20 Tips to Enjoy Your On-the-Go Vape Sessions

Vaping has been one of the most popular means of consuming your favorite materials; dry herbs, wax concentrates, oils, and flavored nicotine e-liquids. Lately, portable vaporizers that can be used for on-the-go sessions have been one of the more sought-after varieties as they can vaporize your favorite materials almost anywhere you go. If you own one, or are planning to buy one, here are a few things you can do to help you make the most of your on-the-go sessions.

two dry herb vaporizers being charger by wall chargers
  1. Keep your Vape Battery charged 

First rule of on-the-go vaping is to keep your batteries charged. You do not want to leave your home only to find that your vaporizer is low on power. You would want a device that you can use for quick hits on the fly, and not something that instantly dies. Pre-charge your batteries before heading out.

  1. Keep a Spare Battery 

Some portable vaporizers have removable and replaceable batteries. If you happen to have one, it is a good idea to carry spare batteries. This way, you can still use your portable vaporizer even if there are no power outlets available. Just swap the batteries and you are good to go.

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  1. Invest in a compatible power bank

For portable vaporizers that have integrated batteries, a compatible rechargeable battery bank or power bank can help solve your on-the-go power needs. If you happen to be in a place where there are no available outlets, you can easily connect your vaporizer to your power bank to juice up.

  1. USB-C is the key 

Speaking of charging, if possible, choose next-gen vaporizers that are outfitted with USB-C technology. Of all the other USB chargers, a type-C USB delivers the fastest charging time with the most stable power delivery. Not only will you get your batteries charged in a jiffy but you are also sure your batteries are protected from damage due to power inconsistency.

silicone wax dab tool with wooden background
  1. Invest in a Silicone Wax Dab Container

Consuming wax concentrates on-the-go? Maybe you should be looking at getting a portable wax container. Many companies are selling portable wax containers that are as discreet as they are sleek. You can choose from a variety of designs and a selection of compartments. This way you can take different wax concentrates with you - in style.

  1. Repurpose your Herb Grinder

Grinders are a great way to pack your herbs in your portable dry herb vaporizer. They are also a great way to carry ground herbs when you head out and about. From two-piece grinders to four-piece shredders, there are a lot of varieties to choose from and a lot of space to keep your herbs in. Use your grinders to keep your herbs in a portable container without carrying the extra weight.

six vape cases in all colors with a tan background
  1. Explore Vape Carrying Cases 

Not all vaporizers are made equal. Although some are marketed as portable vaporizers, there are some bricks compared to others. If you have invested in a beefier and chunkier model, you might want to check out carrying cases for your vaporizer. This helps you protect your vaporizer when you travel and allow you to discreetly take it from one place to another.

  1. Discover Water Pipe Adapters 

While not all vaporizers are designed with a compatible water pipe adapter, there are products on the market that can be used with a wide variety of vaporizers. Carrying a water pipe adapter with you when you leave home allows you to add the element of water filtration and moisture conditioning if you happen to end up in a friend’s house where there are water pipes laying around. WPAs let you turn your portable vaporizer into a full-fledged rig.

  1. Buy Replacement Vape Atomizers

Atomizers are one of the most common components in a vaporizer to be replaced. And when you are out and about, you certainly do not want to be using worn out ones. Atomizers and heating elements can develop gunk and resinous buildup which can affect the quality of your sessions especially when you are on your feet. Having replacement atomizers allows you to easily swap them out so you can get clean and crisp vapors everywhere, every time.

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  1. Make Maintenance a Habit 

This should not have come as a surprise. Whether you are using a portable vaporizer or a desktop vaporizer, maintenance should be a habit. In the case of the former, regular maintenance can ensure that your vaporizer is always in good condition and will not fail you when you are using it when you are on-the-go. Vaporizers that are not regularly maintained are full of dust, pocket lint, and resinous buildup and nobody wants to use a vaporizer like that.

  1. Plan your sessions ahead

If you are going on a trip or on a holiday, planning your sessions ahead can be helpful. We know it is fun having to fire up your vaporizer whenever you feel like it but planning how much material you will consume and where you will consume it helps you keep your on-the-go sessions effective and efficient. Plus, it will not get in the way of your trip itinerary.

  1. Magnets are the Future

Ah magnets! Many of today’s portable vaporizers are outfitted with magnets. Magnetic connections make on-the-go vaping convenient and can help keep dirt and residual buildup to the minimum. Gunk and grime will not get stuck in tight spots like the threading of a 510-threaded vaporizer and can easily be wiped clean. Plus, it saves you time from all that twisting.

  1. Bring a Cleaning Brush

Not a hairbrush. Bring the cleaning brush you got from the cleaning kit of your portable dry herb vaporizer as it has more practical uses than just brushing the chamber. You can clean the mouthpiece of your vaporizer with it and you can also use it to clean the dirt trapped in those tight spots. Brushing your vaporizer also helps promote better airflow and prevents small, trapped particles from getting sucked in.

  1. Do not forget your Wipes 

No, it is not a parent thing. You can bring wipes with you when you go out and about to help you wipe the dirt from your vaporizer. External surfaces and mouthpieces can easily be wiped clean if you are in the habit of carrying your portable vaporizer in your pocket. When cash and coin get mixed up with your vaporizer, there is no telling what kind of germs and viruses you could be inhaling.

  1. Universal Vape Batteries are Great

Universal vape batteries or 510-threaded batteries are amazing. They can be attached and connected with a wide variety of vape cartridges and vaping attachments from those that can be used for oils, wax, and herbs. If you are into all of those things, a universal vaporizer battery might be worth checking out.

  1. Wear your Vaporizer

Most portable vaporizers nowadays have some sort of ring or holder allowing you to connect your vaporizer to a lanyard. This way, you can still carry it with you even if you have your bag, pockets, and hands full. No need to pack your pocket within a chock full of items. You can just wear your vaporizer around your neck which also gives quick and easy access for quick hits.

  1. Get Refillable Vape Carts

If you are a fan of carts, getting a refillable one might be a good idea. Most pre-filled cartridges get disposed when you have used up all the oil in the cartridge. Not only are you wasting money for buying new cartridges every time you vape, but you are contributing to waste that ends up in landfills. Using a refillable cart lets you re-use them so you can go out and about packing different oils that you can swap in a second. They are great because you can fill them up with one flavored oil one day and put a different kind of oil the next day. It is a practical and fun way to spice up the on-the-go vape session.

  1. Get a silicone Vape Sleeve

When you are using a portable vaporizer for on-the-go sessions, chances are, your vaporizer is exposed to the effects of daily carrying activities. These include getting scratched when you place it in your pocket with coins or keys in it, or simply just falling off your hands when you are carrying it. That said, investing in a silicone sleeve that is compatible with your vaporizer can help to keep it looking as good as the first time you pulled it out of the box.

  1. Keep it Discreet

When you are vaping outside, you would want to keep it discreet to avoid the eyes of disapproving people. Make sure to keep your sessions discreet by using a low temperature for thinner cloud production so you can consume your favorite materials in peace.

  1. Buy a Portable Vaporizer

All of this will not matter if you do not have an on-the-go vaporizer. For a list of good quality portable vaporizers, head on over to vapevetstore.com.


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