How to Prevent Vape Spitbacks

Vaping and Dealing With Spitbacks

The key cause of vape spitbacks can be traced to a situation whereby the coil is overflooded due to excessive amount of e-liquid pooling within it. Now rather than being vaporized as necessary for a good vaping experience, the e-liquid within the coil proceeds to boil like water within a kettle. Subsequently, any attempt to inhale would end with you sucking up hot liquid in what is referred to as a vape spitback.

Bear in mind that vape pens or dry herb vaporizer do spitbacks whether you are an advanced vaper or  a new one. It has absolutely nothing to do with your level of experience or vaping skills. It happens whenever the circumstances conducive to its occurrence exist. Therefore it is important for you, whether you are an experienced or a neophyte vaper, to understand how to prevent spitbacks.

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How to Prevent Vape Spitbacks while Vaping

Now that you understand that vape spitbacks have no respect for anyone, old or new, you should understand the steps to take in order to prevent any spitback that could ruin your vaping experience. Outlined below are some key guidelines you can take into consideration when you wish to prevent vape spitbacks:

Consider flicking the Vape Tank

Vape spitbacks often occur as a result of excessive e-liquid pooling at the center of the coil in your device. As such, you can routinely remove the excess e-liquid in the coil by flicking your tank downward in a brief and quick motion. The best time to flick the tank is when you have just refilled the tank or when you just replaced the coil. Be careful to keep a tissue handy when you decide to flick the tank as e-liquid can fly out of the mouthpiece when you flick the tank.

Avoid Excessive Coil Priming

Priming usually involves dripping e-liquid directly into the wick until it is completely saturated. Priming your coil can significantly improve your vaping experience. It has the tendency to improve the flavor of the vape and improve the overall vaping experience. However, there is such a thing as over-priming. When you allow the wick to be oversaturated with liquid, it leads to an overflooding of the coil which eventually causes spitbacks. New coils are especially vulnerable to over-priming, so be careful when you just replaced your coil.

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Flare the Power before Vaping

Another simple way to prevent vape spitbacks is to fire up your battery in quick bursts of power before vaping. Doing this will ensure that any excess liquid within the coil evaporates before you begin to vape. When you fire up your battery, popping sounds will follow if there is too much liquid within the coil. Continue to fire up the battery in quick, short bursts until the popping subsides to prevent vape spitbacks.

Increase the Vaping Wattage

If you have a device with adjustable wattage mode, then it can help you greatly in the course of preventing vape spitbacks. You see, vape spitbacks could occur when the wattage is too low and therefore unable to vaporize the e-liquid within the coil. By increasing the wattage to a proper level, you can prevent vape spitbacks by ensuring that the e-liquid becomes vapor at the same rate as the wick is supplying them.

Inhale Vapors Gently

E-liquid can be forced through the chamber and into your mouth when you take long, powerful puffs. The end result is vape spitback. To avoid this, it is ideal for you to inhale in a soft and gentle manner that would guarantee that you only inhale vapor. Therefore, take note of your inhalation and ensure it is not too powerful in order to prevent vape spitback.

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Never use Twisted Vape Coils

Twisted coils are produced with a multi-strand design that encourages vape spitbacks. You see, the multi-strand design allows e-liquid to pool in the coils, making it difficult to vaporize and inevitably resulting in a vape spit back. Therefore, if you have been using twisted coils, it may be time to discard them to buy new coils as they could be largely responsible for the vape spitbacks that prevent you from enjoying your vaping session.

Use an Angled Drip Tip

This kind of drip tip can help you to prevent vape spitbacks because they are specifically designed to combat spit backs. The angled drip tip makes it more difficult for e-liquids to spit back into your mouth. You may also consider using rotatable drip tips, longer drip tips, or curved drip tips as they work in a way that prevents vape spitbacks.

Inspect the wick

If you use a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA), the wick could be the culprit causing the vape spitbacks. You see if the wick is too small, it could cause e-liquids to pool within the chamber causing oversaturation and eventually vape spitbacks. To prevent vape spitbacks, always inspect the wick and make sure you have enough.

Use high-VG E-Liquids

E-liquids are usually produced using a large proportion of food-safe liquids like Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). VGs have a consistency that is thicker than PGs. E-liquids with a higher VG ratio have a very thick consistency that helps to reduce over-saturation of the wick and prevent vape spitbacks. Hence, you may consider using e-liquids with high VG ratios if you have trouble with vape spitbacks.

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Always keep your device clean

Grime and residue can accumulate within your device over time. Keeping your device free of dirt through periodical cleaning will not only help it last longer, but it can also help you to prevent vape spitbacks. However, when you want to clean your device, always follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

Although relatively harmless, vape spitbacks can ruin an otherwise enjoyable vaping experience and also waste your e-liquid. Therefore, you must do all you can to prevent vape spitbacks. The guidelines highlighted in this article will help you channel your efforts properly and eventually make it possible to have a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience.

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