How Long Does Dry Herb Really Last?

If you don’t smoke dry herb often, or if you prefer to micro dose with small bowls, an eighth of dry herb will be enough to last you a while. But how long will dry herb really last and still be good? Is that nug that you found in the back of your closet from a year ago safe to smoke? Or should you throw it away? There are many different factors that go into answering these questions. The best place to start is by considering how your dry herb is stored. Read on to learn more about how to store it properly, so that it can last as long as possible, so you don’t end up wasting a gram of the good stuff.

How Should You Store Dry Herb?

Whether you are a smoker or someone that likes to vape dry herbs, it's important to keep your herbs in a storage container of some sort. To store your dry herb properly, you need to control the humidity and temperature your stash is exposed to. It is best to store your herb away from exposure to direct sunlight. A cool, dark, and dry location is ideal, like a pantry. You’ll also want to limit your dry herb’s exposure to open air and keep it in an airtight jar or sealed container wherever you have it stashed.

What Else Can You Do?

If you prefer to be even more scientific about your herb storage to enjoy outstanding vaping sessions alone or with your friends, then you will also want to control the humidity level surrounding your stash. The ideal range of humidity for storing dry herb is between 54 percent and 63 percent, according to experts. If the location you are storing your dry herb in is too dry, then you can always toss in a humidity control pack to help regulate the moisture in the jar. However, a simple mason jar and a cool, dry, dark location should also do the trick.

What Happens to Dry Herb When it Ages?

If you haven’t stored your dry herb in a jar or cool, dry, dark location in the past, then you may have noticed it changing in some ways. Dry herb undergoes a natural aging process, which can lessen the effects of the dry herb in the long run. With time and exposure to air, dry herb can begin to break down the cannabinoids and terpenes present. The breaking down of terpenes will lead to less flavorful or aromatic dry herb. And the breaking down of cannabinoids will make the dry herb less potent and effective. The potency of these natural plant compounds will lessen over time, and even faster if the dry herb is not stored properly.

What Happens if Dry Herb is Not Stored Properly?

Believe it or not, you can lose potency though if you don’t store your dry herb correctly. Dry herb can go bad and become unsafe to smoke. So how do you know if your stash is past the point of saving? If your dry herb has been exposed to too much moisture or humidity, then it can become moldy. You can tell if your herb is too moist by breaking it apart by hand, and it is spongy. And it is not safe to smoke moldy herb. However, if your stash dried out too much then it can potentially crumble to dust the next time you try to grind it up. You will know instantly at the snap of the stem that a bit of dry herb is too dry and old. And if all else fails, take a whiff. You will know a good scent of dry herb from a bad one, and you should always trust your nose when it comes to this stuff.

How Long Can Dry Herb Last if Stored Correctly?

So, with all of that considered, how long will dry herb last if it is stored properly? If you can control the humidity, temperature, light, and air that your dry herb is exposed to then it can last a surprisingly long time. With ideal storage conditions, dry herb can last for as long as six months to a year after curing. That does not necessarily mean that the date you purchased your dry herb will be the date it starts to age. However, that date should be noted on the label if you purchased it from a licensed dispensary.

When Should You Throw Away Herbs?

If you get especially scientific about the storage conditions for your stash though, you could extend its shelf life for as long as two years. But without exact humidity control, it’s more likely that your dry herb will last about six months from the time you purchased it. It’s always better to smoke fresh dry herb anyway. And with licensed dispensaries popping up across the United States , it’s easier to buy smaller quantities of dry herb more often. If you tend to micro-dose or only smoke a small bowl every once and a while, try picking up just a gram next time you’re in the dispensary. Then head back to try more strains more often, instead of allowing your stash to go bad. No matter how much dry herb you purchase though, be sure to store it in an airtight jar, away from light, heat, and humidity to preserve its potency.


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