Can I Use Any Tank on My Vape?

Vape pens are wonderful, easy to use devices. They are very beginner-friendly, easy to use, and help us to avoid the hassle of traditional smoking. Vape pens are also very versatile, and most pens are compatible with most vape cartridges. However, before you invest in a vape tank, you probably want to be sure that you have a compatible vape pen and a compatible tank!

Can I Use Any Tank on My Vape?

The answer is generally yes, but it depends on the specific dry herb vape pen you are using and the specific tank in question. The biggest factor to consider is whether or not they will physically go together. Most vape pens and most vape tanks are made with 510 threading, which is the usual go-to threading style of most major vape pens and vape tanks. If you can easily thread your vape tank onto your vape pen, then the two are likely compatible!

Of course, the threading is not the only questions to consider when trying to determine if your vape pen is compatible with a specific vape tank. There are several features and issues of compatibility to consider, especially when you are looking at a high-end vape tank.

How Can I Know If a Vape Tank Is Compatible With My Vape Pen?

Look at Power Requirements

Just because a vape tank will physically screw onto a vape pen does not mean that the two are compatible. Many high-end tanks have specific power requirements, and if the battery on your vape pen isn’t up to snuff, then you will not have much fun with your new tank. Fortunately, high-end tanks will usually have their power requirements listed online, so you can check compatibility before purchase. Specifically, you want to look at the wattage requirements and the resistance requirements.

Consider Power Needs

You may find that a vape pen meets the power requirements of the vape tank you are interested in. However, that is not the end to the compatibility story. Your vape pen may be able to produce enough wattage to power the tank but may not have enough power storage to provide a quality vaping experience. It does not do any good for a pen to power a tank if it can only do it for ten minutes! Be sure to consider not only the power compatibility and requirements, but also how practical it is to use a certain tank with your vape pen.

Physical Incompatibility

Your pen and the tank in question may have matching threading, but that does not mean that they will work together well. The physical design of your pen may prevent the tank for securely connecting, which means power will not be able to flow to the tank. If you get a really big tank but have a really small pen, you may be risking damaging your vape pen. Aside from the threading, always make sure it is practical to use a certain tank on any given vape pen.

How to Make Sure a Vape Pen and Tank Are Compatible?

Physical retailers will usually provide great customer service, but their selection is likely to be limited. They may not have a compatible option for you at all! If you want to balance customer service with great choice, online retailers offer a great solution, especially here at! We can tell you if any of the products we sell are compatible with any tanks we sell, and our breadth of knowledge can even help you find a match if you have a vape pen or tank we do not currently carry. Couple that with free U.S. shipping with no purchase minimum required, and it will feel like the customer service you get in a store while having the options provided by an online retailer!

Consider a Box Mod!

If you plan on using a lot of different vape tanks and attachments, we strongly recommend getting a box mod. Box mods are similar to traditional vape pens, but they offer much more in terms of power and features. With beefy batteries and an array of wattage output options, most box mods will be compatible with most vape tanks. Not only will they be compatible, but they will be able to provide a quality vaping experience for you!

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