Boundless CF 710 Dab Pen Review

One of the rising ways to enjoy your chosen distillate of choice is by a process known as “dabbing.” Instead of a vaping oil or dry herb, you instead use a concentrated wax or specialty oil that produces a highly concentrated, potent vapor. However, one of the primary drawbacks has been the complicated set up one would need to enjoy dabbing.  Traditionally called a “dab rig,” the process involved several different pieces of equipment, set up, and a very specific process to ensure you did not ruin your dab.

Fortunately, the future is now! Varying models of dab and wax pens (sometimes called nector collectors) have appeared on the market, taking the complicated process and making it an easy, smooth-sailing experience. The Boundless CF710 Dab Pen is one of the best on the market, tying together ease of use and quality hits into one great product. All you need to do is power on the pen, dip it into the concentrate of your choice, and take a hit of the wonderful, delicious vapor of the distillate of your choosing! A fantastic re-imagining of what it means to dab!

What Comes in the Boundless Kit?

What Comes in the Kit?

The Boundless CF710 Dab Pen comes with all of the equipment you will need to start dabbing straight away:

  • 1 Boundless Dab Pen, including ceramic and quartz heating tips
  • 1 dab tool (also called a dabber) to help maneuver wax and thick oils
  • 1 container for concentrate storage
  • USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual

Why Buy the Boundless CF 710 Dab Pen?

If you have ever been interested in dabbing but have been intimidated by the seemingly complicated tools and process needed, the Boundless Dab Pen is dying to go home with you. it is convenient to use, the battery is long-lasting, it is versatile in its use, and it is perfect for traveling.

The Boundless Dab pen by Boundless Vapes heats up and is ready to go in less than 10 seconds and all you need to do is press the power button, and the 900mAh battery goes to work. You can also expect that battery to provide an hour straight worth of inhalations (roughly 400-500 hits) before it will need a recharge. Conveniently designed with a micro-USB charging port, keeping this wonderful nectar collector charged is easy.

In a traditional dab rig, you have the option to use a dab nail (the piece that you directly put distillates like wax or oil on) of different kinds of materials, all with their pros and cons of use. The Boundless Dab Pen comes with two kinds of heating tips (which are essentially specialized dab nails), quartz and ceramic. The quartz tip is going to provide the fullest, richest flavor, but your vapor cloud will be pretty weak. The ceramic tip will provide a huge, thick vapor cloud, but the flavor of the hit may not be as strong. You get to experiment with both all in one wax pen without having to go shopping for different dab nails. 

The nectar collector design also removes the necessity of loading distillate or connecting cartridges. No longer will you need to worry about whether or not your distillate of choice is properly loaded into your pen, nor will you have to be concerned about whether or not the cartridge you have has compatible threading or has compatible voltage requirements with your pen. All you need is the raw wax or dab oil of your choice and you can enjoy a fantastic dabbing session. 

Finally, one of the traditional drawbacks of dab pens is that they are a pain to clean. The Boundless Dab Pen does a great job resolving this issue in its piece-by-piece modular design. If you notice that the flavor seems off or you know you have not cleaned it in a while, simply take the pieces apart and clean where you need to. It is designed to come apart and reassemble extremely easily. This also makes it easy to ensure that the quality and flavor of vapor your wax pen is providing remains consistent, as uncleaned build up and residue can affect the taste and consistency of your vapor.

The Boundless CF710 Dab Pen is ideal for both beginners who have been intimidated by trying dabbing, as well as seasoned dabbers who want a quick, easy option for dabbing.

How to Use the Boundless Vaporizer

How to Use the Boundless CF 710 Dab Pen

Using the Boundless CF710 is really easy, potentially even easier than traditional e-juice vape pen or dry herb vaporizers, as you do not have to load distillate or connect a compatible cartridge. First, upon unboxing the product, plug the pen into its included USB charger to make sure you start off dabbing with a complete charge. 

Once the pen is completely charged (this is generally indicated with a green light), you will want to choose which heating tip you want to dab with. Remember, the quartz tip will provide a fuller flavor, and the ceramic tip will provide a richer vapor. The heating tips connect to the opposite end of the mouth-piece. If you already had a heating tip connected, be sure the black container lid is removed before you start to power the pen on.

You are almost ready to begin dabbing! Make sure your wax or dabbing oil is prepared in either the provided container or glass jar. Then, press the power button 5 times in quick succession to turn the device on. Then press and hold the power button on the dab pen to begin heating the ceramic or quartz heating tip. In about 10 seconds, the heating tip will be prepped for dabbing.

Place the heating tip onto your chosen distillate and take your desired length of draw. When you have completed taking the hit, release the power button and allow the heating tips to begin to cool. Repeat this process for as many hits you want to take.

When you have completed your dabbing session, allow the heating tip to cool to a safe temperature. Then, if there is any wax left over, it can be stored in the included container or a separate glass jar for safe keeping. Leftover oils should be stored in a separate, secure container to avoid accidental spills and messes.

Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Tips for the Boundless Dab Pen

Though the Boundless Dab Pen is easy to use and a high-quality product, it is possible that you will run into technical difficulties. One of the most common problems you will face (if you happen to face any problems) is that the device will not power on.

The obvious first step to take is to make sure that the dab pen is fully charged (this is especially true if you are attempting to use it straight from unboxing). If the device still will not power on, try to charge the pen with a different USB cord or a different outlet or power source. If problems persist, there may be issues with the battery, which will require a warranty claim or product replacement.

If you begin to notice a strange change or deterioration of flavor, or if the device is powering on but the heating tips are not heating properly, there are several things you can try. For changes in flavor, you may need to take the pen apart and clean it. It has a convenient, modular design, so this process is very easy. Once apart, use an alcohol wipe to lightly scrub it down.

If that does not solve the problem, there may be a problem with your heating tip. Trying using the other included tip to see if the strange flavor is not resolved. If it is not, or you do not like the material the tip is made from, you can purchase replacement tips for this pen easily. This is also the most likely solution if the pen powers on but the tips are not heating the distillate properly. Changing the heating tip is quick and easy and will likely resolve the issue.

If problems persist outside of these troubleshooting measures, we recommend inquiring about a warranty claim or product replacement.

Is the Boundless Right for Me?

Is The Boundless CF 710 Dab Pen Right for Me?

The Boundless CF710 Dab Pen is great for so many different kinds of customers. If you have never dabbed before and are curious to try the associated distillates but are concerned about the complexities and costs of setting up a dab rig, this product is perfect for you. Since it is a nectar collector style, there is no need to worry about proper distillate placement in a pen or tank, just dip the tip into the included container or glass jar and you are on your way.

Even if you are not a beginner, the Boundless CF170 definitely deserves your consideration. It is a convenient size and shape, making it a highly portable solution for dabbing. It is also a great option for those that enjoy using a dab rig but simply want the option for dabbing in a quicker, more convenient way.

If you are looking for a convenient, easy product to enjoy dabbing without the extra cost or inconvenience of a full dab rig, then the Boundless CF170 is a great choice!

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