G Pen Elite Dry Herb Vape Review

What is the G Pen Elite?

The G Pen Elite is a portable luxury vape with tons of convenient features. Created by Grenco Science, this vape revolves around leisure and important features. The company engineers some of the most developed and intuitive vapes in the industry. Being fully functional and keenly portable is the goal, and many vaping enthusiasts enjoy their mobile attributes.

With the largest heating chamber in the industry, the G Pen Elite prioritizes high-quality characteristics. The G Pen Elite's design attracts vaping enthusiasts with a love for a sleek design. Having a G Pen Elite takes your dry herb vaping experience to the next level.

Being a luxury vape, the G Pen Elite is an impressive piece of technology. The product focuses on comfort and top-notch features. On top of that, this vaporizer boosts the taste of dry herb astronomically. The small size makes it a comfortable fit in the palm of your hand. The G Pen Elite is a powerful vape with an extended battery. Vaping enthusiasts enjoy the popularity of the brand because it delivers its promise of good features.

Key Features of the G Pen Elite

The most noticeable feature of the G Pen Elite is its sleek aesthetic. Fashion-loving vaping enthusiasts enjoy how good the vape looks. In addition to looking good, the G Pen Elite combines amazing features with optimum mobility. Vaping enthusiasts are surprised at the vaporizer's small size with it having so many special touches.

There are tons of practical features as well! Here are a few of the G Pen Elite's best features:

  • The temperature reaches between 200 and 428 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The LED screen displays the battery life and the temperature.
  • There are three buttons: a power button and two temperature buttons.

The G Pen Elite's temperature settings are optimal for smoking dry herb. There is no reason to worry about overheating the herb. The maximum temperature sits below the commonly known overheat temperature, so you can vape at the maximum temperature with no worries.

The LED Screen makes the vaping experience simple. There are two buttons to adjust the temperature. As you press them, the temperature goes up or down in one-degree increments. Turn the G Pen Elite on with five button pushes. A single push of the button starts the heat-up process, and in 30 seconds, your dry herb is ready to vape.

To make the vaporizer more convenient, there are quite a few accessories that come with the G Pen Elite. Enjoy having a special grinder, or look into some of its add-on products. The brand's goal is to make the G Pen Elite a convenient luxury product for most vaping situations.

The mouthpiece does get warm after a few minutes of use. To combat this, give the vape a few seconds before each hit, and take shorter hits. This keeps the mouthpiece from getting too hot or having to cool down. Some accessories make long-term vaping sessions easier.

Charging this vaporizer is easy. There are no replaceable batteries. Instead, a simple USB charger works for the G Pen Elite. It charges between one and two hours, and it holds a charge for over five sessions.

The Best Features and Specifications of The G Pen Elite Vaporizer

Best Features of The G Pen Elite Vaporizer

One of the most valuable specs for the G Pen Elite is its 1-year warranty. The warranty covers the most accidental and manufacturing situations. If the G Pen Elite stops working without you being at fault, then the company replaces your vape. Register with the company, and become fully protected in no time. With the vape being a luxury-priced item, this deal is an amazing feature.

The G Pen Elite's ceramic heating chamber is .11 cubic inches. This makes the product's heating chamber the largest in the vape industry. It is so big that it can pack nearly a half a gram of dry herb. However, packing just a bit of dry herb works just as well. The G Pen Elite takes all sizes of dry herb well, so there are no worries about it being too big.

Also, using ceramic makes it quick to heat up, but a bit of airflow from a nice hit cools the vapor quickly. Carrying more dry herb for excellent pulls is the company's goal. With a fine grind, you have the opportunity to pack your chamber to its full potential.

An empty battery puts the G Pen Elite at one to two hours for a charge. For one person, the battery lasts about eight vaping sessions. Also, charging the product mid-session is completely fine. It does not have to be unplugged to vape from it.

How Do You Use the G Pen Elite?

How Do You Use the G Pen Elite?

Despite being a luxury product, the G Pen Elite is easy to use. All of its features do not affect the quality of usage. Pulling from this vaporizer is as easy as loading it up. The vaporizer has maximum airflow due to its huge heating chamber.

There are only three buttons to choose from, a charger, and an LED display screen. Also, there are only two main pieces: the mouthpiece and the body of the vape. The G Pen Elite is so high-quality, it does most of the work for you.

Loading the G Pen Elite

To load the G Pen Elite, start by achieving a fine grind for your dry herb. Keep in mind that this vaporizer is not for wax or oil. Next, try taking out the draw stem, and start loading the ceramic heating chamber.

Remember not to overfill the heating chamber, or there can be issues with the vaping quality. However, the G Pen Elite takes a tighter pack pretty well, depending on your preference. Put everything back together, and press the power button five times to power on. Congratulations, you are ready to start vaping!

Vaping From the G Pen Elite

Once you press the power button five times, press it once more to start the heat-up. Depending on the temperature, it takes around 30 seconds for a full heat-up. The LED screen displays your preferred temperature.

After the heat-up finishes, start hitting straight from the G Pen Elite. Enjoy the ergonomic design that creates a comfortable fit in your hand. The silicone mouthpiece makes long-term sessions easier. There is no need to hold the power button while drawing. Instead, draw straight from the mouthpiece, and get some thick, milky clouds in no time.

How Do You Clean the G Pen Elite?

How Do You Clean the G Pen Elite?

Keep track of the airflow while vaping with the G Pen Elite. If things start to get stuffy, then it is time for a clean. Pay special attention to the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece collects quite a bit of debris during the vaping process. Also, pay attention to the heating chamber and any screens.

Take extra care while cleaning the G Pen Elite. The ceramic chamber is easy to scratch. Use the brush that comes with the vaporizer, or use a much softer type of cleaning tool. The drawing pen needs additional care as well because of the crazy build up. Replace it every so often because of normal wear and tear.

Isopropyl alcohol works for detachable pieces. Avoid soaking some pieces in alcohol unless they are made of glass. Plastic should not be soaked in alcohol. Make sure that the G Pen Elite is completely dry before your next use.

After every session, try to burn off any excess dry herb. Empty the heating chamber, and turn the temperature to a high setting. Do not inhale the excess into your lungs, but do try to puff the air consistently into your mouth. If it hurts, you are doing it wrongly. After a few puffs, any excess dry herb should be burned out.

Is the G Pen Elite for Me?

Is the G Pen Elite for Me?

The G Pen Elite is a high-tech vaporizer with luxury quality. The vaporizer is compact, and its small design is excellent for discretion. This is a top-quality portable vape with a long-lasting battery and an amazing design.

Choose from a wide range of temperature settings after packing the gigantic heating chamber full of dry herb. You have control of the heating and cooling, so the thickness of your clouds is up to you. Packing is as simple as taking out the draw stem and adding more finely ground herb.

For a luxury item, the G Pen Elite is easy to use. Its three buttons are intuitive with simple results. One button is for power, and the other two adjust the temperature. See the set temperature on the LED screen, and check the battery life while you are at it. The process is as simple as that.

The ease-of-use makes the G Pen Elite an excellent option. If you can pay for luxury pricing, then this is the portable vaporizer for you. It fits perfectly for enthusiasts with a preference for dry herb, a sleek design, and ease-of-use.

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