around.

Nectar Collector Mini for Dabbing Shatter - Vape Vet

What is the Nectar Collector Mini?

The Nectar Collector Mini solves the problem of the portability issue by making its components lightweight and small -- and having only three of them. It also distinguished itself by being made entirely of glass.

The main piece of the Nectar Collector Mini is the body -- the middle portion of the three and space into which water is poured for filtration purposes.

The second piece is the glass mouthpiece, which slides in and out of the glass body.

Finally, there is the titanium nail. The Nectar Collector Mini kit -- which is available in a small protective box -- includes both a titanium and quartz nail, either of which are able to be affixed to the body. 

When assembled, the entire apparatus is roughly 6 inches in length, with each piece measuring at slightly more than 2 inches apiece. (This is excepting the titanium dab nail, which is roughly an inch and a half.)

Nectar Collector Mini Glass Dab Pen for Wax

How to Use a Nectar Collector

The process of using the Nectar Collector Mini is as easy as using a water pipe -- only with a far more intense outcome. All it needs is a small bowl that has been pre-packed with wax or shatter -- which, in the case of the Nectar Collector Mini, comes included.

The first step in the process is to use a blowtorch to heat the tip of either the titanium nail or quartz nail until it is red-hot. This should take anywhere from 15-20 seconds. Take care to not heat beyond that point, as doing so can make the nails spark.

Next, let the nail cool down for 10-15 seconds, take a pre-packed bowl of shatter or wax and touch the heated nail to it (it's best to store your shatter or wax in a dab container). This will produce a great deal of vapor almost immediately. So once you touch the nail to the wax, start inhaling immediately.

There are other tools available to the consumer that save the amount of vapor that is created. These are called carb caps. After vapor is produced in the domeless nail, placing a carb cap -- which are available in titanium, ceramic, and quartz -- over the nail keeps valuable vapor from escaping and ultimately saves the consumer wax.

Consumers should use caution when handling the blowtorch, as well as ensuring that the rig and the blowtorch are stored with care.

Nectar Collector vs Dab Pens

Steamcloud Mini and Mini Nectar Collector on Beach

There are several ways in which the Nectar Collector Mini compares to portable dab pens.

For starters, there is the method of producing heat. Portable vaporizers like the Yocan Evolve Plus and the Yocan Pandon use dual quartz coils to vaporize large amounts of wax or shatter at a time. This is because of glass’s superior ability at conducting a great deal of heat, quickly.

Another similarity is the portability of each product. The Nectar Collector Mini -- much like many portable dab pens -- is able to be transported with a minimal amount of hassle or packing and unpacking.

Finally, there is the largeness of the hit that each product is able to produce. This is often said about the Nectar Collector Mini -- that it produces huge, crisp hits out of a small amount of wax. This is also true of certain stand-alone wax vaporizers -- such as the SteamCloud Box Mod Vape with the Yocan Cerum atomizer attachment.

To Sum Up: The Nectar Collector Mini is the most unique, portable, and flavorful portable dab pen on the market today.  If you're tired of using your vape pen all the time and want to use something fun where you can take huge hits, then grab yourself a mini nectar collector.

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