G Pen Roam Electric Dab Rig Review

G Pen continues continues to break the vaping scene by delivering quality designs. One of their latest models is the G pen Roam, with water filtration in a portable concentrate vaporizer. It houses a glass hydro-tube as well as an atomizer.

All distinctive features see the purity and cooling down of each draw. The Roam is a functioning dab rig, through and through. The performance and functionality of this unit show that a lot of thought and creativity went into its production. We will discuss this in detail.

G Pen Roam Key Features

G Pen Roam Key Features

Dab Rig Design

When you hold a G Pen Roam device, you instantly feel the balance and comfort that comes with it. It has an aluminum alloy coat, and the same gives it an appealing look. At the bottom, the device has a thicker frame. Therefore, it maintains a firm hold when placed on any surface and will not trip over.

The control interface is a three-tier button alongside an LED or LCD screen where you see everything happening within your device, including temperature levels. Immediately you switch it on, the G Pen logo appears with customized lights, and it is pretty sleek.

G Pen Roam Battery Power

G Pen Roam has a 1300 mAh battery capacity. For the build Grenco has given the device, its battery power is not necessarily a deal-breaker. You will get about 15 - 20 rounds from a full charge, and if we'd be honest, it is a decent number. Users who prefer longer sessions may find the battery capacity to be a little above average. However, using the device while charging compensates for this.

Super Convenient Electric Dab Rig 

The G Pen Roam comes in a travel case. It is apparent; the idea is to make a transportable and portable one. So you have a device that comes in handy on the go and will serve as a travel companion; for camping, hiking, and other outdoor engagements. The case has a hemp-like makeup, which is a neat touch, by the way.

Outstanding Water Filtration

Outstanding Water Filtration

One of the features distinguishing G Pen Roam from its contemporaries is the water filtration system. This device essentially combines the portability of dab pens with water filtration. The water system is built into the unit, unlike the usual build, lying under or on top. So when in use, it is not noticeable and Grenco claims that this system is leak-proof. That said, an internalized water filtration system might not work for everyone, but the innovation is brilliant.

G Pen Roam Vapor Quality

G Pen Roam is not a regular vape. Consequently, its vapor quality is excellent. The ranges of temperature improve the flavor and vapor quality; you need to find a degree that works for you. Since water holds within the device, it cools down a draw before it reaches your lips. Here the automatic mode comes in handy because the mode works with even distribution.

For the flavor of your extract, the quartz tank helps. In addition to heating fast, the tank lets you enjoy every bit of your material. At high-temperature ranges also, you have as much as you desire.

What comes in the G Pen Roam Electric Dab Rig Kit?

What comes in the G Pen Roam Electric Dab Rig Kit?

  • Glass Tube
  • Mouthpiece
  • USB charging cable
  • Tank Cover
  • Loading Tool
  • Cleaning Tips
  • Quartz Tank

How to use the G Pen Roam

How to use the G Pen Roam

As with any electronic device, start with a full charge.

Next, press the power button consecutively five times to turn on the device.

The + and – increase and reduce temperature respectively to a 25 degrees increment. So you can use either for temperature control. (Range is between 600-800 F or 315 -425C).

To switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, hold the power button and the up button together.

Open the device and load in your concentrate using the loading tool that comes in the kit. You’re filling into the coil until you reach a marked line. The line is to maintain balance and curtail overloading.

When there is a faulty connection, the LED display shows an “X” alongside an arrow pointing downwards. Fix the tank and coil connections and check again.

Heat Activation Modes

The Roam has two kinds of heat activation modes; automatic and manual.

For Automatic mode, click twice on the power button to activate. Your unit heats up to a preferred temperature range. A vibration signals that the device is ready to use. After this, it stays hot for only 30 seconds; then it vibrates again as it cools down. Also, you can click twice to deactivate this mode.

Manual mode; press and hold the power button to activate heat manually. The heat radiates to the selected temperature and stays so until you release the button. 

Bonus Mode

G Pen Roam has a unique feature, which also doubles as a heat mode; this is the MAX mode. At the optimal range of 800F, press the power button once, and you enter this mode. When the LED displays MAX, it is active. If you need to burn off residual concentrate too, this mode is a perfect selection. Again, it is suitable for extracts that require high or maximum temperature.

When in use, if the unit gets too much heat and overheats, the LED also displays a stop sign like many dry herb vaporizers also do. Therefore, the mode goes off until it cools down to more favorable temperature. With this feature, you are safe from the risk of burning off extracts or even destroying your device.

Charging The G Pen Roam

To charge the device, use the micro USB that comes in the kit. Of course, the USB option is a norm amongst electronic devices, but for an innovative unit such as this, the USB-C could be a better fit. No complaints there surely, either gets the job done.

How To Clean And Maintain The G Pen Roam

How To Clean And Maintain The G Pen Roam 

The Roam is quite easy to clean and keep in good working shape. Cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl will do the trick. By design, you can clean out the entire vapor path. As we have said earlier, the MAX mode heats higher than others. Use this setting to burn off sticky extracts that have accumulated over time.

Is The G Pen Roam A Right Pick For Me?

This dad rig has several unusual features that make it an excellent pick for any vape lover. The battery life as well as the USB charging unit could be better. However, neither is severe enough to be called a drawback as there are ways around it so that you enjoy all the G Pen Roam has to offer.

In terms of quality, it is first-rate and is quite easy to operate. The price is not exactly on the low side, and this may not encourage users. However, you get to enjoy your extract discreetly and get value for every last dollar. 

G Pen Roam Vs Puffco Peak

G Pen Roam Vs Puffco Peak

The Peak is more famous for its looks. It is unarguably one of the best looking dab rigs in the market and a sleek one at that. Alongside the Roam, it has only one atomizer and can only vape wax. Other general features like temperature indications, LED as well as a handsome feedback system are similar to both devices.

As a pioneering device from its manufacturers, it tends towards being the less versatile of the two and even other products that came after it. Now, that is not only a clause, it is what vape pen enthusiasts should expect. 

G Pen Roam Vs Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber Switch is a semi-portable desktop vaporizer, you can forget about being pocket friendly like the Roam. Nevertheless, Switch is the first of the plug-in only heat induction vaporizers. This feature is absent in the Roam. Also, the Switch uses a magnetic field for heat distribution; this takes about eight seconds. The timing is quite impressive.

The units also differ in the accessories that come in their kit. Furthermore, Switch has a dual function for dry herbs and concentrates; this is another perk over Roam. In place of the LCD screen used in Roam, Switch uses a series of five LEDs, and the display is in multiple colors.

G Pen Roam Vs Kandypens Oura

G Pen Roam Vs Kandypens Oura

The KandyPens Oura uses a touch sensor in place of the three-tier button system seen in Roam. This feature gives instant feedback to your touch. As such, its functionality is smooth and friendly. The LED displays necessary information, especially when the device is in use; the same goes for G Roam. 

The Oura has two atomizers that you can swap easily, not like the Roam, it has just one. Both devices have haptic feedback, entailing a corresponding vibration with selected temperature. Oura, on the other hand, adds some light to the view.

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