Atmos Optimus V2 E-liquid Vaporizer Review

The Atmos Optimus V2 vaporizer pen for e-juice and e-liquid marks the next stage of portable vaporizer pens. When I say that, I mean that we've reached a point where functionality and quality have become fairly equal (or at least predictable) across the board. Simply working well isn't going to make one pen stand out from the next.

Atmos Optimus V2 Vaporizer Video Review

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  • If you're buying an e-liquid vaporizer pen post-2014, there's a good chance you can take a few things for granted:

    • At this point, no pen should be leaking or causing a mess!
    • Most vaporizers are going to produce decent hits with varying, but acceptable levels of flavor and throat hit
    • Technical issues with batteries and heating elements should NOT be a source of constant frustration

    Atmos Optimus V2 Vape Benefits

    So the Atmos Optimus V2 checks all of the boxes above. But that's to be expected. You can walk around with this in your pocket all day without any fear of leaking. It uses a wickless clearomizer like most new vapes. This helps it avoid that nasty burning taste you might get when a wick gets burnt. It produces a nice, smooth hit with good flavor. And it's made from good, high-quality vape parts.

    The throat hit is what you'd expect from an e-liquid vape pen that doesn't up the voltage mod-kit-style, but the flavor was still very present, especially on the intake.

    However, vape pens need a little something more to set them apart these days, and the Optimus does this with style and comfort.

    Vape Pen Style

    The first thing you'll notice about this device is that it finally (this bears repeating, finally) breaks the mold in terms of shape. Literally. A lot of vaporizer pens are made by the same or similar factories, punching out the same devices and placing different brand names onto them. Sure, there are different quality control and material choices to take into account, but the creativity sort of dried up over time.

    Enter the Optimus V2. It has curves. It stands out. Put simply, it just looks cool. Normally that's only a superficial claim, but remember, what sets pens apart in the future is going to be these extra touches.

    Atmos Optimus V2 E-liquid Vape Pen Kit

    Optimus V2 Vape Portability

    The extra flair comes with some extra bonuses, too. The Atmos Optimus V2 doesn't just look good, it feels good. The curves help it fit comfortably in your hand. And, like most other vape pens, it's lightweight and easy to carry around. And, as mentioned above, you can carry it in your pocket without having to worry about liquid leaking out.

    The button for powering the vape battery is also a step up from previous Atmos and similarly styled pens. Gone is the unstable, rubber button. This device uses a sturdier plastic button that's set firmly in place. It works much better, which means it (and you) won't get bent out of shape so easily.

    Atmos Optimus V2 Setbacks

    Every e-liquid vaporizer will have its setbacks. For the Optimus V2, the setbacks stem from Atmos keeping a tight grip on its products. If you own one of their devices, you might already know what I'm talking about.

    First, the battery is only going to work with other Atmos-threaded devices. Your 510-thread clearomizers, heating chambers, and other what-have-yous will do you no good here. On the plus-side, if you do own a variety of Atmos vapes, then you can use this vape battery with those devices interchangeably (I almost always opt to use the Atmos Grinder Attachment with the V2 battery, just because it feels better--if only for a few seconds).

    The other problem is that, because so much of the vaporizer's benefits are found within the form of the battery, it's unfortunate that it doesn't feature any sort of variable voltage setting. I know Atmos carries an Ego-Twist style vape battery, but it'd be nice if they just rolled that feature into this new product.

    Having said that, I found that the standard temperature produces a good, smooth hit. But those of you who like to crank your vapor up won't be able to. I guess you could swap in one of Atmos box mod vape attachments, but then you're not really vaping with an Optimus at that point, now are you?

    Optimus V2 Vaporizer Conclusion

    At the end of the day, the pros easily outdo the cons. The device is high quality, but more importantly, it's cool. If that doesn't matter to you, then, by all means, stick with what you've got. But if you're into the next greatest thing, I don't think it's coming in the form of how many wicks your pen does (or doesn't) have. Just like flip phones out-did each other using aesthetics, I think we're at that point with e-liquid and e-juice vape pens. The smartphone of pens will be here at some point (and I can't imagine what kind of crazy innovations they will bring), but for now--why not vape in style?