Lab Rat Dichroic Glass Spoon Pipes

This dichroic pipe by Lab Rat is an exceptional smoking accessory meticulously crafted in the United States. Made with precision and artistry, this spoon pipe combines functionality and style. Its body is hand-blown using top-quality borosilicate glass, while the mesmerizing dichroic glass technique creates a stunning visual display with vibrant colors and iridescent effects.

What's Included?

  • 1 Dichroic Glass Spoon Pipe by Lab Rat.
  • Choice of Spoon Pipe Option

Dichroic Glass Spoon Pipe Details

  • MADE IN THE USA by Lab Rat Glass
  • Hand blown, glass spoon pipes with canework and beautiful dichroic design. Every pipe is unique and made here in the USA. These are high-quality pipes with stunning designs.
  • Bowl Size: the bowl of each spoon pipe is spacious and will allow for generous packs.
  • Carb Hole: each pipe features a carb hole for easy clearing.
  • OPTION A: this option is about 4.5 inches long and features a blue dichroic glass slab that runs down the center. And intricate canework accents the blue dichroic perfectly.
  • OPTION B: this option is just over 4 inches long. It features a turquoise-like dichroic glass slab accompanied by green and blue canework that will impress anyone
  • OPTION C: this option is about 3.25 inches long. Features a glimmering red dichroic slab surrounded by amazing line work of varying colors. Small glass nubs on the bowl head allow for maximum grip and control.
  • OPTION D: this option is about 3.25 inches long. Green dichroic glass slab work that fades into purple line work. Awesome purple front spiral with varying color canework throughout.
  • OPTION E: this option is about 3.25 inches long. Blue dichro glass slab surrounded by white line work. Blue and white spirals and canework throughout. Bold white color rod runs along the bottom.

Lab Rat Dichroic Glass Spoon Pipe FAQ

What is a Dichroic Glass Spoon Pipe?

  1. Dichroic glass pipes are smoking accessories made with a special type of glass that exhibits multiple colors and iridescent effects. The glass is created through a layering process using metal oxides, resulting in a captivating visual display. These pipes are known for their vibrant and shifting colors, making them a unique and visually appealing choice for smokers.

  2. Lab Rat is a renowned brand specializing in the creation of high-quality glass smoking accessories. Based in the United States, Lab Rat Glass combines expert craftsmanship with innovative designs to produce functional and visually stunning pieces. Their products are known for quality, making Lab Rat Glass a trusted choice for smokers.

How do I clean my Lab Rat Dichroic Glass Spoon Pipe?

  • The easiest way to clean this pipe is to boil a pot of water and keep your glass pipe in there for several minutes. Then take the glass bowl out and use a Q-TIP to clean out the inside.
  • The second method for cleaning out your spoon pipe is by using 420 cleaner or 91% isopropyl alcohol. This is definitely a more expensive way to clean your glass bowl, but you can finish cleaning it within minutes.

How do I get the best hit out of my Diachroic Glass Spoon pipe?

  • First, use a herb grinder to finely cut up your dry herbs for more effective hits. If you use your herb grinder very frequently, then you can even sprinkle some kief on top of your glass bowl to get an even more potent hit.

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