Atmos Rx Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer Review

The AtmosRx Dry Herb Vaporizer was one of the first vaporizer pen models to hit the market. It is a very simple vape composed of a 650mah lithium ion battery, a heating chamber with a pancake style vape coil, and then a Silicone mouthpiece with a ceramic filter for keeping herb particles out of your mouth. There is also a spring that comes out of the mouthpiece to help push down dry herbs into the heating chamber.

People mainly use the Atmos Rx vaporizer pen for dry herbs, but many people use this vape pen for wax too.  There is also another very similar vape pen called the AGO Dry Herb Vaporizer and it functions exactly like the Atmos Rx.

AtmosRX Vape Kit Includes

While the Atmos Rx Vaporizer pen includes three glass screen filters, overall, it's a little disappointing to only come with 1 heat chamber, whereas other dry herb vaporizer pens come with up to three. There are some nice vape coil attachments out there, such as oil vape cartridges, but your standard Atmos Rx Vaporizer kit doesn't come with these. Below is what's included in an Atmos Rx Vaporizer Kit 

  • 1x Heating Chamber
  • 1x 650 mAh lithium ion Battery
  • 1x Silicone Mouthpiece with built in ceramic filter
  • 3x Glass Screen Filters
  • 2x Springs
  • 1x Wall Adapter
  • 1x USB Vape Charger
  • 1x Dab Container
  • 1x Protective Travel Vape Case
  • 1x Instruction Manual

Atmos Raw RX Dry Herb Vaporizer Video Review

How to Prevent Combustion when using the AtmosRx Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer

For those who want to reduce the amount of combustion when vaping the Atmos Raw Rx Vaporizer Pen, you can purchase glass screen filters to help create more true vaporization.  We wrote a blog post on how to use glass screen filters if you want to know exactly how to use them.  If you want to know how to simply use, all you need to do is place a glass screen filter on top of the pancake coil in the heating chamber.  The glass screen will create separation between the heating element and the dry herbs; thus, reducing the amount of combustion.

With a glass screen filter, both the AGO G5 and the Atmos Rx works more like it's advertised--producing reasonable amounts of vapor for a small, portable vape pen, and protecting those pesky heating coils. The size of the vape pens is very discreet too. 

How to Vape Wax or Shatter with the AtmosRx Vaporizer

If you're interested in vaping shatter or wax with the Atmos Rx vaporizer pen, we suggest you buy an extra AGO G5 wax heating chamber.  What makes this heating chamber different than the dry herb heating chamber is that the wax coil is a wick coil just like many other wax vape coils.  The dry herb heating chamber comes with a pancake style coil.  That is really the main difference.  Atmos never produced a wax heating chamber.  So you will have to buy your wax heating chambers from the AGO G5 brand, which is available at Vape Vet Store.

Atmos Rx Vaporizer vs AGO Vaporizer


When it comes to portable vaporizer pens, the Atmos Raw Rx and AGO G5 Vape Pen have grown quite popular. While both the AtmosRx and AGO Vaporizer have a great pancake style vape coil, the AGO G5 vape battery has an LCD screen with an indicator that lets you know how much battery is remaining and how many puffs have you taken since charging last.

Roughly 20 Atmos Rx Vaporizer Pens are sold on Vape Vet Store per day, but since we've added the AGO Vape Pen to our store, we've had over 75 people per day order from us. Customers have been telling us that they think the quality and functionality of the AGO Vape battery is better than the Atmos Rx. More importantly, the AGO vape pen kit is sold at a less expensive price than the Atmos RX vaporizer.

A Vape Pen for Every Preference

The thing that's great about the Atmos RX and AGO G5 Vaporizer device is its versatility. You can pretty much throw whatever you want into the heating chamber. Herbs and tobacco? Check. Shatter or wax concentrates? Not a problem. Liquids and oils? Sure, why not (don't go overboard though--just a few drops, unless you have a compatible clearomizer). There's something in there for everyone.

Most portable vaporizer pens truly shine with solid wax concentrates, and the same goes here. The Atmos vaporizer also works pretty well as an electronic pipe for combusting herbs and tobacco (although you can't pack as much in the chamber as a Yocan 94F ). However, to vaporize your dry herbs, you're going to need that glass screen filter inside the heating chamber to prevent combusting your dry herbs on the vape coils. We have glass screens for the Atmos RX, Atmos JR, AGO G5, and AGO G5 JR. They're always available in Vape Vet Store.


Design and Functionality of the Vaporizers

At first glance, the Atmos Rx seems like an intuitive enough portable vaporizer pen. However, unless you're using your vape pen with shatter or wax concentrates, there are a few caveats that take a bit of wind out of the vaporizer's overall performance.

if you mostly use the vape pen for dry herbs, the ceramic vape filter can get clogged over time. This problem is common for these types of vape pens, and it's not that big of a headache. If it gets really clogged, you'll have to use a paper clip or needle to poke the dry herbs out of the holes in the filter. I don't think it's a huge deal, especially since you're supposed to inhale slowly anyway.

First, as mentioned earlier, the device is not a true vaporizer until you learn to use it properly with a glass screen filter. If you don't mind combustion and don't care about vaporizing, you can use the Atmos Rx Vaporizer like an e-pipe, but there are still a few things to keep in mind. First, you must realize that less is more when it comes to packing the chamber. If you pack your heating chamber full, you will not get the best hits. In my experience, a couple of pinches of dry herb really had the best effects. You'll get several hits vs just one or two. Less truly is more.

Vaping AtmosRX with Glass Screens

Vaping is great, but the main reason I like the glass screen is that the extra protection it provides for your vape coils. Dry herbs and wax won't get clogged as easily, and cleaning is no longer a hassle (or a hazard). Just tap out the filter and clean it off -- your coil should remain untouched. Just be careful when dumping everything out. The glass filter is tiny and effectively invisible once it drops onto the floor.

However, I have heard of some minor battery issues (which are easy to fix), and it doesn't come with any spare heating chambers.

The Coil is a Pain in the Ass

AtmosRx and Atmos Jr Heating Chamber

I'm not going to pull any punches. If you aren't careful with this vape pen and you don't have a glass screen protecting your vape coil, it can break on you. Not all of you, but some of you may not be so happy. Some heating chambers are sturdier than others. I've scraped the vape coil with the dab tool on a mission to break some devices and they weathered the storm just fine. Other Atmos Raw vape pens, on the other hand, might lose a coil connection with some innocent accidental roughness with your new worst enemy, the dab tool. The same goes for the AGO G5 vaporizer. I personally recommend never using the packing tool or cleaning brush if at all possible. Simply clean the device by tapping out the left over dry herb, or wiping the sides of the chamber gently with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol. If you don't read our warning, our experience has shown that about 5% of units can get damaged. Rest assured, we do offer a replacement policy, though!

I am certainly not trying to scare you away from getting one. I am trying to scare you enough to take care of your vape pen device properly, though!

Check out tips on how to fix damaged vape coils should the need arise (they're actually possible to fix just using a paper clip in some cases).

Style and Vape Battery

AtmosRx Vape Battery

While the Atmos Rx vaporizer isn't the most creative looking device out there, you can't deny its form factor. It's small, discreet, and it will fit in your pocket without a problem. It's got a cool LED light on the bottom that's pretty eye-catching (in a good way), and if you're all about stealth, no one will be able to tell it apart from any other pen in your pocket.  The AGO Vape Pen however, has a much better battery function than the Atmos Rx.


Pros (With Glass Screen Filters)

  • Glass filter goes a long way in improving performance and reliability
  • Very flexible with what it can do
  • Nice form factor
  • Cons (With Glass Screen Filters)

  • Glass filter is great, but still, wish you could pack more into the chamber when combusting
  • Would still be nice to have an extra heating chamber like many other competitors
  • Pros (Without Glass Screens)

  • Very flexible with what it can do
  • Nice form factor
  • Cons (AGO Vape Without Glass Screens)

  • Vape coils aren't always as reliable as you'd hope
  • Doesn't live up to its enormous hype. There are some caveats to keep in mind before enjoying the device to its fullest
  • AtmosRX Vape Pen Closing thoughts

    If you didn't get your Atmos Rx Vaporizer pen from our store and don't have a glass screen, do yourself a favor and track one down as soon as possible. It really does help. If you don't have the glass filter, keep in mind the review is partly based on the hype and excitement for this vape pen. If you have realistic expectations going in, you'll still probably find the Atmos Rx to be a good vaporizer, even without the screen. But, if we gave it a rave review and fueled your hype, you might think it deserved a harsher review. Just something to think about.

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