Dry Herb Vapes that Produce Smoke instead of Vapor

Combustion vs Convection Dry Herb Vaporizers

Combustion vapes are quite different from your typical dry herb vaporizer. Most dry herb vapes are considered convection vaporizers. This means they bake the herbs at a temperature just high enough to release vapor without burning the herb. Because there is no combustion, this is a healthier alternative to smoking.

However, this article highlights another type of dry herb vaporizer, a combustion vape. This is basically just an electronic way to smoke herbs. The heating element has direct contact with the herbs, burning them just like a lighter would. This is still slightly healthier than using a lighter as you are not inhaling any butane vapor. However, combustion vapes create smoke just like you would get from a pipe.

Smoke vs Vapor

Smoke vs Vapor

Smoke is created from combustion or burning herbs. Vapor is made when herb is heated (usually indirectly) in a vaporizer at a temperature lower than the burning point. Burning any substance creates tar. Because most people do not smoke dry herbs as much as tobacco smokers, the level of tar ingested for most dry herb users does not present any documented health risks. That being said, some people want to avoid inhaling any tar, especially those with asthma or other lung issues. If this is you, we recommend using a convection vaporizer over a combustion vape.

What is a Dry Herb Combustion Vape?

AGO Vaporizer Pen Dry Herb Combustion Vape

Dry herb combustion vapes have an herb chamber that has direct contact with the coil or heating element. When you activate a dry herb combustion vape, the coil heats up, burning the herbs and releasing smoke.

A good example of a combustion vape is the AGO vaporizer. This is a simple combustion vape that activates the coil when you press down the power button. It is basically an e-cig for dry herbs. This is a great vape penif you want to smoke but are in wet or windy conditions where using a lighter would be difficult. It is also more convenient as you can pre-pack the chamber and use it later.

Another combustion vape option is using any 510 thread vape battery with an herbal attachment like the SteamCloud Herb Cartridge. The herb cartridge is great because it's compatible with almost any vape battery, including box mods and magnetic connection batteries like the SteamCloud Mini 2.0. With this herb cartridge, you need to open up the chamber to stir or re-pack the herbs. 

Why Use an Herbal Combustion Vape?

If you are used to smoking and enjoy the taste and effect provided by smoke but want a more convenient way to enjoy your dry herbs when traveling or in wet or windy conditions, an herbal combustion vape is perfect for you. Most combustion vapes are budget-friendly so it does not require the investment that other dry herb vapes do. The main benefit is convenience and functionality with dry herb vaporizers. You can pack the chamber and take it snowboarding or to the beach without having to worry about the wind blowing out your lighter or your herbs getting wet. It is also a good transition into vaping. After using a combustion vape for awhile, you may want to try out a convection vape.

Advantages of a Combustion Vape vs Traditional Smoking Methods

Combustion vaping vs traditional Smoking

  1. No Lighter Needed – Dry herb combustion vapes heat your herbs at the press of a button so there is no need for a lighter. Just make sure you charge your vape before heading out on an adventure.
  2. More Discreet– It is easier to take small puffs from a combustion vape and easy to conceal in your hand. You can also easily drop it in your pocket without having to worry about your herbs falling out of the bowl of a pipe. Also partially burned herbs do not create as much odor in a combustion vape as the herb chamber is sealed. You do not really want to drop a pipe with a half-charred bowl in your pocket.
  3. Pre-Packed Chambers – To make things even more convenient, you can pre-pack the chamber before heading out.
  4. Easy to use – Most combustion vapes charge quickly via USB and heat herbs at the press of a button. Like most vapes, many combustion vapes also have a 5-click safety feature so they will not accidentally activate when not in use.
  5. Fun to Share– With a dry herb combustion vape, it is easy to share your favorite herbs with friends.
  6. Reusable– Eventually coils will need to be replaced on combustion pens but this is simple and affordable. Fresh coils will give your vape new life and better-tasting smoke.
  7. Versatile– Combustion vapes do burn herbs but with some combustion vapes you can put glass screens between the hot coil and herb. This turns your combustion vape into more of a convection vaporizer for the fraction of the price.

AGO Dry Herb Vaporizer vs E-CLIPSE Vaporizer

AGO Vaporizer vs E-Clipse Vape

The AGO dry herb vaporizer is a combustion vape, perfect for trips to the mountains or the beach. Using the AGO is the most like smoking. It is small, discreet and easy to use. It is also one of the most budget-friendly vapes.

The E-Clipse is a convection vaporizer. It provides true vapor by baking herbs instead of burning them. It is more expensive but provides excellent flavor and temperature control. The temperature can be set easily to the exact degree and it has a rapid heat up time. Both these vapes are quite small and can easily be concealed in the palm of your hand. The E-Clipse is a better buy if you are looking for true vapor and not smoke.

Should I buy a Dry Herb Combustion Vape or Convection Vape?

This really comes down to personal preference. If you like the act of smoking, but find it inconvenient in some situations, a dry herb combustion vape is perfect for you. It is a great way to enjoy smoking dry herbs with the convenience of vaping.

If you are looking for a smoother, healthier vapor rather than smoke, you should get a convection vaporizer. These vapes heat your herbs at a lower temperature so you can taste the complex profiles of your herbs without the burnt taste.

Where to Buy Combustion Vapes?

Where To Buy Combustion Vapes

You can find combustion vapes at some local vape shops but they are not as easy to find as convection vaporizers. Here at vapevetstore.com, we have a wide selection of all types of vaporizers. Like always, we offer free USA shipping with no minimum order.

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