Dr. Dabber Switch is Both a Dab Rig and Dry Herb Vape

What is the Dr. Dabber Switch?

With its 13” height and 1.5-pound weight, the Dr. Dabber Switch is a premium vaporizer that’s large enough for powerful at-home use, but also compact enough to take with you when you need to enjoy vaping on the go.

On the outside, you will find a stylish design, quality tactile satin finish, a solid foundation, and a simple and intuitive interface. The Switch’s percolator attachment features a beautiful hourglass profile, is made from heavy-duty borosilicate, and uses a 50mm ground glass attachment.

On the inside, the Dr. Dabber Switch heats material using patent-pending induction heating for clean flavor, along with heat-up times in as little as four seconds. Each kit includes accessories like dab/carb tools, a silicone wax container, reverse action tweezers, and a ceramic flower filter, so you can immediately get started.

Compared to competing models, you can use the versatile Switch vaporizer with both oils and flowers, hence its namesake. Changing between the two is as easy as pressing a button and selecting the cup of your choice.

According to Dr. Dabber, the Switch lasts up to 150 uses on a single charge, which also features 25 LED lighting options and a stealth mode that kills the top lights for more discreet use.

Dr. Dabber backs all Switch vaporizers with a two-year warranty for its electronic components, battery pack, charging cable, and charging adapter.

Taking a Closer Look at the Switch’s Patent-Pending Induction Heating

Technically speaking, the Switch transmits energy, in the form of a high-frequency oscillating magnetic field, into its induction cups. As the cups absorb this alternating field, heat is generated, which transfers into your preferred material.

With the Switch's patent pending induction heating technology, you can reach optimal temperature in an average of four seconds, depending on your selection, which is much less time than traditional convection and conduction vaporizers.

In addition, the Switch comes with 25 carefully calibrated heat settings that you can adjust depending on your preferences, whether your want to emphasize flavor, deliver superior vapor density, create the biggest clouds, or use less material than usual. You can even create your own customizable heat times!

As if all of this wasn’t enough, the Switch’s electronics are completely sealed off from the heating element, so there’s no possibility of mechanical failure due to leakage. In fact, Dr. Dabber advertises that you can pour water directly onto the Switch’s heating element, press the button, and nothing more will happen, other than the water will begin to boil.

How Does the Switch Change Between Materials?

How Does the Switch Change Between Materials?

Dr. Dabber outfitted the Switch vaporizer with three different primary modes (Oil, Leaf, Crystal), in addition to 25 advanced, calibrated heat settings.

Depending on the material you want to use and the flavor profile you want to achieve, you will select the appropriate precision heating induction cup: white ceramic, black ceramic, crystal (not included in the Switch kit).

After loading the cup, you will simply flip the bottom switch to the appropriate mode and begin the heating process.

Dr. Dabber Switch Battery Life

Dr. Dabber Switch Battery Life

The Dr. Dabber Switch features LiFePO4 non-volatile, non-explosive battery cells built into its battery pack, which are among the safest on the market. In total, they output up to 120 watts and have a capacity of 33.3 watt-hours.

The Switch’s connected board boasts 64kb of memory and features six different built-in protection mechanisms: over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, over-temperature, short-circuit, and reverse polarity.

Combined, Dr. Dabber tells us that the average customer can achieve up to 150 uses per charge, which translates into about a week for the average customer.

What is Included in the Dr. Dabber Switch Kit?

What is Included in the Dr. Dabber Switch Kit?

In addition to the vaporizer itself, each Dr. Dabber Switch kit includes:

  • 1 x Black Ceramic Induction Cup
  • 1 x White Ceramic Induction Cup
  • 1 x Borosilicate Glass Water Pipe Attachment
  • 1 x Dab Tool/Carb Cap
  • 1 x Silicone Wax Container
  • 1 x Tweezers
  • 1 x Ceramic Flower Filter
  • 1 x Charger

How to Use the Dr. Dabber Switch

Charging the Dr. Dabber Switch

Charging the Dr. Dabber Switch

The Dr. Dabber Switch features pass-through charging (it can charge itself and other devices at the same time) and takes about 60 minutes to recharge if fully depleted.

All you have to do is attach the Switch’s robust charging port to the charging unit, during which time the vaporizer will not function, and wait for the appropriate length of time. During charging, the vape’s front LEDs will illuminate pink, which represents the remaining battery percentage.

Preparing the Dr. Dabber Switch

After fully charging the Switch’s battery, you will fill its glass with water, flip the front switch to either Leaf or Oil mode, and press the (+) or (-) button to increase or decrease the power level.

If you previously used your Switch, its internal persistent memory allows it to retain its most recent power settings.

Loading the Dr. Dabber Switch

Loading the Dr. Dabber Switch

When loading your Dr. Dabber Switch, you will add your preferred material (oil or leaf) to an induction cup while detached from the vaporizer unit. If using leaf, make sure that it is fully packed and compressed (it holds about 0.35 grams).

Then, use the included tweezers to insert the induction cup into the Switch, and secure the glass in place.

How to Vape with the Dr. Dabber Switch

How to Vape with the Dr. Dabber Switch

Once your material is loaded, press the GO button on the Switch, replace your carb cap, and enjoy once your preferred temperature has been reached (typically within a few seconds).

After each heat cycle, your Switch will automatically enter a cooldown cycle that lasts between five seconds and four minutes, depending on the internal temperature of the unit (the hotter the vaporizer gets, the longer its cooldown cycle will last). The sequence is indicated by a blue LED.

How to Clean and Maintain the Dr. Dabber Switch

How to Clean and Maintain the Dr. Dabber Switch

The Dr. Dabber Switch features a self-cleaning mode that utilizes a high-energy heat cycle to burn off the remaining residue in your ceramic induction cups. All you have to do is press and release the (+) button from any mode until you reach the maximum power setting, the LEDs escalate red, and press GO.

After cleaning, make sure Ceramic Induction Cups, glass top, and Glass Percolator Attachment are cool to the touch before using.

Note: Dr. Dabber emphasizes that in order to clean your Crystal induction cup, Ceramic Filter, Glass Top, and Glass Percolator Attachment, you will need to use +90% isopropyl alcohol, which you can apply with cotton swabs or wipes. Just make sure that all parts have dried completely before you use your Switch again.

Is the Dr. Dabber Switch Right for Me?

Dr. Dabber packed a lot of useful features into the Switch, including the company’s patent-pending induction heating technology, different types of induction cups (ceramic and crystal), 25+ heat settings and modes, and unique design (including customizable LEDs).

There is also the Switch’s powerful battery, ultra-fast heating times, the fact that you can use it with oil and flower, by merely flipping a button. Not to mention Dr. Dabber’s two-year limited warranty for some of the Switch’s parts.

With these benefits in mind, the Dr. Dabber Switch is not exactly discreet, with a meaningfully larger profile than many other competing vaporizers in the category. Then again, compact size is not what the Switch was designed for, and it is still small enough that you can take it with you to different locations.

The Switch also comes with a steep price tag. Again, though, its price point is relatively in line with close competitors like the Puffco Peak.

Overall, most customers seem pleased with their Switch experiences, reporting that the vaporizer is an excellent portable desktop model that is sure to deliver maximum flavor, whether you prefer oil, leaf, or both. As such, it is increasingly likely that you might experience the same.

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