How to Extend the Life of Your Vape

Consider Vapes with Safety Features

We all know that vapes get hot. It is common sense to not touch or immediately put a hot vape back into your pocket. But what about when it is not being used? This is one of the most underrated issues concerning the wellbeing of any vape. While some vapes offer safety features such as firing button locks and vent holes, it is significantly important to consider the aspect of having a vape that can mitigate the all-too-common issue of overcharging the vape when it is not being used.

One of the best examples of a modern vape that incorporates safety features such as this is the SteamCloud Box Mod. It is a well-known fact that when you overcharge anything, it will inevitably shorten the lifespan of your battery, whether it be a vape or even a cell phone. Other safety features included in a high quality vape such as this would also include the ability for detecting high temperatures, low voltage, and low resistance. Not all high quality vapes will have some of these features, however, being as how some only specialize in one modality that does not require such features.

Always Keep Your Vapes Covered

Nothing is more convenient than taking a draw out of a vape pen like a SteamCloud EVOD vape and just dropping it into your pocket afterwards. However, this can be one of the worst ways to handle your vape in the long-run. It goes without saying that this goes double for ladies who carry a purse! Everything from makeup and loose change to liquids like eye drops and bottled water can inadvertently damage or get on and inside a vape. Car keys can scratch up and even potentially break an atomizer, while storing your vape with other essentials like spare batteries can also damage your vape.

One of the best ways to mitigate this issue is to simply carry your vape alone inside an empty pocket or inside an empty compartment somewhere in your purse. If you find that you cannot sacrifice room in any of these areas, simply buffering the impacts on your vape by wrapping it inside a handkerchief or cloth towel can protect them against these objects. Cloth can absorb moisture and act as a double safe by deflecting impact and wicking liquids. Heeding this advice alone can significantly add years to the life of your vape.

Only Charge a Vape with the Right Charger

It is tempting to want to take advantage of the convenience your phone or tablet chargers can provide. This can prove to be just as disastrous as overcharging a vape or even worse. Electrical currents vary from device to device, and you could end up frying a vape completely by using the wrong type of charger, despite it fitting your device. Vapes are specifically designed to utilize a certain amperage when charging and messing with this can cost you your vape.

Only use the charger your vape is equipped to use in order to maintain the integrity of your vape. Third party chargers or chargers that are not made to fit your vape unit can result in incomplete charges, overcharges, and charges that can simply kill your unit by delivering too much power upon plugging it in. Even if the charger happens to fit your device, never attempt to replace your charger with anything other than what it was designed to use. Failure to do so will cost you money and significantly shorten the lifespan of your device.

Do NOT Leave Your Vape Charging Overnight!

It happens. You have a vape session and end up leaving your unit charging longer than you intended. The problem here is that charging your vape long after it has reached a full charge will weaken your battery over time. Combine that with a vape that does not have a built-in overcharge feature and you can dramatically lessen the lifespan of your vape, sometimes much quicker than you expected! Equally as risky is leaving your vape to charge unattended.

Even though you cannot be there to watch over your vape for every minute that it charges, you can definitely gauge how long it will take to reach 100% after a few charges. Setting alarms and getting into the habit of periodically checking in on your vape can ensure you will have a long-lasting vaporizer for years to come. Even if a particular model has overcharge protection, it is highly advisable to maintain your vape’s features by not “banging on the shield” as they say. The built-in protection features are designed to mitigate the occasional negative effects of forgetfulness, not replace your responsibility to allow for ignorance.

Always Replace Batteries After Getting Damaged or Wet

Whether your batteries or vape got wet or sustained a major bang from a drop, you should always consider not using your unit until the batteries have been replaced. Say you got your batteries wet or they somehow got damaged; you would naturally want to throw them away lest you run the risk of having them leak or explode on you, which could cause damage to the vape, and to yourself. If your vaporizer got wet or sustained significant damage, replacing the batteries would ensure no liquids made any contact with the battery itself and your unit would have the added power of utilizing a fresh new battery.

This could actually be useful in alerting you if your unit has been irreversibly damaged when installing a new battery. If you find your unit no longer functions as well after water or mechanical damage, despite having a new battery, then you can be sure you need a replacement. Using a vape while it is wet, or the batteries, could result in a short-circuit which would render your vape completely useless. Always attempt to dry out your vape prior to reuse.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found these tips useful in extending the life of your vapes significantly. While none of these solutions are completely foolproof, they do offer some additional forms of protection to augment the life of vapes. Always keep in mind that the majority of vape malfunctions are due to user error.

While it could be prudent to further enhance your vaping experience by carrying extra batteries or replacement parts, always make sure they are compatible with each other and never carry them all together in the same pocket! Heeding these tips will help ensure you maintain the integrity of your vapes for years to come.

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