Is A CBD Massage Worth Every Extra Penny?

CBD products are all the rage right now and only continuing to grow in popularity across the United States. That is because many people have found several unique benefits from using CBD on a regular basis. However, not all CBD products are intended to be used in the same way. For example, CBD tinctures and edibles are made to deliver CBD to your bloodstream via digestion. However, CBD topicals are designed to be applied to your skin and deliver CBD molecules to a concentrated area of your body.

So, what are the potential benefits of applying a CBD topical over your entire body? And what additional benefits might you experience for incorporating a CBD topical into a relaxing massage? Read on to learn more about how CBD will interact with a sore, tired body when used during a massage.

What is A CBD Massage?

CBD massages are a relatively new phenomenon; however, they are straightforward. A CBD massage is simply a massage that uses CBD body oil or CBD lotion in place of the standard massage body oil. CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound found in high concentrations in hemp plants. It provides users with non-intoxicating effects that can often be therapeutic as well. A CBD massage is therefore designed to be the ultimate relaxing experience for both the body and the mind. The massage therapist will still go about the massage treatment in the usual fashion. However, they are also taking advantage of the potentially relaxing and relieving effects of applying CBD topicals to the skin.

How Does A CBD Massage Work?

Let’s start with the basics of how a massage works before we throw CBD into the mix. A Swedish-style massage is one of the most popular forms of massages and is also known as a classic, relaxing massage. This massage technique is gentle and intended to provide relaxation and tension relief over anything else. That is also why CBD body oil can go so well with a classic Swedish massage.

CBD Oil and the Body

When CBD is applied to your body topically, it works to relieve almost any surface-level irritation or inflammation you might be experiencing. CBD is known to work naturally as an anti-inflammatory and can provide added relief to sore muscles and joints during a massage. CBD is thought to possess antidepressant and antibacterial properties as well, which is another potential benefit when applying it to your skin in a therapeutic fashion. CBD can help speed up your body’s natural healing process by treating pain and inflammation and make a massage even more effective.

Is A CBD Massage Worth It?

A massage can be very beneficial for relaxing tension and sore muscles in your body. A CBD topical produces similar effects, and so combining the two seems like an obvious option. A massage that incorporates CBD oil or lotion can help calm inflammation in the skin, soothe anxiety, reduce pain, and ease tension in your body. And if you suffer from the effects of stress, injuries, or chronic pain then a CBD massage is well worth the investment.

Massage Consistency

To truly see the beneficial effects of a CBD massage or even a regular massage, you must go to the massage therapist on a regular basis. Working to both relieve and prevent tension is key when it comes to reaping the benefits of massage therapy. However, a CBD massage can be an extra special treat if you are on a tight budget or have an extra sore spot on your body.

Price of CBD Massage

The price of a CBD massage is not that much more than a normal hour-long Swedish massage. The added cost is simply to cover the CBD topical used during the massage in place of normal body oil or massage lotion. It can be quite effective in giving your body an added boost of healing and relief though, and the added cost is well worth it. Think of it as an investment in the health of your body over anything else.

More Research is Needed

A CBD massage can be extremely relaxing, but there is much more research to be done to investigate the way CBD interacts with the human body. Plenty of people swear by the healing and relieving effects of CBD topicals on inflammation and sore muscles, however there are not yet case studies proving these effects and why they occur and there is still worry if topical application of CBD can be too much. Currently, we are mainly working off user testimonies, which are overwhelmingly in favor of using CBD topicals to relieve chronic pain and inflammation.

Check with Medical Provider

You should always check with your medical provider to be certain that CBD is safe for you to use alongside any other medication you might be taking. There is little risk of a CBD topical causing a drug interaction or intoxication, but it is always worth double-checking with those who know your medical history first. After you’ve cleared it with your doctor though, all you need to do to enjoy the benefits of a CBD massage is to lay back and relax.

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