Arizer Argo Vape Review

What is the Arizer ArGo?

The Arizer ArGo vaporizer is a handy device, compact and portable -- some of the features most vape enthusiasts find highly appealing about the Arizer collection. With a unique conduction-convection feature, this vaporizer caters to the most fundamental needs of a vaper.

Arizer ArGo is a step away from the norm for Arizer because it is distinct in the usual shape and size of vaporizers from the same producers. It is small enough to fit into your hand while delivering a reliable output that is peculiar to Arizer vaporizers.

This unit heats up so fast because it utilizes a conduction system. It cools down at a decent rate since there is a different system in place for this function.

ArGo Vape Design

The device is aesthetically appealing and made from the finest materials. It fits right in your hand and is comfortable to hold. For being a portable vaporizer, it packs a reasonable amount of herbs. There is a borosilicate mouthpiece on the neck of the instrument -- similar to what is in the Air2 and Solo 2 versions. Ultimately, it serves the function of making your loading hassle less. The glass material keeps your herb fresh, calm, and original.

The Arizer ArGo has a peculiar glass stem technology seen in many Arizer designs. Therefore, you handle it the same way. The concerns of your mouthpiece gathering up dirt or cracking are totally out of the question. The mouthpiece has a pop-up feature that keeps the piece enclosed while not in use. You only need to click on a button at the back of the device to initiate vaping.

The bottom section of Arizier ArGo is made of plastic but coated in silicone for an elegant feel. Its midsection is anodized aluminum, and of a medical-grade so, your health is in no jeopardy.


Vape Display Screen

The display is  vivid and standard OLED. It functions like your phone screen will, providing an array of essential information about the device. These include temperature level, battery level, and the likes. The buttons responsible for controlling the screen gives you swift feedback, and that is impressive. No Bluetooth connection is needed.

Vapor Path Airflow

The airflow is free and extensive. Overall, your vaping is smooth and comfortable. You're not harnessing too much effort.

ArGo Vape Battery

Arizer ArGo has a removable but rechargeable battery. You charge through the USB port available on the device. The battery life is quite reasonable because it is a whopping 3400mAh. You can go on for as long as 90 minutes on a single charge. It means you have about eight bowls of the herb on an average. That's a pretty decent runtime.

This device is, without doubt, ideal for outdoor activities, trips as well as extended vaping. You can pack an extra battery when going on a trip. A downside is the charge time. The battery takes up to 3 hours and thirty minutes before a full charge. Therefore, an extra battery is recommended.

Vapor Quality

In the first draw, the vapor quality on the device is quite thin. I suppose this is normal for the first draw. However, subsequent draws are robust and highly flavorful. At high temperatures such as 400 degrees, vapor is dense and cloudy, but low temperatures produce the best flavors.

Vaporizer Heating Abilities

ArGo's heating is sufficient. There is a glass stem just at the heart of the whole system, and it is not just for fancy. Of course, the glass effect improves the design of the device, but it functions primarily for stability. The glass helps your device cool down rapidly since the material itself does not conduct heat. All of this activity has no adverse effect on flavor or vapor quality.

Arizer ArGo Quick Details

  • Color: Black
  • Battery: removable and rechargeable
  • Height : 3.15 inches or 9cm
  • Designed for vaping Dry Herbs only
What Comes in the Kit?

ArGo Vaporizer Kit Includes

  • ArGo portable vaporizer
  • 18650 ; 3.7V; 3400mAh rechargeable battery
  • A pair of Arizer ArGo glass stems
  • USB vape charger
  • Packing Tool
  • 2 Silicone stem caps
  • 4 Vape Screens
  • User manual
  • 1 Belt clip carrying case
How to use the Arizer ArGo

How to use the Arizer ArGo

  • Charging before use is simply essential for any rechargeable device
  • Be sure to have your herb ready for packing. Grind them into coarse bits.
  • Start by packing herb into the glass stem and then load it up to the top of your unit. You could start small until it's full or utilize medium scoops.
  • Leave out a space of about 1mm for enough airflow. Packing the stem to its full capacity is tremendous, but leaving out some space makes each draw tastier.
  • Next, turn on the device by clicking and holding the + button as well as the main control button together. As soon as it is on, there is a display of its current temperature.
  • Use the + and – buttons for temperature precision control. + to increase and – to decrease. Your device will make a beeping sound when it begins to heat up. It takes about 30 seconds to warm up. It is safe to start with 375 degrees Fahrenheit and then work up towards higher temperature grades. Temperature ranges from 122 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit (50 to 220 degrees Celsius). The beep sound will go off twice when heating is complete.
  • Once you receive a preferred temperature, place the mouthpiece against your lips, and begin to enjoy. 
  • Maintaining the Arizer ArGo

    Maintaining the Arizer ArGo

    Keeping your device in the right working conditions by regular cleaning is easy. It is stress-free as long as you don't allow herbs to collect until they form blotch or get stuck down. Such buildups will inevitably affect your draw by causing resistance.

    Of course, you can go a few sessions before cleaning out; some users will argue that it improves their vape flavors. Well, just clean the gear at reasonable intervals. You can always use isopropyl alcohol for your cleaning and rinse with warm water. For best results, put the alcohol on a piece of cotton or cotton fabric. Also, allow to dry off totally before next use.

    Is the Arizer ArGo the right choice for me?

    The ArGo is a solid choice for vape lovers. It is pocket friendly, budget-friendly, and delivers. If you are a starter, you will find this very handy for dry herbs. The unit runs for pretty long before the next recharge. A high-end vape that does not disappoint.

    The device warms up in about 30 seconds and takes almost 60 to hit up fully. This period is relatively fair but may not be suitable for a quick fix. In addition to this, it has a warranty for two years, which is ample time. But there's no warranty on the battery. It's only fair, as they are easy to replace. 

    Arizer ArGo vs. Arizer Solo2 vs. Arizer Air 2

    Arizer ArGo vs. Arizer Solo2 vs. Arizer Air 2

    All of these three are some of the best dry herb vaporizers Arizer has produced yet. They all share similar qualities and only differ in one or two features. A precise temperature control, borosilicate mouthpiece, attractive interface are examples. This comparison is simply necessary to improve the user's experience.

    Solo 2 is the larger of the three and second in position in terms of height. Therefore, it is not particularly as portable as ArGo. Its size betrays genuine portability. To charge, you need a wall outlet, so you should not think about outdoor activities when out of charge on this one. The control interface is simple to use with a large OLED screen that shows battery level and temperature range.

    Generally, Arizer Air 2 is a slimmer version of Solo 2 that comes in a cylindrical package. By its build, it is more portable than the former but not as mobile as ArGo. It has a removable and rechargeable battery. Air 2 is a bit taller than Solo 2. However, its slim figure makes up for the height, making it easy to carry around without the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is detachable but impedes portability. Luckily, the gear comes with a carrying case that can also house an extra battery. Air 2 has a fascinating body in comparison to Solo 2 and combines this with function.

    ArGo, by every feature, is the best and most portable piece of the trio. Its size makes it easy to slip in and out of your pocket. The body is stylish in shape and has a better exterior design. With this size and shape, the vaporizer still captures everything that Arizer vapes stand for. The pop-up innovation on the mouthpiece sets it apart. As seen in Air 2, ArGo has a removable and rechargeable battery too. The device may, however, emit heat when it has been in use for a more extended period.

    All three have sturdy structures and are quite reliable. They have two parts; a mouthpiece and the body. Solo 2 is the best in vapor quality, but all produce dense vapor at high temperatures. Air 2 retains an average place while ArGo is superior in flavor. ArGo has the shortest mouthpiece and does not cool down as fast as others.

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