Corona Virus Vaping Tips

Corona Virus Effect on Vaping

Suffice it to say we are currently living in a challenging time with the onset of COVID-19, commonly referred to as the coronavirus. Since January of this year COVID-19 has rapidly progressed to the status of a global pandemic affecting Asia, Europe, the Americas, and even Africa. Needless to say, this disease has become a global phenomenon. What exactly is COVID-19? The coronavirus is an infectious disease that causes mild to moderate respiratory illness and even severe respiratory issues in persons with weakened immune systems and underlying conditions. In addition, this disease exhibits asymptomatic factors, meaning one can be infected and not show any symptoms. The disease can be spread through saliva droplets or nasal discharges which is common when coughing and sneezing is occurring. As a result of the outbreak multiple industries have been affected, including the vaping industry. Customers may have difficulties in re-stocking their coils, juices, and other products due to them being on backorder. Since vaping products largely come from China there has been disruptions in the global supply chain leading to delays. In addition, you may notice that your local vape pen shop is closed or is operating under limited hours. To ensure the vaping community stays safe we have provided a few tips on how to stay safe when vaping during this crisis.

Coronavirus Vaping Tips

1. Don’t Share Vapes With Friends or Anyone

1. Don’t Share Vapes With Friends or Anyone

Due to the fact that COVID-19 can be spread through saliva, it is recommended to avoid sharing your vaporizer with others. Individuals can be infected with this disease but show zero symptoms making the risk of spreading it that much greater. Until we receive reports that the population is disease-free it is best to exercise caution.

2. Manage Vapors More Diligently

As we mentioned above, the coronavirus spreads through coughing and sneezing. An infected person who vapes can possibly spread the disease via vapor. We recommend you be diligent when vaping and be aware of others vaping in close proximity.

Corona Virus Effect on Vaping

3. Shop for Vape Supplies Online

While we all love our local vape shops and should do whatever we can to support them during this crisis, it is advised to practice social distancing and follow government guidelines at this time. Thus, it is best to purchase your vaping products online if at all possible to reduce the risk of transmitting the disease any further. Following current health guidelines is the best way to get your local vape shop back up and running more quickly.

4. Clean the Vape

4. Clean the Vape

Practice proper cleaning techniques and ensure your vaporizer is cleaned regularly. This especially the case if you work in an essential industry and have to come in contact with public spaces and people in general. This disease can easily spread from surface to surface, including your dry herb vaporizer. We recommend you clean your vaporizer with disinfectant products if at all possible. If not, certain components such as the mouthpiece can easily be cleaned with warm water and soap.

5. Give the Virus time to Die

Unfortunately, it will take some time for COVID-19 to begin dissipating. As of this moment, the number of infected persons is increasing in some cases and it is unknown as to when this disease will be contained. Be prepared to vape by yourself, shop online, and exercise rigorous cleaning practices for an extended period of time. If you are in need of new coils or vape juices there is a chance your products may not be available at this time. Therefore, one may have to forgo vaping for the time being until supplies have been restocked.

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