Atmos R2 Vaporizer Review

The Atmos R2 is the dry herb and wax brother of the Atmos Optimus V2 (which is for wax). It has a great feel to it, and looks really nice. However, it's probably best to think of the R2 as a redesign vs a revolution on the Rx. It's the same basic principle, but with some nice new touches.

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  • New Features of the Atmos R2

    Atmos R2 Vape Design

    The first noticeable difference with the Atmos R2 is the look. It's sleeker and more unique than the vaporizer pens that have now become ubiquitous. The new look also comes with more than just visual benefits. The battery fits a bit more comfortably in the hand, and the power button has been given an overhaul. Gone are the days of the rubber button (which some customers had complaints with). Now, there's a much sturdier plastic button which feels much better.

    Atmos R2 Vape Battery

    Speaking of the battery, it's also been given an upgrade. Like the Optimus V2, this battery is a bit longer lasting than the Rx, so you have more continuous power on a full charge. We'll have a more specific time-frame for you in the updates to this review.

    Atmos R2 Heating Chamber

    Finally, and arguably, the most important revision is the heating chamber and heating coil. The buzz word is that this is anodized. That's a fancy term, but to translate the benefits: more durable, less susceptible to corrosion, and improved taste.

    Aside from these benefits, the heating coil also gets much hotter than the Rx and Junior models. This level of heat allows it to truly burn through all the herbs you pack into the chamber. And that's good because the chamber is also a bit larger. No more "packing a pinch" for best hits. The heating coil will eagerly tear through your herbs.

    Atmos R2 Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer Kit

    Standard R2 Vape Features

    Combustion vs Convection

    This truly is the never-ending battle with "vape" pens. For herbs, many pens will combust your herbs using them they way they come out-of-the-box. Unless you place some sort of buffer between the herbs and the heating coils, you'll combust and not vaporize them. This is as true with the R2 as it was with the Rx and Junior.

    Our recommendation is to use glass screen filters. However, since the chamber is larger, you'll need a larger glass screen than the standard size found at most sites. Of course, we have larger glass screens here and include them with your R2, so no worries! You'll also need to use metal mesh filters in conjunction with the glass screen to truly prevent combustion and produce vapor. Again, we have you covered.

    How to use the Atmos R2 Vape

    The R2 vaporizer requires glass screen filters if you want convection vaping. Without the glass screens you will get combustion. Below we will give directions with using the glass screens. Without them the operation is just about the same, just no vape screens.

    1. Remove the spring from the mouthpiece (it will get in the way)
    2. Place one of the glass screen filters inside the heating chamber. This will prevent the metal mesh filters from making contact with the heating coil(which is bad) if you have to use them
    3. First, try Steps 7-9 with just one glass screen. If this causes combustion, try 2, then 3 glass screens. If 3 glass screens still cause combustion, you're going to need the mesh screens. Proceed to Step 4.
    4. Place 2 to 3 metal mesh filters inside the chamber. Press and shape them with the packing tool so that it forms a concave, inverted dome shape inside the chamber
    5. Place your herbs into the metal mesh dome you've formed inside the chamber
    6. Screw the mouthpiece on. If the mesh screens are in the way, either bend the edges inward, away from the threading or clip them so they don't prevent you from screwing on the mouthpiece
    7. With the mouthpiece on, press the power button to begin heating up the chamber.
    8. Hold the power button down for about 5-7 seconds at a time, then release before the automatic shut-off begins. Rapidly press it down again, and repeat. Do this for 15-30 seconds.
    9. Your chamber should now be hot enough to produce vapor from the herbs

    Tip: When you heat the chamber for the first time, try taking a hit. If you immediately get smoke, note that this is NOT vapor. Some herbs probably fell onto the heating coil (vapor takes much longer to cook up, so immediate smoke is not vapor). Either take hits until the herbs on the coil are all spent, or heating the chamber and re-pack more carefully.

    R2 Operation and Maintenance

    Say it with me: click the power button fives times rapidly to turn the device on and off. Some things never change. Also, we still recommend removing the spring from the mouthpiece to get better hits. Cramming herbs right up next to the heating coil actually doesn't help much. It limits the amount of smoke and makes a bigger mess inside of the chamber. However, because the heating coils are now hotter, you'll still be able to get good hits regardless of whether you keep the spring in or out.

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