Yocan Pandon Wax Pen Hits Like A Dab Rig

Perhaps the most basic requirement of vaporizers is that they produce a sizable amount of flavorful vapor. To be successful at this, however, vape pens must first answer a number of questions: What substance is being vaporized? What kind of heating chamber -- or atomizer -- is used? What are the battery capabilities? And what are the temperature specifications?

Vaporizer manufacturers approach the answers to these questions in different ways. Some vaporizers will only vaporize dry herbs, while others focus either on waxes or oils. Some vaporizers feature atomizers that are relatively small, while others are huge and able to fit large amounts of the substance being vaped. And when it comes to batteries, there are some that are both smaller and more portable, while others are larger and capable of delivering a massive amount of power. What kind of portable vaporizer to buy depends almost entirely on the preferences of the consumer.

These specifications are particularly true of consumers who would like to purchase a wax vaporizer. Wax pens come in all shapes and sizes, from those on the more affordable end featuring smaller batteries and smaller, more rudimentary atomizers, to those on the higher-end that feature larger batteries and monster-sized atomizers.

For the latter end of the spectrum, consumers need look no further than the Yocan Pandon. This monster wax pen -- which features an unheard-of amount of atomizer space and a gargantuan level of battery power -- is recommended for advanced-level shatter or wax enthusiasts and is among the most powerful wax vape pensavailable today.

Yocan Pandon Wax Vape Coils

Heating Chamber

Before getting into the specifications of the Yocan Pandon, it is important to explain why and how different vaporizers are able to produce vapor from particular substances.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is how vapor is produced from different substances in the atomizer. For dry herbs, there are two kinds of ways to heat your dry herb flowers.

The first is combustion heating, which occurs when the atomizer’s coil is brought into direct contact with the flowers being heated, burning the dry herbs in the process. Vape pens that take this route, such as the Yocan Evolve D or the AGO vaporizer producing smoke instead of vapor. Think of it as a pipe in vape pen form.

Different vaporizers rely upon atomizers of different sizes and power. The Micro Vape Pen, for example, has different compatibility than does the AGO heating chamber

The second option is convection. Also known as “true” vaporization, this process involves dry herb flowers being placed into a heating chamber through which hot air is blasted. This air absorbs all of the compounds of the dry herbs, resulting in the “vapor” that consumers then inhale through the mouthpiece. Vaporizers that utilize convection ovens -- such as the E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer -- usually provide a more flavorful and less cough-inducing vaping experience.

The thing about dry herb vaping is, it tends to be more time-consuming and require the usage of more herb flowers than other options. That’s where wax vaping comes in.

Wax concentrates are exactly what they sound like -- a distillation of cannabis’s psychoactive compounds into a gooey and powerful substance. While it may be difficult to obtain in certain areas of the country, wax vaping usually offers an even more intense vaping experience than does its counterpart.

This intensity of the experience is partially due to wax vaporizers’ atomizers. Such heating chambers typically utilize a heating coil, which is used to burn the wax and produce vapor. Coils are most often made out of a wick, ceramic rod, or quartz rod.

It is the quartz rod that is the most luxurious and the best at conducting heat to the coil that heats the wax. They are also known for producing the best vaporizer flavor.

The number of coils utilized by a vaporizer will determine the amount of vapor that is ultimately produced. A vaporizer with two quartz coils, such as the Yocan Evolve Plus, will produce more vapor than will a vape pen with just one coil, such as the Micro Vape Pen. (This is assuming that all of the vapes’ respective coils are packed with wax.)

Which brings us to the Yocan Pandon. This marvel of technological capability utilizes not one, not two, but four quartz rod coils. This means that -- assuming all of the coils are packed with wax -- the Pandon is capable of producing roughly four times as much vapor as is a regular single-coiled vaporizer and with a better flavor.

Yocan Pandon Wax Pen Vaporizer


A high-quality atomizer is great, but it is useless if not accompanied by a high-powered battery.

The more economically-minded consumer often opts for smaller and less powerful vape pens. These sorts of options -- while often being even more portable than higher-end vapes because of their size -- are often wind up having a shorter battery life and are not capable of delivering the higher amounts of power that are required for serious lovers of vaping.

This phenomenon is true regardless of the substances being vaped. Dry herb vape pens such as the Titan 1 have batteries that are capable of delivering more power -- and thus more vapor -- than simpler vapes such as the SteamCloud Stylus

The same principle holds true for wax pens. The battery of the Yocan Pandon features a staggering 1300 mAh of power, a higher amount of battery power than is normal for a wax pen. (For comparison, the smaller and single-coiled Yocan Evolve has a battery of just 650 mAh.) This helps ensure that the battery is long-lasting -- it will last for several hours-worth of vaping -- and is able to handle the monumental amount of wax for which it is built.

In order to activate the vape, the user simply has to quickly click the Power button five times in succession; after that, holding down the Power button will activate the battery so that vaping may begin. To ensure that the vaporizer does not overheat, the vape comes equipped with a sensor that turns the battery off after 10 seconds of usage.

Yocan Pandon Wax Pen Vape Breakdown

Power Settings

One of the drawbacks to having older-generation vaporizers is that there is no way to customize the temperature settings. If you’re looking to use them to vape your dry herbs or wax, one setting will have to do.

The newer generation of vaporizers have offered increased levels of customization. Some vape pens -- such as the E-CLIPSE or the Yocan iShred -- offer fully customizable settings that allow the consumer to set the precise temperature at which they would like to vape their herbs. Others -- such as the Gpro by Grenco Science or the Titan 1 Vaporizer -- have three discrete settings that the user may choose.

The Yocan Pandon falls into the latter category: Its three settings range from 3.5 watts, 3.8 watts, and 4.2 watts, allowing the consumer to determine how powerful they want their vape hits to be.  If you set it on the lower level, the coil won't burn the shatter or wax as quickly.  For those who love taking powerful hits, like myself, I just set it to the highest setting so I can take monster vape hits. While this is not the most customizable option, it nonetheless represents an advancement in vaporization technology that previous generations of vape pens did not enjoy.

To Sum Up: The Yocan Pandon is among the most powerful wax vaporizers ever created, combining a powerful battery with 2 distinct dual quartz coils that ultimately delivers advanced-level amounts of vapor for consumers. If you want to learn more about wax pens or dab pens, check out our online vape store or continue browsing our Vaporizer Learning Center.

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