Is Indoor Grown Or Outdoor Grown Hemp Better?

The growing conditions for any agricultural crop will greatly affect the product created. But this is especially true when it comes to hemp plants. Hemp is known to filter toxins out of the soil, which both improves the quality of the soil, but also poses the risk of harmful toxins making it into hemp CBD extract. To avoid this, craft hemp farmers carefully monitor the growing conditions for hemp plants.

Yet, craft hemp farmers are growing hemp both indoors and outdoors. So which growing environment produces a better quality product? And what are the potential benefits and downfalls of each method?

What Are the Benefits of Growing Hemp Indoors?

There are a few differences you may notice in dry herb that is grown indoors versus outdoors. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all differences are disadvantages. Each type of growing method will encourage different characteristics in dry herb.

Increased Trichome Density

For example, hemp that is grown indoors tends to produce small, tight nugs, that have a high trichome density. The trichome crystals are what make some dry herb glitter in the sunlight or feel sticky. Outdoor hemp, however, tends to be a bit larger and leafier and does not glitter as much. Overall, indoor growing conditions seem to produce a higher trichome density for hemp, but outdoor-grown hemp is not far off.

A Difference in Color

The color will also differ slightly between indoor and outdoor-grown hemp. Outdoor grown hemp tends to have a darker color than indoor grown hemp. However, if outdoor-grown hemp is not cured properly, this darker hue can easily turn into brown dry herb. Indoor-grown hemp also tends to be carefully trimmed too. This is a minor factor when you grind up your dry herb anyway, but it can make a difference in the weight you purchase. Indoor-grown hemp will typically be denser, better-trimmed nugs with some good, light color to them.

What Are the Benefits of Growing Hemp Outdoors?

These factors should not make you dismiss outdoor-grown hemp though. One of the biggest benefits of growing hemp outdoors is that it encourages the natural cultivation of terpenes in the plant as well.

Increased Terpenes

Terpenes are similar to cannabinoids, like CBD, and occur naturally in many different kinds of plants, including hemp. Terpenes can increase the profile of dry herb and provide beneficial effects as well. When smoked, dry herb that is grown outside will tend to be more flavorful and pungent. Although terpenes are especially present in outdoor-grown herb, they will not stick around if the herb is not cured properly.

Larger and Leafier Bud

Outdoor-grown hemp will also make for large buds of dry herb, with a chunky appearance. Outdoor-grown hemp can be leafy if it is not trimmed properly, and the stem tends to be thick. The bottom of dry herb grown outdoors can have a light brown color at the stalk, which is normally avoided in an indoor growing environment. But it really all comes down to how you prefer your dry herb. If color really matters to you, then indoor-grown hemp might be better. But if terpenes matter more to you then you should smoke outdoor-grown hemp instead.

Which Type of Hemp Is Better?

Both indoor and outdoor-grown hemp will compare equally in cannabinoid percentages, but the terpenes profile and trichome density can vary. However, what matters more than if hemp is grown indoors or outdoors, is how it is cared for. The quality of the seeds planted will also matter greatly, as well as the skill and experience of the hemp farmer. Extensive knowledge of hemp plants and experience with growing them will improve the quality of the dry herb. However, using a grow light instead of sunlight will not impact the hemp plant too much. You could generalize and say that indoor-grown hemp might look better, while outdoor-grown hemp might taste better.

It’s A Trick Question

So really it is a trick question and comes down to your personal preference. There is high-quality craft hemp that is grown successfully indoors and outdoors. An indoor growing environment can be controlled more easily. However, it also does not offer the advantages of a natural growing environment. Outdoor-grown hemp can be extra flavorful and aromatic. However, hemp thrives in a certain growing climate that is found only in certain locations around the world. But, if you are an environmentalist at heart, then you may want to purchase outdoor-grown hemp instead. Outdoor farms are the most energy-efficient and offer the most natural setting for hemp to grow. But we aren't going to tell you what to smoke.

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