Is It Easier to Smoke, Dab, or Vape with Fake Nails?

We all know that a dab nail is necessary when you want to have a wax session, but are your newly manicured fake nails useful as well? Do acrylic nails get in the way of dabbing and smoking, or do they actually help the process? There are many women who will claims the benefits of using their fake nails for a variety of tasks that you might have never thought of. Fake nails aid with more than just being able to scratch an itch. Some people prefer to type with acrylic nails, and also find other ingenious ways to use them to their advantage. And it might surprise you how they might help during a session as well.

However, not all sessions are built the same and fake nails may come in handy in some situations but not others. It all depends on how you prefer to smoke, vape, or dab and what materials and supplies you are working with. Read on to hear our opinion on using acrylic nails during a session, and what the pros and cons they might present.

Do Fake Nails Help Or Hurt When Loading A Bowl?

Loading a bowl in a pipe, bong or bubbler can be relatively simple process. But does that process remain simple when a set of long fake nails gets involved? Although it might be tempting to match your nails this week to your favorite glass piece for one stylish session, is it worth the risk of interfering with loading a bowl?

Pros For Loading A Bowl

The pros of having acrylic nails include being able to pick up and poke at things easily. This might sound like a silly advantage, but it can help when loading a bowl. You can easily pick up smaller nugs of dry herb and load them into an herb grinder. After you give your grinder a good twist, you can use your nails to help load a micro-bowl, or snapper, if you want. You don’t run the risk of pinching up too much herb and loading it into the bowl, because fake nails makes small amounts of herb easier to handle.

Cons For Loading A Bowl

However, you might have a bit of ground-up herb lingering under your nails still after a session. It’s always best to wash your hands before and after a session, especially when you’re loading up a bowl for two or more friends. However, your nails will not stand in the way of hosting a good smoke session with the glass piece of your choice and a handy herb grinder.

Do Fake Nails Help Or Hurt When Dabbing?

Loading a dab into a hot and primed dab rig can take a bit of finesse. The process of dabbing traditionally involves a dab rig, blowtorch, dab tool, wax, and some skill. However, there are also electronic dab rigs emerging on the market, making the process of dabbing involves fewer moving parts. With a dab rig, you simply have to press a button to heat the device to temperature, load in your wax, and inhale. With either option though, will acrylic nails get in the way of dabbing?

Pros For Dabbing

Many will argue that fake nails are the best when it comes to dabbing. It’s almost like having a spare dab tool attached to every finger if your nails are long enough. Although you should definitely stick to using a dab tool over a nail for loading in a dab of wax, fake nails can easily clean up a drip or drop of wax on a dab mat. Your nails might melt if applied to the heat of a dab rig, and you run the risk of burning a finger if you get too close to a hot dab rig nail. It’s always best to use the recommended tools safely and carefully instead when dabbing.

Cons For Dabbing

If you use your fake nails with wax, you do run the risk again of getting it stuck under your fingernail. However, a bit of rubbing alcohol will resolve that issue. Depending on how long your nails are, they might make it more difficult to handle a dab tool as well. However, if you are an acrylic nail veteran that that should pose no problems for you. It will be the same method you using for handing a pen or pencil.

Do Fake Nails Make Vaporizers Easier To Use Or More Difficult?

The final option you have when consuming dry herb or wax is to do so with a vaporizer. Vaporizers can either be large devices that sit on your desktop, or small portable devices that can easily fit in the palm of your hand. However, with the smaller devices, would fake nails make it more difficult to press the button and manage the device? Or can fake nails help with the process of vaping, whether it is dry herb, wax, or vape oil?

Pros For Using Vaporizers

Fake nails will not run much interference when it comes to using a portable or desktop vaporizer. Similar to loading a bowl on a bong or dab rig, they can actually help you load a smaller amount if you prefer to micro-dose. The parts on portable vaporizers can also run on the small side, and fake nails might help you disable and assemble your device when it needs a deep clean. Most buttons on vaporizers are designed to be easy to use with one hand, so your nails should not interfere with operating the device either.

Cons For Using Vaporizers

The only drawback of having extra flashy fake nails when using a portable vaporizer is that your nails might make the device less discreet. If you have some amazing art featured on your hands, people will not be able to help themselves and possibly stare. Portable vaporizers can be quite compact and low profile in color, but some creative nail art could make the device pop when you’re holding it.

Overall, we’re not here to tell you how to consume or what to wear. You should rock whatever style you are comfortable with, and we are sure you will find a way to make it work within your sessions as well. If you have any pro tips for smoking, vaping, or dabbing with fake nails though, then share them with the VapeVet community!

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