Crafty Vaporizer Review

The German vape brand Storz and Bickel has firmly cemented its reputation in consistently coming up with performance-oriented, versatile vaporizers including the ‘Mighty,’ ‘Plenty, and ‘Volcano.’ And with the commercial launch of the ‘Crafty’ vaporizer, Storz and Bickel has yet again overwhelmingly proved that it retains its competitive edge in producing world-class vapors. The state-of-the-art Crafty vape exploits convection and conduction heating techniques for producing a steady stream of powerful, heady vapors, regardless of whether you use dry herbs, concentrates or wax.

Measuring just about 4.3 inches in length and weighing only 0.3 lbs, the Crafty is definitely in a league of its own, punching much above its weight. This supremely portable vape pen boasts of a surfeit of highly functional features including but not limited to ‘single press switch-on,’ ‘heavy duty lithium-ion battery,’ and ‘dual-temperature setting’ via a Bluetooth app. You’re ready to draw in the vapors released by the dry herb or concentrate that attain the default/ preset temperature within 90 seconds, thanks to the robust heater.

The Crafty vape surely does not come cheap but lets you take pleasure in an unparalleled vaping experience every time you use it that you recoup your investments sooner than later.

What comes in the Kit?

The Storz and Bickel’s Crafty vape kit is delivered to you with all necessary or essential components and accessories to help you get started with your vaping session right away. You do not need to buy any accessory or component separately. Of course, you’ll have to buy the concentrates, wax, dry herbs or the botanicals for putting inside the heating chamber and vaping.

The supplies included in the Crafty Vaporizer package are as follows:

  • The vaping unit
  • One power adapter
  • One micro-USB cable
  • One liquid/oil pad
  • One cleaning brush
  • Three supplementary screens
  • One herb grinder
  • One seal ring
  • One filling pad
  • One user manual
  • 2-year warranty document
Why Get the Crafty Vaporizer?

Why get the Crafty Vaporizer?

If you’re wondering as to why you should go for the Crafty vape, we can list a good number of reasons that will come in handy for you to make up for your mind. For a start, the vaporizer is astonishingly lightweight-it is so flimsy (0.3lbs or 136g approx) that you won’t even feel that you’re using or carrying one. And when it comes to discreetness, you’ll be hard put to find another vape that is as unobtrusive or inconspicuous as the Crafty.

Here’s a rundown of the topnotch features of the Crafty Vaporizer:-

Innovative Design

Of all the different models of vaporizers that Storz & Bickel has produced so far, Crafty happens to be not only the tiniest of the lot but the stealthiest as well. The compactness of this vape enables you to use it or put the same inside your shirt or trouser pocket without making it conspicuous or attracting the attention those close by or around you. Its diminutiveness and portability allow you to take it along with you anywhere you want it to.

This vaporizer has been designed and crafted, keeping ergonomic aspects in mind. The external surface is grooved, quite akin to a radiator which facilitates quick dispersal of heat through the ribbed surface. So, regardless of the duration of time, you hold the vape, you never have to worry about your fingers or hands getting burnt.

On the other hand, the Crafty’s intelligent design means you can wrap your fingers around it firmly without compromising on comfortableness. The product fits in so snugly inside your palm that chances of accidentally dropping the vape or the product slipping from your fingers are almost nil.

Robust Construction

As you start using the product, you get a fair idea about its hardy construction. The framework of Crafty has been chiseled out of the best grade of plastic which imparts to the gadget incredible durability. The Crafty’s superior design and built ensures that it can resist everyday wear and tear as well as tolerate rough handling.

The vented structure enables the vape to function as an effective heat sink. The ribbed or grooved structure promotes heat dissipation thereby preventing the vaporizer from becoming overly hot.

Hybrid Heating Systems

The Crafty makes the most of conduction as well as convection heating mode. No wonder then that the quality of vapors effusing from the concentrates or dry herb grinds is exceptional, giving you a high that you reminisce for days to come. The convection heating technique makes sure that the pollen grinds are heated and vaporized in a way that they do not get excessively roasted or burnt.

Convectional method of heating creates eight distinct circulating streams of air causing the herb pieces to release the aromas, flavors, and essences without smoldering them. Conversely, the conduction style disperses heat via the stainless steel filling chamber’s walls that eventually lead to the speedy creation of vapors. Used in combination, the heating methods help release vapors quickly that are sufficiently intoxicating and potent as well.

Single Touch Controls and Settings

The USP of the Crafty has to be its ease of use-the vape can be effortlessly taken advantage of by both novice vapers and seasoned stoners. It can be stated without exaggerating a bit that you’ll be able to commence a vaping session smoothly without encountering any setup issues, courtesy the single button/one-touch control arrangement. To put it in perspective, you simply have to press the power knob only once to activate the vaporizer.

As you press the button once, the heating procedure starts with the device attaining the preselected or preset temperature of 365˚ F within 1 to 1-and-a-half minutes. In case you like the vapors to be stronger and denser, all you need to do is push down the knob again-the vape will now reach a temperature of 383˚ F. You’ll know that the unit has achieved your preferred temperature when the LED light turns green.

Until and unless the desired temperature is reached, the LED light stays red. The Crafty will also start vibrating which is another indication that the device has attained the intended temperature. That you set the temperature and monitor the heating with a single press makes the vape so ideal for use, especially when you’re on the move.

Cooling Unit with Rotary Vape Mouthpiece

The Crafty Vaporizer is equipped with an efficient cooling unit which stretches all along the vapor trail. This unit cools down the vapors sufficiently before they hit the mouthpiece. Additionally, a screen cools and purifies the vapors before they pass via the cooling section.

The swiveling mouthpiece flicks open whenever you need to take in the vapors and can be tossed back to its original position if and when you want to put it away.

Hardwearing Battery

The rechargeable, heavy-duty Lithium-ion battery embedded inside the Crafty is what powers the unit and keeps it functioning. It takes approximately 2 hours to get the battery fully recharged following a complete draining of leftover charge. You can vape for an estimated 45 minutes when the battery is completely charged.

How to Use the Crafty Vaporizer

How to use the Crafty Vaporizer?

Taking optimum advantage of the Crafty vape should not be an issue at all. Just go through the following steps:

  • Turn the cooling unit in a counter-clockwise fashion that’ll let you raise it, thus revealing the heat chamber
  • Now, fill up the compartment with dry herb minces, wax or concentrates and close the chamber
  • Switch on the vape by pressing down mildly on the knob till the gadget starts vibrating indicating that it has been turned on; the LED light will turn red
  • When the unit attains your preferred temperature, the LED indicator light will change to green and vape will vibrate once more
  • If you wish to heat the herbs further, you’ll need to compress the power knob twice in quick succession that will trigger the Boost Mode.
Tips on the Crafty Vaporizer

Further Crafty Vaporizer Tips

Don’t judge the performance of the Crafty vape by its size. The heating compartment of the vape is capacious enough to hold a good quantity of dry herbs which is remarkably helpful if you’re looking forward to enjoying extended sessions but want to avoid repeated reloads. The filling chamber which is built into the vape is also good for vaporizing wax or liquid concentrates.

The liquid or oil pad provided with the unit allows you to trickle or ooze the fluid onto the wadding and to install it in the heating compartment. The chamber can take in about 0.3g of dry herb pieces that are adequate for drawn-out sessions.

You also get an app free of cost, companionable with both iPhone 4S or later versions and Android 4.3 and higher versions smartphones. You can monitor the app on a remote basis to set your choice as well as the boosted up temperatures. You can also use the app for viewing the remaining battery charge, set up and turn off the alarm and vibrate functions. The Crafty Remote App can be downloaded from the iPhone app store or the Google Play store for free.

Maintaining the Crafty Vaporizer

Maintaining and cleaning the Crafty vape is a breeze. To keep the vaporizer in tiptop condition, letting it function effectively for years, you have to cleanse the gadget after every session. The brush supplied with the kit can be used for wiping clean the upper screen and the chamber.

Make sure that tiny fragments of herbs sticking to the walls and the surrounding areas are removed. You can take off the top part, including the mouthpiece for cleansing it thoroughly. The fact that the Crafty can be disassembled into smaller components renders the task of cleaning the entire vape, considerably easy.

Is the Crafty Vaporizer for me?

If you wish to extract the maximum out of your vaping sessions and experience unprecedented highs, surely the Crafty Vaporizer is your best bet. Any and every passionate vaper would prefer to own a vaporizer that is simple to use, easy to clean and maintain, eminently portable, and most importantly, delivers an extraordinary and incomparable vaping experience. The Crafty Vaporizer offers all the above benefits, and much more. So if you can put up with or find a way out of the device’s biggest drawback (short battery life) you can rest assured that the vape will serve you for years.

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