7 Herb Grinders That Make Life Easier

Herb grinders are perfect to use with smoking pipes and dry herb vaporizers. There are many types of grinders to choose from, such as 2 piece grinders, 4 piece grinders, and electric grinders. We made life easy for you by listing below the 7 of the best herb grinders on the market.

Hand Crank Herb Grinder

Sharpstone Hand Crank Herb Grinders

Do you hate how other grinders get your dry herb really fine? Hand crank herb grinders are fantastic for allowing you to control precisely how fine or course you would like your dry herb to be. Not only that but if you find yourself with weaker hands, crank herb grinders are ideal tools. They take very little gripping strength to use effectively. While an electric grinder would also be a good solution for those with delicate hands, they will be much more expensive than a hand crank grinder. For a budget-friendly grinding solution that is easy to operate regardless of your hand strength, hand crank herb grinders are hard to beat.

Silicone Herb Grinder

Silicone Herb Grinder with Kief Catcher

Silicone herb grinders are the next step up from traditionally styled grinders. They feature a silicone exterior for easy handling, but the inside is still a metal interior with extremely sharp, metal blades. Silicone herb grinders are an ideal choice for grinding down tough, thick nugs without having to resort to an electric grinder. On top of being easy to handle and usually having superior pollen catchers when compared to other grinders due to updated designs in the overall layout of the device. And to top it off, they are usually less expensive when compared to other herb grinders with comparable features. Silicone herb grinders have quickly shot up in popularity as of late, and it is pretty easy to see why!

Vibrating Herb Grinder

Sharpstone Vibrating Grinder

There are several benefits that come with a vibrating herb grinder, like comparatively easier grinding and super sharp blades. However, the marquee feature of a vibrating grinding is its ability to more effectively separate kief from the main part of the dry herb. Kief (sometimes called pollen), is much more potent than the herb it is gathered from, and many flavor chasers swear by it. If you are interested in getting the most out of your kief, a vibrating herb grinder is an absolute necessity. Perfect for vape pens.

Electric Herb Grinder

Electric Herb Grinders

Many dry herb enthusiasts either are unable or simply do not want to go through the process of grinding dry herb. It could be due to weak hands or simply not wanting to hassle with another step in the prep process. Electric herb grinders are the solution to those who feel this way. With a simple press of a button, the herb grinder quickly grinds down your dry herb, giving you even grinding consistency every time. They also usually come with a handful of useful features, including dry herb storage and pollen catchers. Electric grinders will be on the high end in terms of pricing, but there is simply no option that is easier or more efficient.

Belt Loop Herb Grinder

Belt-Loop Herb Grinder

Belt-loop herb grinders are ideal for those who want an easily accessible grinding option while on the go. As you may gather from the name, this herb grinder fits comfortably onto your belt-loop for easy transport. Keep in mind, due to its design and small size, you are not going to get as consistent or as fine of a grind as you would with other options. However, it still is head and shoulders above using your fingers. If you already have a grinder you love at home but it is difficult or bulky to travel with, consider getting a belt-loop grinder to use while you are out and about!

Rolling Paper Top Herb Grinder

Rolling Paper Top Grinders

Now sure, rolling paper top grinders have an excellent grinding system with super sharp blades. What it really brings to the table, though, is their specially designed top that allows for easy rolling your own joints or blunts. You may not always have an easy, flat surface available after you have ground your dry herbs, and rolling is already a tricky enough process. A rolling paper top grinder just makes your life that much easier by providing some convenience to the rolling process. 

Clear Top Herb Grinder

Clear Top Herb Grinders

Have you ever wanted to know the exact consistency of your dry herb as you were grinding it without having to open the grinder up to do so? Clear top herb grinders let this happen by having a clear top! You get an easy view of exactly what is going on with your dry herb vaporizers, allowing you to make absolutely sure that it is not too course or not too fine. Finding your ideal consistency can be tricky, but clear top herb grinders make it easy to fine-tune the grind to your tastes.

Which Herb Grinder is Best to Buy?

Having read the above descriptions, you probably already realize that dry herb grinders can be very, very different. In being so different, determining the grinder that will be best will come down to which grinder performs the way you need it to and has the features you are looking for in a grinder. If you have delicate hands, you may end up hating belt-loop grinders, even if you were looking for a grinder that is easy to transport. If you want to be sure to harvest kief from your grinding, clear top grinders may leave you hanging. Decide what you want out of a grinder first, and then start shopping around for an herb grinder that best fits you!

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