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When Atmos first hit the scene, it was with the popular Atmos Rx. The Rx is a very capable vaporizer for concentrates, but when it comes to herbs, it requires a little more finesse. Most importantly, you need glass screen filters to prevent direct contact with the herbs. You can purchase Glass Vape Screens at the Vape Vet Store online vape shop. After a bit of practice, you can get vapor with the right technique. But if you're just vaping herbs, you'll probably want a simpler solution--a more set it and forget it solution. That's the Atmos Boss.

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    The Atmos Boss is certainly not the first of its kind. There are many dry herb vaporizers out there, and even some pen-shaped devices that are true dry herb vaporizers that produce vapors and not smoke. The difference is size. The Atmos Boss is the smallest pen-shaped device (it's more on par with the Atmos Rx, and less like a larger advanced personal vaporizer). So while the vapor quality is the same as the Orbit and Transporter (two other true vapes by Atmos), the size makes it a much more attractive product to carry around.

    Stainless Steel vs Ceramic

    The Atmos Boss uses a high-grade, stainless steel chamber to heat the herbs. In general (and in my opinion), the devices which use ceramic seem to produce a slightly better taste and pull more flavor from the herbs. Flavor with the Boss is mostly neutral, which certainly isn't a bad thing, but it doesn't have that delicious taste you'd get with something like the Da Vinci Ascent.

    Simplicity at a Cost

    The one glaring omission to the Boss's design is the lack of adjustable temperature controls. It seems like many companies and manufacturers first set out to produce real vapor. It's only later that they fine tune the range of how the device produces the vapor. This was true of the Flowermate and Imag. Both started with just one temperature setting but later added variable settings.

    Right now, the Boss is set at what I estimate to be the 400 degrees Fahrenheit mark. It might actually run slightly hotter than the Orbit and Transport, but that could just be the difference between the stainless steel vs ceramic chamber.

    Regardless, the temperature is high enough to produce ample vapor, you just can't fine tune it.

    Shorter Sessions

    The other thing to note is that this product seems to be geared towards shorter sessions. The automatic shut-off period is quicker than with other devices (which range between 3 and 10 minutes on average). The Boss will pause after only a minute or two. It's enough to get a few good hits, but you'll have to turn the device back on to continue your session. I imagine this is to conserve battery life. The device is small (which means the battery is smaller), but it's still doing the job of some of its bigger cousins. Letting the battery rest while not being used helps prolong its life.

    Atmos Boss Vape Pen for Dry Herbs

    Who is the Atmos Boss Vaporizer Pen For?

    The Boss is for anyone who tried one of the previous Atmos pens wanting true, herbal vapor from a pen with minimal effort. That might be a lot of people. It's not the only vape pen out there, but it's definitely the slimmest, so it might be the only pen-shaped device I'd recommend.

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