Best Dry Herb Vape: E-Clipse, Titan 2, or Yocan iShred?

As portable vaporizers have become more advanced over the years, manufacturers have been able to add an increasing number of special features to their vape pens. First came simple wax- and dry herb-burning vaporizers like the AGO vaporizer that rely upon simple vape coil technology in order to produce smoke.

Next came the more sophisticated generation. On one side are the high-end wax vaporizers like the Yocan Evolve Plus that combine a superior battery quality with larger atomizers into which the consumer places the wax they are vaping; on the other side there are the high-end dry herb vapes like the E-CLIPSE vaporizer and Titan 2 vape that offer customizable temperature settings along with a large atomizer and quick heat-up time.

Then there is the Yocan iShred, which has the same features, but also an herb grinder attached to it. This dry herb vape pen improves upon its predecessors in several areas, ensuring a vaping experience that is completely customizable and makes vaping more convenient on multiple levels.

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Convection Heating

One of the ways in which the Yocan iShred improves upon its predecessors is the way in which it produces vapor.

Many of the earlier vaporizer models like the Yocan Evolve D utilized combustion ovens in order to heat the dry herbs. This meant that the heating element -- also known as a “pancake coil” -- would come into direct contact with the dry herbs. This process of burning the flowers produced smoke. Think of them like an electronically-powered chillum pipe.

Next came the advent of conduction-oven technology. Instead of burning the dry herbs, this process instead called for the herbs to be placed into a heating chamber through which hot air is blasted. The air would absorb the psychoactive compounds within the dry herbs and be delivered to the consumer as vapor.

The convection-oven process has multiple advantages over that of the combustion oven. For starters, it is healthier, since vapor is easier on the lungs than is outright smoke. It is also more discreet since vapor does not produce near the lasting aroma that does cannabis smoke.

Atomizers for convection vaporizers may be made out of different kinds of materials. There is stainless steel, which was used more often when portable vape pens first came out; a ceramic chamber, which makes for a smoother taste; and glass, which isn't used often for dry herbs because it takes the longest to heat up.

The Yocan iShred presents all but the best of these worlds. It utilizes a sizable convection oven capable of holding a sizable amount of dry herbs, as well as a ceramic heating chamber that delivers flavorful vapor. The E-CLIPSE vaporizer has the same features and functionality, but the difference is the airflow is much better than the Yocan iShred and the Eclipse is half its size. The Titan 2 has excellent airflow, but the heating chamber is made of stainless steel. Having a stainless steel heating chamber isn't a big deal, but it's a cheaper alternative to using a dry herb vaporizer with a ceramic heating chamber.

Dry Herb Vaporizer OLED Screen


A vaporizer’s method of heating the substance that it is vaping is not the only important aspect of its functionality; perhaps just as vital is the amount of power given off by its battery.

Different vaporizer designs require different kinds of batteries. Vape pens with combustion ovens that are smaller in size are likely going to require less power, just as a convection oven vaporizer that is larger will likely require more power. Wax pens that are larger in size that is equipped with sizable atomizers will also likely require a greater amount of power.

The Yocan iShred is an example of this phenomenon. Because of the sophistication of its convection oven technology, the iShred vape needs more power than an average vaporizer in order to function. And that’s exactly what it has: The battery capacity is a staggering 2600mAh, more than capable of powering its atomizer for a lengthy period of time. For some perspective, this power level is around the highest of any dry herb vape pen currently available on Vape Vet Store.

The Eclipse Vaporizer has a very strong battery too, which is 2200mAh. What makes the E-CLIPSE so impressive is that it's one of the smallest dry herb vaporizers and it's battery is almost as strong as a Yocan iShred. The Titan 2 vape pen has a 2200mAh battery too, but it's almost as big as a Yocan iShred.

A dry herb vaporizer's convection oven is not the only feature that must be powered by its battery: It also features an OLED screen that displays the temperature that is set by the user, the temperature at which the vape currently sits, and the current battery power. The Titan 2 functions the same way as the Yocan iShred, but the automatic shutoff time is 7 minutes whereas the iShred is 5 minutes. The E-CLIPSE has a 5 minute shutoff time like the iShred, but it automatically starts heating when you turn it. You have to activate the heating function for the iShred and Titan 2.

Herb Grinder attachment to the Yocan iShred


As if a substantial amount of battery power and convection oven technology weren’t enough, all three of these dry herb vaporizers are equipped with several high-end accessories, many of which are baked right into its design.

The foremost of these accessories is the Yocan iShred's built-in herb grinder. Dry herb vaporizers function best when herbs are ground up beforehand -- this ensures that all of the herbs are vaporized properly -- and a vaporizer with a built-in grinder solves the problem of having to grind the herbs by hand. (It even features a kief catcher, which after enough grinding will exponentially enhance the consumer’s vaping.)

Customers have said that while a built-in grinder is a cool function to have, it does add weight to the iShred and the grinder's teeth are not as sharp as they should be. Many people who use the E-CLIPSE and Titan 2 have said that in some cases it's just better to have a small extra 2 piece grinder of your own to really get the job done.

In addition to the herb grinder, the Yocan iShred also features a built-in atomizer mixing tool. Ordinarily, consumers must remove the E-CLIPSE or Titan 2 vape pen’s cap midway through a vaping session and mix up the herbs using a dab tool. This has the effect of ensuring that all of the flowers are being vaporized. This tool saves the consumer the extra step by simply allowing them to mix up the herbs by twisting the mouthpiece.

The built-in atomizer mixing tool is a functionality that's really difficult to add onto the E-CLIPSE or Titan 2. Having that feature makes the Yocan iShred more convenient than other dry herb vaporizers.

The cap of the iShred actually features the vaporizer’s other added bonus, which is that its mouthpiece may be slid on and off. Vape pens normally feature a mouthpiece that is screwed on and off, ensuring that it will not somehow get knocked off. These, however, can be quite tedious to have to constantly screw and unscrew. The Yocan iShred eliminates the problem by having a deep schism into which the mouthpiece may be snugly fit.

Final Verdict

While the Yocan iShred is considered one of the better dry herb vaporizers on the market, there are a few minor areas in which it could be improved. Thus making this dry herb vape pen the 2nd best vaporizer among the three.

For starters, there is the issue of its size. Some convection oven dry herb vaporizers -- such as the E-CLIPSE -- feature a smaller frame that makes them ideal for carrying around. The iShred, on the other hand, is larger than the average dry herb vaporizer and may not easily fit into many pockets.

There is also the issue of its weight. A dry herb convection oven vaporizer such as the Titan 2 is able to combine its superior technology in a lighter frame. By contrast, the iShred is heavier than most vaporizers of its kind, making its portability more of an issue than many other similar vape pens.

Overall, the E-CLIPSE Vaporizer is the best dry herb vaporizer when comparing it to the Titan 2 and Yocan iShred. It's small, discreet, portable, has a ceramic heating chamber, and its battery lasts a very long time.

The Yocan iShred boasts an array of superior accouterments -- including superior battery power and battery life, convection oven vaporization, and a built-in grinder -- though it is nominally larger and heavier than the Titan 2.  Lastly, the Titan 2 may not have a ceramic heating chamber or heat up as fast as the iShred, but it does have better airflow.

There will always be pros and cons with every portable vaporizer.  If you want to learn more, you can read our blog post about how to choose the best vaporizer. Maybe that can guide you further if you're still having trouble.

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