A Beginners Guide to Pipe Smoking

As herb smoking has gained a wider acceptance, so has there been a rise of different smoking devices. For example, the decision to legalize marijuana and other herbs in places once considered illegal is likely to be with us for decades to come. This has led to the explosion of smoking tools and different smoking techniques. But as a beginner, you may be wondering how to join in.

Pipe smoking continues to be popular, and you are probably reading this guide because you are considering taking it up for yourself and don't want to make mistakes. Or you may feel nostalgic about the smell of pipe tobacco or even want to adopt a new hobby.  In this article, you will discover how to choose right and make your first pipe smoking experience as successful as possible.

Things to have in mind before Smoking

Get the Right Equipment

You should have all the right pipe smoking equipment before you start. There are lots of pipes and accessories to choose from that come in a range of different prices. Since you are still a beginner, it is better you stick to the basics. You can go to a tobacconist or pipe store and talk to an expert about the items you need, or you can also visit any reputable online vape shop or head shop. These are the minimum things you will need - a pipe, pipe cleaners, pipe tobacco, and matches. You should try not to spend too much at this point as you may find you don’t like it.

Type of Pipe to Use

Now, when it comes to the type of pipe to use, you have a variety to choose from. Glass pipesare the most common ones, and they are good for smokers of all levels. The advantages of handheld glass pipes are many. They are portable, can be stored easily, are small, easy to keep track of, and move along with you as you go. It is easier to carry a pipe inside a smoke kit and hit the road. However, if you want to smoke out of a bigger unit like a tabletop vaporizer or a bong, you will have to sacrifice portability. If you are smoking in one location, then you can go for another type of pipe. But if you're always on the move, you'll need something portable.

Fill the bowl

Another thing you have to put into consideration as a beginner on pipe smoking is how you fill your bowl. To begin with, fill your pipe bowl loosely with a small portion of tobacco or herbs, then press it down lightly, so that it reaches about halfway from the point of the bowl. Now add more portions of tobacco and press more steadily to pack most of it in. Keep at it until only a small gap between the tobacco and the top of the bowl is all you have. Filling pipe is the trickiest part of pipe smoking, and you may need to make a few attempts before you can completely get the hang of it.

Filling the smoking pipe is a very important step. If you do it properly, you will have a pleasant first bowlful. However, if you miss it and do it the wrong way, the smoking pipe may burn bitter and hot. This is usually called a tongue bite because it’s like a stinging sensation on the tip of your tongue. This burn makes a lot of potential pipe smokers abandon the hobby prematurely. It is caused by not filling the bowl correctly and also by using tobacco that is too moist or too dry. This process helps you to build up a carbonized lining to the entire interior of the bowl. It also helps to insulate the bowl for a cooler, more pleasurable pipe smoke. You will need to take a little draw to test the airflow. If the air is not flowing properly, you will have to try this process again. If you are still having trouble, you can ask the tobacconist to give you a demonstration or check out some Youtube tutorials.

Light the Pipe

Lighting a smoking pipe requires a little bit more skill than lighting a cigarette because the taste of your tobacco can be affected by the sulfur from matches. To counter this, you need to let it burn for a few seconds before you light your pipe. As you move the match in circular motion over the tobacco, take some test draws on the pipe. It is preferable that you use a wooden match or pipe lighter to light your pipe. It will eventually become evenly lit, but you need to let it go out. Charring light, which is the first light is necessary for creating a charred lid of tobacco that holds the second light. Move the flame around the tobacco when creating the charring light; ignite it completely, but be careful not to scorch the bowl rim. After you’ve done this, gently bring the charred lid down.

Next comes the second light. Repeat the process like above but do not let it go out this time. This is also referred to as the true light, and now you can start smoking. This ensures you enjoy a more enjoyable and favorable smoke. It is completely normal if your pipe goes out a few times during your smoke. Try not to inhale the smoke into your lungs. Take slow puffs, move the lighter over the charred tobacco to ensure entire bowl is lit.

Pipe smoking is a leisure activity that should not be rushed. Rather it requires time and patience. So don’t rush the whole process. It is better to set aside some free time on a certain day when you can relax and enjoy your first smoke to its fullest.

Puff Regularly

Remember that because tobacco is a natural product, therefore if not puffed regularly, it will go out. Be ready to relight the pipe through your smoke and keep puffing. Do not refill a pipe while it is still warm, and remember to take care of your pipe. A good way to clean your pipe stem regularly is by pushing a pipe cleaner through it.

With these simple tips, you will get a uniquely enjoyable first smoking experience and go on to enjoy your pipe smoking hobby.


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