Dab Pen Not Making Vapor - Reasons Why

Dab pens are quickly rising as convenient alternatives to less user-friendly dab rig setups. While dab pens do offer excellent benefits, including portability and discreetness, they are not without their own problems. This is not to be confused for a dry herb vaporizer.

Namely, it may not be immediately clear what's happening if your dab pen suddenly stops making vapor. Fortunately, there are plenty of troubleshooting steps you can easily perform to determine what the problem might be.

The Dab Pen is Clogged

Dab pens create vapor by liquifying and vaporizing wax to create potent hits of vapor. This means that waxy residue can end up in all different places within the vapor path of your dab pen. While this doesn't present significant challenges while the pen is warm, you may experience clogging once the pen cools and the wax hardens.

There are several ways you can troubleshoot this. You can remove the mouthpiece and visually inspect the heat chamber cap to ensure that it's clear of wax. If that's inconclusive, turn your pen on and allow it to heat without additional wax inside. The heat will wax any nearby wax that may be causing a clog. After you let it heat, allow the pen to cool and reload with wax to see if vapor comes through.

CBD Vapes clogged

The Battery Needs Charged

You may not be getting any vapor because the pen doesn't have a charged battery. If you power your pen on but don't see the typical lights indicating it is functioning, you should put your dab pen on a charger and allow for a full charge.

Even if your pen initially turns on, it may not have enough power to stay on. If you see the lights suddenly turn off in the middle of a vaping session that has just begun, the pen likely needs to be allowed to come to a full charge. It may take up to a couple of hours for a dab pen to go from completely empty to fully charged, so be sure to allow sufficient time.

The Battery Needs to Be Replaced

If you've had your dab pen for a long period of time, the battery may have lost the ability to hold a charge. There are several ways that you can determine that a faulty battery is the culprit in not producing vapor.

First, when you plug the dab pen into the charger, do you see lights turn on? Most dab pens will indicate they are charging by flashing lights. If you plug your dab pen in and don't see any lights and it doesn't function after being on the charger for long periods of time, the battery is likely the issue.

Your dab pen may have a removable and replaceable battery without needing to buy a brand new device. Check with your manufacturer to see what replacement options are available.

Check The Charger

If you plug in your dab pen and the charging light does not turn on, you should always try another charger before replacing anything. Most dab pens use a micro-USB charger, so it shouldn't be hard to grab an extra charger to determine where the problem actually lies.

The Best Dab pen Charger

Refill the Heating Chamber

This is a much simpler problem. Your dab pen may not be producing vapor simply because it needs to be refilled with more wax concentrate. This is an easy problem to run into, especially if you have an extended dab vaping session.

To determine if you need to add more wax, allow the pen to cool completely and remove the cap from the heating chamber. If there is little to no residue remaining, then you know it's time to add a bit more wax to continue vaping!

Replace the Heating Coils

The heating coils in a dab pen will eventually wear out. In between sustaining temperatures reaching up to 900F and being in direct contact with vaporizing wax, it's only a matter of time before they give out. There are a few steps to determine that it's the coils that need to be replaced instead of the battery or another component:

Dab Pen does Not Heat

If your dab pen appears to be working normally, with lights on and features available, but no heat is being produced, then you know there is a problem with your heating coils. Even after one or two hits, you should feel the body of the dab pen begin to warm, If you don't, it's time to inspect the heating coils more closely.

Vape Pen Coils Appear Crusted or Corroded

When you look into the heating chamber to inspect the coils, if they appear corroded or crusty, then it is time to replace them. This means that the coils are damaged enough that they can no longer sustain the power to create high temperatures.

Fortunately, heating coil failure is a planned part of owning a dab pen, and most dab pen models offer a variety of heating coil replacements.

Dab Pen Clogged

Where Can I Buy Dab Pen Replacement Parts

Some brick and mortar retailers will have a limited selection of dab pen parts to choose from, but your best chance at a broad selection will be online. That includes here at Vape Vet Store, where all purchases have ALWAYS FREE U.S. shipping.

If you need help troubleshooting a dab pen, reach out to us! We may be able to help solve the problem or give you guidance on the perfect replacement part (or an ideal dab pen replacement).

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