Four Best Glass Pipes To Buy as a Gift

Glass Pipes are the best gifts to buy for friends or to add to your smoking collection. Some of these hand blown glass pipes are made with pretty colors or they're designed in a way that makes them different than any other smoking pipe you've ever seen.

Though each pipe is different, they are similar in that they aspire to make the process of smoke-to-lungs as easy, flavorful, and efficient as possible.

Flavor and efficiency are extremely important for users of wax and dry herb: Manufacturers often use materials such as silicone, titanium, and ceramics in order to improve upon a smoking pipes' ability to deliver good-tasting vapor or smoke.

However, for those who are looking for both good-tasting vapor and a material that will provide the best results, it is hard to beat a smoking pipe made of hand blown glass.

A host of different glass pipes -- including glass blunts, chillums, nectar collectors, and even bongs (aka dab rigs if you use a domeless nail) -- are now utilizing glass in ways that had never previously been attempted before, signaling a new era in glass technology and the way dry herbs and wax are consumed. Here is a list of the five glass pipes that are currently changing the game and are great unique gifts for your family or friends.

Mini Nectar Collector

Nectar Collector Mini

The phenomenon of dabbing has risen fast in the cannabis community to be one of the most popular methods of imbibing the substance.

Here’s how it works: A bong-like smoking device known as a dab rig is heated with a blowtorch to the point that is red-hot; wax or shatter is then touched to the hot part, instantly vaporizing the substance and providing a reliable and tasty vapor to the consumer. The process is beloved amongst lovers of waxes and dry herbs alike because it is low-tech and makes for a high that is both instant and long-lasting.

Most dab rigs these days are made out of glass. Dab rigs, however, are often too bulky to be easily transported and are thus best used in the confines of a person’s home. It presented a conundrum: How to replicate the full dabbing experience without having an actual dab rig?

Then came the Nectar Collector Mini. This small, three-piece apparatus is one of the best dabbing accessories available at Vape Vet Store. If you or your friend love dabbing shatter or wax,  then this small portable dab rig device is the way to go.

The Nectar Collector Mini consists of two glass parts -- the body and the mouthpiece -- and a tip that is heated. (The Nectar Collector Mini’s kit comes equipped with both a titanium tip and a glass tip.) The body partially filled with water and the tip is heated until it is glowing, and is then touched to the wax or shatter.

It is important to note that the Nectar Collector Mini is not as quick to deliver vapor as are portable dab pens like the Yocan Evolve or the Yocan Pandon. It does, however, have the bonus of filtering the vapor through glass, which improves upon its flavor and makes for a sleeker hit.

Glass Blunt for Dry herbs

Glass Blunt

Lovers of dry herbs are familiar how difficult smoking in public can be: Rolling a joint or blunt can be messy -- even in the comfort of a home -- and people inexperienced with the practice are often left to decide between a joint that is not rolled well, or simply buying pre-rolled joint materials. This problem is compounded if the user is without a grinder and has to grind their herbs by hand, which can make the entire ordeal exponentially messier.

The Glass Blunt eschews all these inconvenient steps to make for a simple, fun, and convenient new smoking pipe.

The Glass Blunt consists of three parts: The titanium mouthpiece with a long screw attached, the glass body, and the silicon cap. Before use, this glass pipe is prepped by removing the mouthpiece/screw and stuffing the glass body with ground up dry herbs while the silicon cap is still on. Then, by rotating the grinder piece clockwise into the glass chamber, the consumer is able to set the dry herbs firmly into place. (Those who are not looking to blaze an entire blunt’s-worth of dry herbs may instead stick as many dry herbs onto the end of the Glass Blunt as they would like to smoke.)

The product has a number of distinct advantages over the more traditional smoking methods. For starters, all of the materials necessary for it to function are already in one place; unlike joints and blunts, it does not contain any materials that must be purchased separately from one another.

There is also the issue of convenience. The Glass Blunt is a small and lightweight piece that is easily transported and can be easily used at the leisure of the consumer.

Perhaps the Glass Blunt’s biggest selling point, however, is the glass itself. Glass has been proven to be a terrific conductor for smoke, and the Glass Blunt is no exception: Even a small hit will immediately deliver a large amount of smoke to the user. On top of that, you'll never need to buy papers or a dutch again because you can reuse the glass.

Crazy Color Glass Spoon Pipe - Vape Vet Store

Crazy Color Spoon Pipe

Glass spoon pipes have been around for decades.  While glass spoon pipes are not considered unique smoking pipes nowadays, they are still excellent gifts to buy for a friend because they're small, pretty, and let you take powerful hits.

Spoon pipes are small and easy to travel with. There are many glass artists that design beautiful color changing glass spoon pipes such as the Cherry Glass Spoon Pipe or the Crazy Color Spoon Pipe (picture above). The glass is top quality and the carburetor lets you inhale the smoke more quickly than a Glass Blunt or Chillum.

People who use a wooden or metal spoon pipe will never get the same experience as a person using a Glass spoon pipe because wooden or metal hand pipes eventually release fumes when heated to a certain point, leading to more harshness on their throat.

Lastly, what makes spoon pipes a great gift is that it's not very expensive. You can find really pretty color changing glass spoon pipes for under $30 and your friend will think you spent over $50. That makes them think you really care for them and wanted to make them feel special

Tedrow Glass Chillum Pipe

Tedrow Glass Chillum Pipe

Once you experience using a Glass Chillum pipe, you immediately want to buy one for yourself and a friend because of how discreet and convenient it is.

Chillums are basically a short straight tube that allows you to pack enough dry herbs so you can take one or two hits. Chillums are often referred to as a "one-hitter." They can be made of ceramic, metal, or glass. Glass chillums are most preferred because they provide the most optimal flavoring.

Amongst all the glass pipes listed in this article, chillums are the smallest and easiest glass pipe to take around. On top of that, they surprisingly have excellent airflow, which lets you take huge hits.

Many people prefer glass chillum pipes over glass blunts because the chillum pipe is smaller and doesn't require you to pack large amounts of dry herbs. Glass Blunts are only good to buy if you want to quit smoking blunts and use glass instead.

If you have a friend that already has their own bong and spoon pipe, but not a chillum, then get them one to add to their glass pipes collection. They'll be taking it everywhere they go and will never feel awkward about smoking in public again. Plus, you'll get to benefit because they'll always invite you out for a smoke.

To Sum Up: These four glass pipes are excellent gifts to buy for your friend. Before you go out and buy the gift, try to figure out what kind of smoker your friend is and what do they need.  If they want something small, discreet and easy to use, then we suggest getting a chillum or a spoon pipe. If your friend already has these two pieces, then get them something more unique, such as the Glass Blunt and the Mini Nectar Collector. Lastly, if your friend has a difficult time buying shatter or wax, buy them the glass blunt instead of the mini nectar collector.

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