8 Wax Pen Tips Everyone Should Know

As concentrates become more mainstream, wax pens continue to grow in popularity in use. Below, you will find eight wax pen tips that every wax pen owner should know and should be following.

Leave Wax Pen Upright After Vaping

Wax Pen Vapes in Upright Position

When wax concentrates are vaped, it is melted from its solid form to a liquid form that allows it to vaporize. If you fail to store your vape pen upright, you are putting your pen at risk for leaking wax and making a huge mess. Unlike traditional vape oils, once the wax leaks from the vape pen, it will harden, making a goopy, sticky, hard-to-clean mess. It can also leak upwards into the vapor path of the pen or other airways, clogging your pen and making it hard to enjoy vaping sessions in the future. Clogs in a wax vape pen especially clogs in places that wax would not normally go, can be very difficult to clean. This is a simple, easy step that can save you from a lot of work in the future.

Do Not Over Pack The Wax Coil

We know what you are thinking. You want to enjoy a long, relaxing vape session without having to continually reapply wax to the heating coils, right? If you try to overpack to avoid reapplying wax in the same vaping session, you are setting yourself up for sticky, waxy overflow. Wax bubbles and expands when it is heating, meaning an overpacked vape coil (wax atomizer) is going to overflow the heating chamber. This makes a sticky mess on your pen and can cause blockages that make vaping difficult or impossible. If you want to avoid messes, as well as extend the life of your wax pen and heating coils, avoiding overpacking is going to be key. If you want to have a long vaping session, the best way to vape the wax is to use a little at a time, frequently reapplying wax to the coils.

Only Pack Wax You Plan To Vape

Loading Wax Concentrates Onto Your Vape Coils

Your heating chamber and wax coils should not double as a wax container unit. Vaping everything you pack helps keep the chamber clean (there is no leftover wax that remains) and it reduces the risk of spilling and messes should you forget to store your pen upright. Not leaving wax in the heating chamber extends the life of your coils, as well, and makes regular cleaning a far more simple procedure. The heating chamber of any wax pen is simply not designed as a permanent wax container and should not be treated as such.

Variable Voltage Wax Pens Are King

Variable Voltage Vape Batteries

Not all waxes are exactly the same. Some produce their best flavors are varying temperatures. This means that if your wax pen can only offer one heat setting, you are greatly limiting yourself to the kind of wax you can vape, as well as the kinds of flavors the wax may produce. Even the same wax, at different temperature settings, can produce a wide variety of different flavors. Some wax pens have just a few temperature settings (like low, medium, and high). Others allow for precision changes to the voltage and heat, allowing you to customize the exact flavor you want from your wax. Higher-end wax pens will have a temperature readout on an LED screen, which makes getting the perfect heat much easier. You likely want to get the most for your money out of both the wax and the vape pen you use, and making sure your pen offers some kind of varying voltage setting before purchasing is an easy, low-cost way to achieve that goal.

Leave Wax Concentrates In The Fridge Or Freezer

Even at room temperature, wax can be sticky and less solid than you would like it to be when attempting to pack it onto heating coils. Storing wax in a freezer or fridge will keep it solid and less sticky, making it easy to pack the exact amount you want to vape onto your heating coils. It may take just a little bit longer for the wax to heat up and vaporize, but the heating coils reach such a high temperature that the impact to your vaping session should be minimal at most. If you do not like the idea of storing wax in the fridge or freezer, at least storing it in dedicated dab containers will help keep messes to a minimum.

Use Dab Containers To Store Wax

Dab Containers for Storing Wax Concentrates

Due to their nature, wax can not be stored as easily as dry herbs or pre-filled cartridges. The ideal method to store your wax is in dab containers. They are small, discrete, and are easily packed and traveled with. If you plan on traveling with concentrates, dab containers are an absolute must. You could use normal plastic containers for this, but they take up a lot of space. If you are trying to travel with your wax, having bulky plastic containers makes it much more difficult to travel with. If you bought a wax vape pen in order to more conveniently smoke wax while on the go, you definitely do not want to be struggling with bulky plastic containers for your wax!

Keep Spare Wax Coils

Even the most expensive, high-end wax pens will eventually need to have the vape coils replaced. Coils inevitably fail over time and for a variety of reasons. There could be electrical problems or shorts, the coils could simply wear out from frequent use, or you could even be changing concentrates and the taste and seasoning from the previous use will not clean off easily. Regardless of the reason, you should always have spare coils handy to make sure that your vaping session is not interrupted. Another great reason for spare coils is that you can have coils made from different materials. Different materials give off differing flavors for the same wax. Titanium, quarts, and ceramic are common materials you will find, and each are able to offer their own pros and cons of heat retention and the kind of flavor produced. Having several on hand can let you experience your wax in an all-new way!

Keep The Vapor Pathway Clear

Even following directions perfectly, waxy residue will build up over time inside the vape pen. It is simply the nature of smoking wax. Regular cleaning will help to keep the vapor path clear from turning into a giant chore from complete, thick blockage. Depending on the model fo vape pen you have, there are a number of ways that you can help prevent residue from building too quickly. Many vape pens are compatible with filter screens that will help keep residue from going inside the vapor path. Others have specialty mouthpieces similar to some mouthpieces on a dry herb vaporizers, that are easily removable and cleaned. The ideal pieces will be ones that can be soaked in a cleaning solution. Any wax pen that has parts that can be easily removed and soaked are pens that are designed to stay clear for longer and to be cleaned more easily. Regardless of the method you may have to use to keep the vapor pathway clear, be sure you regularly follow the manufacturer's instructions on keeping the pathway clear and your pen cleaned.

To Sum It Up

Following these easy eight steps are a great way to ensure that you get the best wax vaping experience possible. They will help keep your vape pen clean and reduce messes, they will extend the longevity of your pen and coils, and they will make regular cleaning and maintenance much easier. These steps will save you money by helping you properly take care of your wax, and even getting to experience the best your vape can offer.

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I just wanted to say thank you for the picture with the shatter loaded on the coils. I’ve never known the exact amount I should be loading and searched for pictures for way too long. Finally finding your great article and pictures was a huge help. Cheers!

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