Micro G Pen vs Pocket Vape Pen - Vaporizer Comparison Guide

The Original Micro G Pen and Pocket Vape Pen for wax are very similar portable vaporizers. Their batteries and other vape parts are very similar. The main difference is in the vape coil. The Original Micro G Pen comes with a wick coil, whereas the Pocket Vape Pen comes with a ceramic rod vape coil or a quartz rod coil. This is a very big difference that shouldn't be overlooked.  Customers have told us that the wick coil affects the taste of the shatter or wax.  Customers also ask how much are G pens?  If you use a ceramic rod or quartz rod coil, the flavoring of the wax is most optimal. Below are vape reviews for both these wax pens.

Micro G Pen Vape Video Review

Pocket Vape Pen Video Review

Micro G Pen Vape Review

The Micro G Pen is a popular, stylish, portable vaporizer pen that works best with wax concentrates--although it can be used for oils. Our models at the Vape Vet Store also come with one G Pen Micro without a screen, so you can load dry herbs into the device. All in all, it's a great package at a great price, with a device that performs really well for wax concentrates.

Micro G Pen Vape Kit Includes

The first thing you'll notice is just how much comes with a Micro G Pen set. It's like having double vision: there are 2 pens (that's 2 batteries and 2 heating coils), rubber mouthpieces in case you're a germ-freak, and 2 glass containers to keep your wax, oils, or herbs in. Then there are the standard inclusions, like the cleaning brush, USB adapter and wall charger, and a neat packing tool with the G logo.

How the Micro G Vape Pen Works

The device can basically do anything. It performs best with solid wax concentrates, but you can also put a few drops of nicotine oil, E-juice, or E-liquid directly onto the coils to produce vapor. Even small amounts will produce hits for a good while. And if you're using the screen-less heating coil included at the Vape Vet Store, you can pack a small amount of finely ground herbs into the chamber for a good 5 or so hits. We only take off some points because if you're using dry herbs, there's no real way to vaporize, only combust. But again, if you stick to wax concentrates, you'll get great results.

Using the Micro G Vape Pen

Using the Micro G Pen is a walk in the park. It doesn't get any easier than this. You just take the top off, drop a small amount of wax onto the screen (or herb into the chamber), place the top back on, and you're good to go. It's good to have a device where there are absolutely no tricks to learn and no techniques to master to get the most out of the device.

Micro G Reliability

Reliability does take a small hit. The heating coils for Micro G Pens are known to give out after a period of months, so there's no hiding that fact. The official site gives the device 4-6 weeks depending on use. In our experience, if you avoid the gooey and sticky wax, and stick to more solid concentrates, your device will fair better. Don't get greedy either. Only pack in a small amount at a time and you should be fine. And keep in mind that you get two heating coils with the package (the one for dry herbs can be used for wax as well). So you should be getting several months out of these devices, even with heavier use. Still, while semi-annual heating coil replacement required may not be frequent enough to be a deal-breaker, it is soon enough to be a bit of an annoyance.

On the plus side, the Micro G Pen seems to avoid other weird issues associated with some other portable vaporizer pens. The battery doesn't give out or short circuit, or fail to connect. It charges fine. Everything works. It's really just the heating coils that may get clogged after some use, especially with gooey and sticky concentrates.

Micro Vape Pen Style

We're not sure which came first, the Cloud Pen or the Micro G Pen, but either way, the device is stylish. It has a look of its own (and now being copied), and it's incredibly small. It will fit in the tiniest of pockets. The portable vaporizer pen market is starting to get crowded, so it's definitely nice to have an original looking device that rivals all the others in terms of size.

Micro Vape Pen Conclusion

Vape Pros

  • Great at what it's designed for which is wax concentrate vaporization.
  • There are different atomizers to vape other materials like dry herbs, e-juice and oils.
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Stylish and discreet
  • Lots of value in the package
  • Vape Cons

  • Heating coils will probably need replacing periodically
  • Closing Thoughts

    We give the pen a break on its coil issue because other pens suffer similar or worse fates. And the fact is, yours may last much longer depending on how you use it. And when it comes to using the device, it performs exceptionally well