All You Need to Know About Dab Rigs

One of the most premium methods for cannabis ingestion or for most herbs for that matter is dabbing. This is so especially for experienced consumers with a higher THC tolerance. While the process may seek a little bit complicated at first, once you master it, you cannot deny the benefits.

We will discover in this article all about dab rigs, which include what they are, how to use and clean them, and all that’s necessary for an enjoyable dabbing experience. But to begin with, let us find out what dabbing means.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing refers to a way of enjoying the experience of your wax concentrates, and that is achieved through the use of a bong or dab rig and vaporizing. Dabbing as an action derives its name from dab.

What is a Dab?

Dabs are mostly marijuana concentrates but are more potent than the conventional forms of cannabis because of the higher concentration of the psychoactive chemical THC, often as high as 80%. Dabs are made when butane and marijuana are combined, which promotes THC extraction into the butane. The mix is then filtered and finally poured into a dish or tray with a final extracted gummy solid that is dabbed or smoked in bongs or rigs.

Benefits of Dabbing

There are many reasons why dabbing is the preferred method of consuming herbs.

  • It gives a smooth flavor that is fresh and has no harshness.
  • It does not give any smokiness, which makes it an excellent option for use indoor
  • Dab rigs are more potent, which requires less work

What are Dab Rigs?

Dab rigs resemble your average bong, but they are different in that they are equipped with what is known as dab nails for heat application which vaporizes the wax which can be inhaled.

Dab Rig Accessory Basics

Dabbing is a process of herb ingestion that requires more than just a dab rig. Here are some of the most important dabbing accessories you should include in your kit before you start:


A bong can be used as a dab rig, as there is not much difference between the bong and a dab ring, except for size. Dab rigs have male joints and the concentrates are vaporized by using a banger nail or any dab nail. Bongs, on the other hand, are different because of their female or down stems, but they can be converted into dab ready tools using adapters.

Banger Nails

To put your dabs on, you need a banger nail. Nails come in titanium glass or in quartz and ceramic. The strongest are titanium nails, but they need to be seasoned before they can be used. Bangers come in different shapes and are typically made from quartz and look like little buckets.

Propane torch

Heating the banger or nail requires the use of an efficient propane torch.

Wax Dabber

Picking up the concentrates to place it on the nail require a wax dabber or a poker-like tool or a dabber. If you are just getting started with dabbing, you will find it is best to use a dabber that has a spoon end to scoop up dabs and carefully place them where they need to be with this model.

Silicone Dab Container

The best dab container for storing wax concentrates is a silicone dab container.

How To Choose The Perfect Dab Rig

Price Point

One of the most critical aspects of shopping for any kind of bong, dab rig or other weed paraphernalia. The first thing to do when looking for a new device is to have a price limit and keep to it. You can look at more expensive options if you want to, but if you are just getting started, sticking with the basics is fine for the time being.

Rig Quality

The next essential element to consider is the quality of a dab rig, dab nail, or e-rig. Unfortunately, those who are just getting into dabbing will generally find it hard to tell the difference. Now the quality you can afford will ultimately influence how well made your device is. You should ensure you steer clear of regular options and chose parts and accessories made from quartz and titanium as much as possible. The stronger the materials are, the more abuse it can take before it needs fixing or replacing. Also, since torches are always used in reheating nails, over time, they will degrade, and if they have been made of low-quality material, they will eventually break or shatter.


There are different dab rigs designs to choose from when shopping. The first will typically feature a removable nail that has to be heated first before cannabis concentrates are drop onto it. Pulling this off without causing a mess takes some skill and precision. If you have dabbing experience, then you will likely prefer a nail since it gives the best results.


Ultimately, a device’s functionality and efficiency may be the deciding factor in making a purchase. If you are fine with a torch, then a typical dab rig is okay, but if a more automatic or flexible option is what you prefer, there are other, more unique choices. E-rigs will heat themselves automatically, acting as a vaporizer, and since they can reach ideal temperatures without guessing, they don’t leave a lot of residues. However, if you have already invested in a high-quality bong, a banger can typically be retrofitted to work just by replacing the typical bowl.

How To Use a Dab Rig

Having placed the dab of wax on the dabber, you can now get started with dabbing. Before you begin, you should know that it is best to start with a small dose, then begin to increase it gradually as you go. If you want to use a dab rig, here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn the torch on and place it close to the nail so the flame can get heated. Usually, the heated nail will look red.
  2. After the nail is heated, you can turn off the torch.
  3. Now you can place a dab of wax on the dab nail. You can also wait a few moments for the nail to slightly cool to a more ideal temperature.
  4. Next is to place the dome over the nail and start to slowly inhale the vapor. This step is just ideal; however you don’t need any dome or carb cap to hit a dab rig!
  5. Finally, exhale and go through the steps all over again.


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