What You Should Know Before Buying Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes are one of the traditional ways of smoking herbs. Herbs can be smoked out of rolled paper, but inhaling burned paper has adverse health effects. Smoking from a clean spoon pipe prevents you from inhaling anything except the herb content.

Spoon pipes are hand-handled smoking devices that resemble a spoon. They are pocket-sized, easy to use, inexpensive and are considered the best, especially for newbies.

Spoon Pipe Structure

These smoking devices are designed to have four main parts — The bowl, carburetor, neck, and mouthpiece. The bowl is where you put the dry herbs or tobacco. The carburetor, aka the carb hole, is a small hole at the side of the bowl which controls the airflow. The carb also helps to control the speed at which one inhales the smoke.

So, when you cover the carburetor with your finger, the air is pulled through the bowl, and the burning herb produces smoke into the glass pipe. Again, if you uncover the carburetor, air enters the carb. It allows you to rapidly inhale the smoke present in the pipe through the mouthpiece.

The History of The Spoon Pipe

Ancient cultures have used spoon pipes for several things, such as making treaties, sealing covenants, and smoking cannabis. In those periods, spoon pipes usually were made of materials such as clay, bamboo, metal, and several types of stones.

Pipe made of wooden materials will decay over time from use, and metal pipes hold heat that can sometimes burn your hand; both have health hazards associated with them. But glass pipes do not decay even after using for a long time; they can easily be cleaned and do not expel harmful chemicals for you to inhale.

Today, spoon pipes are available

Glass Pipe History

Glass has been an essential part of civilization for nearly 6000 years. In the early days of technological development around 30 BC, pipes with glass materials were expensive, unavailable to the public. It could only be purchased by the rich.

In years gone by, glass materials were used to make thin tubes for smoking. Still, this practice did not become very popular until the 1960’s, when glass materials were used to create complex art pieces to appreciate and smoke out of.

Glass has a high melting point. Therefore, it has been used to create spoon pipes utilizing the technique of glass blowing. From the 1970’s, the Romans discovered that adding manganese to glass blowing would produce clear glass. Smoking cannabis with spoon pipes made of glass material began to gain popularity.

Currently, the latest spoon pipes are made with borosilicate glass material. It makes the spoon pipe elegant, sturdy, and able to withstand high temperatures so that when you’re smoking, there will be no heat cracks or shattering.

You can access spoon pipes anywhere you are they are readily available almost in all countries across the globe.

Benefits of Glass Spoon Pipes

  1. Easy-to-use even without any guideline manual.
  2. The glass material is non-flammable, which means all you get in is the unadulterated taste of your most loved tobacco or herb without breathing in an odd smoke.
  3. Simple to clean the glass spoon pipes due to the non-permeable property of glass. Glass spoon pipes can be molded into an assortment of plans and hues as wanted.
  4. It does not require the use of water. You only need a lighter and your most loved dry herbs. These are versatile hand-held pipes that can fit perfectly into the pocket so that you can carry them anywhere.
  5. Unlike the mouthpiece of a metal pipe that gets hot after several hits, this isn’t the case for the glass spoon pipes.

How to Use a Spoon Pipe?

  1. Fill the spoon with cannabis, light the herb from the side with a wick or lighter.
  2. It’s appropriate to light from the side to conserve the herb. Lighting it all up from the middle doesn’t create a better experience, especially when sharing the pipe in a group; you want to leave as many green herbs as possible.
  3. Once you finish smoking, open the carb, and empty the pipe. Hold your breath for a moment and exhale the smoke in one fluid breath. Take another hit if there are enough herbs left or dump the ash if it’s all spent.
  4. To avoid inhaling hot ashes, you can fit screens into your spoon to stop the ash from getting down into your throat through the pipe. In this case, glass screens are the best to use, they are way better than metal screens.

How to Clean a Glass Spoon Pipe

Glass spoon pipes are easy to clean if you know the right way to get them done. The simplest way to clean your spoon is by soaking it in isopropyl alcohol and using coarse salt as an abrasive to knock loose resin and ash.

The alcohol does a pretty good job of getting your glass spoon sparkly clean with a minimal amount of effort. To get started with cleaning your glass spoon pipe, follow these steps:

  1. Start by placing your spoon pipe in a plastic container, preferably use the one with a lid.
  2. Add 2 cups of salt to the container.
  3. Fill the container with isopropyl alcohol and make sure the pipe has entirely emerged.
  4. Cover the container and shake it well for a minute or two. Don’t put more than one glass spoon pipe in the container because they could break each other when shaking, so o
  5. nly do one piece at a time. Once the shaking is done for one, you can take it out and do it with another.
  6. Allow your pipe(s) in the alcohol or any other cleaning solution for about 7-8hours, so the cleaner has time to work effectively.
  7. Remove the spoon pipe and rinse it with hot water.


Compared to other alternative devices, glass spoon pipes have many points of interests. It makes smoking an entirely pleasurable experience. Regardless of whether you choose to travel or sit throughout the day on your lounge chair, this spoon pipe is the buddy you need.

What’s more, you can have an entire collection of spoon pipes with different colors and shapes. So, if you haven’t tried smoking with this device, you are missing something unique and classy.

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