G Pen Nova Vape Review

What is The G Pen Nova Vaporizer?

The G Pen Nova vaporizer is a product of Grenco Science. It is iconic yet unique in the sense that the design is as simple as any vape pen. As a result, it delivers exactly the basic needs of a vaper and has distinct features. With this in mind, you have what the competition may offer but with better reliability and results.

It is safe to say that the G Pen is as solid as any other pen vaporizer in the market. It is particularly well-suited for both herbs and liquid extracts. This makes it a great pick for new users, as well as veteran vapers. The solid concentrate vape has an integrated dab tool and quality airflow. In addition to this, it heats up at a reasonable rate – not too slow or too fast; just appropriate. There is no pressure on your lungs, so it is safe for your vital organs.

You can enjoy your concentrates between three voltage switches, and the level of intensity rests solely on your preference. With this device, you get to vape wherever and whenever you want.

Different Views of G Pen Nova Vape Pen Kit

G Pen Nova Key Features

Simplicity Of The G Pen Nova Design

At first glance, the G Pen Nova may not draw you in with its rather simple design. It is essentially a budget vaporizer especially with the looks of it. The attraction is a shy kind, really. It is evident that the appearance is a somewhat intentional one. This pen has a regular mold. Grenco did not focus more on outlook this time; the attention was on functionality, durability, versatility, and an easy-to-carry vaporizer. However, the pen is pretty good to look on.

In functionality, it is undoubtedly different, pocket friendly, and therefore easy to carry.

The mouthpiece for one is built specifically with a dab tool that makes your vaping more convenient. This means that you carry an item less when you carry your pen with you. You do not need a separate tool to load in your concentrate. The tool is made of silicon and is detachable. Additionally, you can clean your device with ease.

G Pen Nova Has A Top Quality Vape Tank

G Pen Nova has a charcoal grey finish, slim build that stands out easily amongst others. The tank that comes with the device features a 510 threading that can be used on other vape pens.

Heating elements are an innovative incorporation into the device that brings out the best in the tank. You will see this as we go. If for any reason, your tank becomes faulty, you can replace the unit easily.

Inside look at G Pen Nova Ceramic Vape Chamber

G Pen Nova Has A Sturdy Feel To It

As you know, the G Pen Nova has a build that we have repeatedly seen and are familiar with. Despite this, it has a sturdy feel on the hand and is quite easy to hold. Also, it is very well illuminated and has such bright and stylish modes. Some vape pens are relatively too thick to be called pens. This pen is not one of those. It is an actual dimension or size of a pen.

G Pen Nova Variable Voltage Functionality

Your device is a three-tier piece that anyone can handle. This voltage function just stands out since you can juggle between 3.2 V, 3.5 V, and 3.9 V, respectively. A variable voltage battery takes the credit for this function. You only need to make a few clicks to get to the preferred voltage.

If you care more about a burst of flavor, the 3.2 V is a sure bet. For a dense and cloudy experience, go for the 3.9 V. The mid setting maintains the balance between the lower and upper extremes, a middle ground on flavor and vapor production. Also, your concentrates are distributed evenly over the device, which means that you can get the most of your extract until the last bit.

G Pen Nova Operating Instructions imagery

G Pen Nova Has Excellent Vapor Quality

Many vape pens produce clouds, denser than you may expect of a pen, but often lack flavor quality. Clouds without taste are just bland and boring. Liquid concentrates in the G Pen vape is pure bliss. It is as sleek as silk. Herbal extracts on the other hand have to be properly handled for desired results.

Since it is suitable for both extracts at multiple temperatures, this device vaporizes at a pretty decent rate. It is easily one of the best budget friendly vape pens on the market.

G Pen Nova Has an Excellent Wax Atomizer

In a bid to combat the vapor-flavor challenge, the designers of the G Pen Nova set in a quartz bowl atomizer with a ceramic base or dish. Now, you will be pleased to know that ceramic is popular for flavor production and heat retention. That simple tweak is just genius.

This quartz-ceramic chamber is fairly large and makes your load up easier. The ceramic portion allows heat to remain within the chamber while quartz provides for even heat distribution. This is not omitting the fact that each mouthful is flavorful and delicious.

Showcasing G Pen Nova mouthpiece as a dabbing tool

G Pen Nova Is Very Easy To Use

The user interface is not particularly hard to navigate. You only need a few clicks here and there and you’re good to go. It is also pretty easy to load up. Relevant processes will be discussed under the “how to use” column.

What Comes In A G Pen Nova Kit?

  • G Pen Nova Battery (A 510 threaded piece)
  • USB charging cable
  • G Pen Nova Tank

How To Use a G Pen Nova Vaporizer?

Your device comes with a user’s guide. Before you set things in motion with a G Pen Nova, the device must be charged. Power on by pressing the button five times. The light should blink thrice to show the device is on.

You can power off the device by clicking on the button five times. The light makes color rounds before going off.

For voltage change, color indications are visible as well. Blue shows 3.2 V, Green is for 3.5V, and Red for 3.9V. To activate or set the desired voltage, hold the voltage button down for about 15 seconds. To extend your draw, press the button twice so that the heat is automatic for 15 extra seconds at the selected voltage. To stop heating, press the button just once.

How To Vape Wax With The G Pen Nova?

Your concentrate is generally any liquid extract. Uncap the mouthpiece from the tank to load since the dab tool is a part of the mouthpiece. Add concentrate to the dab tool and recap.

How To Vape Dry Herbs With The G Pen Nova?

Be sure that your herbs have been properly ground into finer bits. Load herb into the chamber in a tight fashion. Do not exceed the tapered opening of the tank so that your herbs are not put to waste. Use the integrated dab tool to stir and evenly distribute, then affix the mouthpiece.

Person holding and showing the G Pen Nova Vape

How To Charge The G Pen Nova?

The device comes with only 300mAh capacity for casual vaping. The truth is, you have only a couple of hits before the battery goes off. Lovers of extensive hits and prolonged users may not be so impressed with the battery life and that’s only fair. However, this challenge has been compensated for to a reasonable extent because you can continue to vape while the device is charging; and it is totally safe.

The battery is removable and is easily replaceable. To charge, use the micro USB port at the bottom of your device, just like you would charge a mobile phone. Red indicates charging, while green indicates a full charge.

How To Clean and Maintain The G Pen Nova?

Like any device, regular cleaning frees up your pen from clogs and stains. First of all, allow the device to cool off before cleaning. The G Pen Nova is not particularly difficult to clean, but the chambers could retain smudges. The mouthpiece component, which is fused with a dab tool, can be disintegrated for effective cleaning.

A simple swipe with water and soft material like cotton will do it. However, to completely get rid of stubborn stains, use a cotton swab of isopropyl alcohol. Be sure to do this before vaping so that the alcohol can dry off before use. For residues in the ceramic atomizer, a burn-off will do. When the pen is on the highest voltage, the residue melts off.

Is the G Pen Nova The Right Vape For Me?

The G Pen Nova is an excellent choice for any vaper seeking a combo of concentrate and dry herbs in one vape. You could spend more on any other pen and get similar qualities but just one extract is vaporized.

It is quite easy to navigate and allows for voltage choice depending on preference. In addition to the many functions, it fits in your hand adequately. This device could be a beginner’s delight as well as a great addition to an existing user’s collection.

Overall Verdict Of The G Pen Nova

The G Pen Nova is suitable for vapor lovers as well as dry herbs beginners. You get value because there’s hardly any other pen vape offering this much at the same price. For a premium vape pen, it is a worthy buy, and the price is reasonable.

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