How to Change Dab Pen Vape Coils

How To Change a Heating Coil in A Dab Pen?

Dab pens are easy, hassle-free solutions for those that love dabs but hate having to navigate a traditional dab rig set up. However, using a dab pen is not without its chores, and one of the most important parts of dab pen maintenance is regularly changing the heating coils.

In this article, we'll talk about how to change the heating coil on most dab pens (you'll soon see that it's an easy, straightforward process). We'll also discuss how to know when it's time to change coils since changing them too late will affect vapor quality, but changing them too early will waste your hard-earned dollars!

Heating coil with a dab pen kit

Changing a Heating Coil in a Dab Pen

Most dab pens have three important components you'll need to be familiar with in order to change the heating coils: the mouthpiece, the heating chamber lid, and the heating chamber/heating coils themselves. All of these pieces will be located toward the top of the pen since the bottom is dedicated to housing the battery or storing extra wax.

To change the heating coil, first remove the mouthpiece cover, which is the same step you take to load the heating coils with wax. However, once the mouthpiece is removed, you won't open the heating chamber lid. Instead, you'll twist the entire body of the heating chamber counterclockwise to remove it from the body of the pen.

Once the heating chamber (which contains the heating coils) is removed, attach your replacement heating chamber (that will come with new coils) into the body of the vape pen. Power the pen on before loading with wax to burn away any settled residue from the packaging. After that, allow the pen to cool, and it's ready to be loaded with wax for vaping.

Chaning the heating coil with a dab pen

How Do I Know When to Change Coils?

It may be a pleasant surprise to see that changing heating coils in a dab pen is usually a very easy process. However, it is much more challenging to know when to change coils when compared to how to change them. Fortunately, there are tell-tale signs that you can look for that will be clear indicators that it is time to change the heating chamber:

Heating coils when should I change this?

Dab Pen Not Producing Vapor

This is the easiest way to know it's time to change the heating coils. After extended use, heating coils will stop working, and you'll know they aren't working because no vapor is being produced from the pen, and no heat can be felt from the dab pen body. However, before buying new heating coils, be sure to troubleshoot other common reasons that your pen isn't producing vapor:

Clogged Up Dab Pen

Clogging is a common problem with dab pens since the wax hardens to a solid once the pen cools down. Make sure that the vapor release points on the heating chamber are clear of any solidified wax. If you do see a clog, turning the pen on and allow the heat from the coils to melt the clog is the easiest way to get stubborn wax out of the tiny vapor holes.

How to change a heating coil in a dab pen

The Battery Is Dead

Make sure your dab pen has been sitting on the charger long enough to get a full charge before changing out heating coils. If the pen doesn't light up when powered on or blinks off shortly after being powered on, there is likely a problem with your vape battery, not your heating coils.

The Heating Chamber Needs to Be Reloaded

When was the last time you loaded your heating chamber? You shouldn't get in the habit of storing wax in the heating chamber after use, but if you were expecting to clear out some leftovers and no vapor is coming out, it might just be time to load up with fresh wax!

Heating chambers colors

Producing Unpleasant Vapors

If your dab pen is still producing vapor, but it tastes nasty, it's likely time to change the heating coils. Over time, the wax residue will build-up on the heating coils, slowly altering the taste of the vapor the wax produces. Eventually, the build-up will be thick enough that the burnt wax flavor will be more prominent than the flavor of fresh wax.

You may want to try using a different wax, but if the vapor produced is consistently poor, then it's likely time to change out heating coils.

Vapor Is Very Subtle

If your only getting small amounts of vapor, there might be a problem with your heating coils. Heating coils will lose the ability to reach high temperatures after extended use, so if you are getting wisps of vapor where you used to get mouthfuls, then the heating coil might be the culprit.

If you have a dab pen with variable heating, trying increasing the temperature to see if that resolves the problem. It may buy you some extra time before you need a heating coil replacement. If the issue still persists, then you know for sure it's time to buy a new coil.

Little vapor coming out

Where to Buy New Vape Coils?

Most retailers that carry dab pens also have replacement coils. If you have a vape shop or head shop, check and see if they have heating coils for your specific model. Your inventory options will likely be limited. For a full selection of available coils, online retailers are your best option, which includes here at Vape Vet Store.

All purchases have ALWAYS FREE U.S. shipping, and you'll quickly get the replacement parts you need to get back to vaping your favorite dabs!

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