How Does a Vape Battery Work?

How Vape Batteries Operate

Like any other product available to consumers, vaporizer batteries can be very different in how they operate, how long their batteries last before requiring a recharge, the level of power they can output, and their overall features.

However, all vaporizers, regardless of the manufacturer or the model, share many of the same basic functionalities and uses.

10 Vape Battery Functions

In this article, we will list 10 of the most common vape battery functions and provide brief, no-nonsense explanations to help you better understand how they operate.

Power ON/OFF

Most vaporizers feature on and off buttons, which you can enable via a sequence of clicks. For example, clicking the power button five times in succession will turn it on, while another five rapid clicks will power off the battery.

With this said, some vape pens do not feature on or off buttons. Instead, these models are only activated once you draw an inhalation and take a puff.

Variable Voltage Output

Voltage, measured in ‘ohms’ (Ω), refers to the amount of power that moves from your vape’s battery to the attached cartridge or chamber. Specifically, the lower the voltage, the greater amount of energy that can pass through your atomizer, resulting in hotter temps and greater vapor volume.

Depending on your preferences, keep in mind that some vaporizer models allow you to adjust the voltage, while others only operate using steady voltage levels.

Temperature Control

Technically, temperature control and variable voltage are the same, since decreasing voltage increases the temperature generated by your vape’s atomizer. In this instance, though, the vaporizer will display measurements in degrees instead of ohms.

You will find temperature control commonly available in box mods, which have a reputation for delivering tons of different features. Dry herb vaporizers, which require precisely controlled temperatures in order to provide an optimal experience, also typically feature adjustability.

mAh Vape Battery Capacity

The amount of electric energy a battery can store over time—its energy capacity—is measured in milliamp-hours (mAh). Therefore, the higher a vaporizer battery’s mAh rating, the more energy it can store, resulting in longer life before requiring a recharge.

At the other end of the spectrum, keep in mind that in general, vaporizer batteries with higher mAh specs will take longer to recharge once depleted.

Battery Amperage

Amperage, often abbreviated as ‘amps,’ references the strength of an electrical current inside and electrical conductor. In this instance, we are referring to the vaporizer’s battery, and how much power it can take.

Amperage measurements usually relate to charging and don't require much attention from most everyday vape users.

Safety Features

Most vaporizers feature a variety of features and protection mechanisms to help ensure optimal operation, as well as safe and enjoyable experience.

Two of the most common are for vaporizer batteries to automatically shut off after a certain amount of time of disuse, as well as to stop sending power from the battery to the atomizer if the fire button is pressed for longer than a few seconds.

Furthermore, most vaporizers’ power buttons require a sequence of clicks before turning on, compared to just a single click, which can help prevent them from mistakenly firing in your pants pocket, bag, and so forth.

Other common vaporizer battery safety features include low voltage, short circuit, and overcharging, in addition to IP67 protection ratings against damage caused by shock, water, and corrosion.

Vape Cartridge Sensing

Some vaporizer batteries, such as the SteamCloud Box Mod, use sensors to interpret information about the attached vape cartridge and then send you related messages. In this way, it is sort of a safety feature.

For example, the mod will let you know if a cartridge is not capable of accepting your power level setting, which can help prevent damage. After all, you would not want to feed 40 watts of power to the cartridge, when it only needs 4 or 5 watts in order to function optimally without damage.

In addition, the SteamCloud Box Mod will send you a message if the attached cartridge is already burned out, as well as if the temperature reaches levels that are too high.

Display Screens

Many vaporizers feature OLED screens that display current settings and other useful information like wattage, ohms, voltage, and temperature, and also allow you to scroll through different features, typically via at least one external button.

Buttons vs. Dials or Apps

While the exact methodology will differ from vape to vape, controlling temperature and other features is usually handled using some sort of buttons or dials. Some vape models with OLED screens also boast touchscreen operation that avoids mechanical buttons or dials, depending on your preferences.

Some high-end dry herb vaporizers also utilize smartphone apps to further expand functionality, convenience, and access to information.

Dry Herb, Wax, and Oil Vaping

Most modern vaporizers come with one of two types of batteries: First, there are the models that feature built-in batteries, commonly found in dry herb vapes, which are permanent and cannot be removed.

Second, many models, such as the SteamCloud EVOD, represent standalone vaporizer batteries that you can customize based on your needs and preferences. For example, you could gain the ability to attach all sorts of cartridges to your battery, whether you chose to enjoy e-liquid, dry herb, or wax or oils.

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