CBD Oil and Vape Juice Differences

There are many differences, actually. For the majority of users who are new to the world of vaping, they might wish to consider trying their hand at something light for the first time, such as a simple dry herb vape. For those coming from a smoking background or for those looking to get the most bang for their buck, an oil vape is the way to go.

Oil vapes are notorious for producing those big, massive clouds that resemble smoke as they are exhaled. Whether you are vaping either CBD oil or traditional vape juice, the end result will be the same, producing a huge cloud. This is due to the fact that oil’s consistency is closely matched by that of a e-liquid. While some CBD oils in general can be either thinner or thicker, the result is the same and all can be utilized in an oil vape pen.

You will often find pre-filled cartridges accommodating mostly those who opt for e-juice, however, though this is quickly changing towards more CBD-friendly demographics. It is only a matter of time before more vape shops start to carry a wider selection of CBD products for your oil vape.


CBD Oil Properties

Aside from the inherent properties of CBD oil per se, we want to delve into how these translate into a good vape hit. CBD oil has a relatively similar structure to vape juice, and vice versa. They complement each other in that they can be effortlessly switched out in the same vape while still maintaining a consistent vape volume.

The main difference is that CBD oil has CBD, whereas vape juice does not. In fact, most vape juice is either imbued with a concentrated dose of nicotine, or simply a flavored oil without nicotine. Some people are known to mix the two (CBD oil and flavored vape juice) just for the flavor aspects alone. While this may or may not be ideal, it would be ultimately up to every individual to decide whether they would prefer such a combination.

Some people prefer a more natural hit and opt for the full flavor profile of just CBD alone. Because the physical properties are virtually identical minus their viscosity between the two, they will produce very similar clouds with every puff. The viscosity here refers to how they vape once heated up and how the oil itself changes. Most oils become more fluid and will instantaneously produce more vapor upon being exposed to the right temperature/wattage.

How Vape Juice is Different

As mentioned before, there is no CBD in e-liquid. You are more likely to find vape juice in flavor and/or nicotine form for your vape. Most vape juices come in a variety of exotic and offbeat flavors, such as pina colada, root beer float, grape soda or some other novel theme. Most of these have no nicotine in them.

The vast majority of vape juices will either contain nicotine or not, though all will be mostly of a flavored variety. There are no therapeutic effects comparable to that of CBD in any vape juices. While it could be debatable whether nicotine is in itself a therapeutic compound for some people, the fact remains that it does not compare to CBD. All share a very similar physical structure and vape quite easily in any compatible oil pen.

What makes vape juice so different aside from its lack of therapeutic compounds is how readily available it is. Most vape shops carry a plethora of different types, flavors, and sizes. Because CBD is relatively new on the market, it has yet to catch up to its potential and be included (on a massive scale) in products such as pods, disposable pens, etc. You will find these, however, though just not too many of them floating around, at least not yet.

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Other CBD Differences

Price point is very noticeable in this area because CBD is such a novel treatment, prices can be a bit high for it. Vape juice commands a much more reasonable price being as how common it is. Another caveat is that while most e-juices can reliably dose their nicotine quite accurately, some CBD products out there may or may not have the means to dose or accurately relay the content within their product.

This is due to a monopoly market where CBD is a novel concept and people are competing for top spots in the vaping world. While it is speculated that in the near future there will be vape juice blends that contain either or both CBD and nicotine, the truth is that both worlds are in no competition, because their purposes remain entirely different from one another.

CBD companies are competing amongst each other while the e-juice world remains mostly unaffected. Vape juices are mostly recreational, while vaping CBD oil is mainly for medicinal purposes. The comparisons are like night and day.

Which One is Better?

That really just depends on your needs. If you find that you are a smoker and wish to transition into vaping, you might want to consider starting out with an e-juice in order to give yourself the feeling that you are already used to. Vape juice provides the user with thick clouds comparable to that of smoke without using combustion of any sort.

This can be a much healthier alternative to smoking. Vaping CBD is mostly reserved for those coming from a more medical background who require intense pain relief and for those suffering from everything from cancer and arthritis, to PTSD and insomnia. Believe it or not, vape juice that contains nicotine can also help to ease a smoker to less and less nicotine over time, eventually making for a nicotine-free vape session for a former smoker.

The reality though is that most just simply opt for a smoke-free session while still getting the nicotine that they crave. Whatever your purpose is for using either one, at least now you have a broader knowledge of their differences.

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