Yocan Evolve Wax Pen Vape Review

Many vaporizers have come and gone over the past several years. They have featured dry herb and wax vaporizing technology, coils of varying strengths and sizes, and batteries that have exhibited varying levels of sophistication and power. It is rare that many ordinary vaporizers leave a lasting impression on the consumer, particularly if that person is intimately familiar with vaporization and its effects.

TheYocan Evolve wax pen, however, is no ordinary vape pen for wax. Through a combination of innovations -- most particularly concerning its heating elements, battery functionality, and power settings -- the Yocan Evolve has quickly outpaced most of the vaporizers on the market to become one of the best wax vaporizer innovations of its day.

Yocan Evolve Wax Pen Vape Coils

Heating Chambers and Vape Coils

The heating elements of a given vape pen will depend largely upon the substance that that vaporizer is looking to be vaping. A dry herb vaporizer -- such as the E-CLIPSE -- rely on special heating chambers in which air is blasted through the dry herbs that produce vapor. Vape pens that look to be able to handle both wax and dry herbs -- such as the AGO Vaporizer -- rely on a special pancake coil that must be substituted out depending on whether the consumer is vaping dry herbs or wax.

For those who look to stick purely with shatter or wax, there are several wax atomizer options for them, too. It is generally acknowledged that vape coils utilizing quartz rods are the best for vaping wax, as they produce the greatest flavor and are best at delivering lightning-fast heat from the battery.

As portable vaporizers became more sophisticated, the technology surrounding wax atomizers became increasingly advanced. First came the Micro Vape, which was equipped with a single ceramic or quartz coil.

Then came the Yocan Evolve. This mammoth of a vape pen made by Yocan Tech, utilizes two separate quartz coils in a single heating chamber. The vape coils -- which are compatible with those of the Yocan Pandon -- heat immediately and thus allow the consumer to inhale vapor within a split second.

But that’s not all. The Yocan Evolve wax atomizers are substantially deeper than those of wax pens in years past, enabling the consumer to pack massive amounts of wax that ultimately makes for one hell of a vape session. Some say its one of the best Yocan vape pens under $30.

Yocan Evolve Wax Pen Vaporizer with Dual Quartz Coils

Battery Power

Much like the issue of atomizers, the power of vape batteries has seen an evolution over several generations of wax vaporizers -- an evolution that was etched in stone with the release of the Yocan Evolve.

The Micro vape pen for wax features a 360 mAh lithium-ion battery, a respectable battery power for such a tiny device.

Then came the AGO vaporizer.  This vape pen almost doubled the battery power of the Micro Vape, coming in at 650 mAh. However, it used this battery power through combustion technology, which was already going out of vogue by the time the next introduction of vaporizers would come along.

Then arrived the now-legendary Yocan Evolve. While its battery power is equal to that of the AGO Vaporizer -- 650 mAh -- it is able to vaporize extracts with better heat distribution, due to the sophistication of its dual quartz coils.

It is worth noting that higher battery power by itself does not necessarily mean that a vape is superior; battery power must also be measured against the functioning of a given vape. After all, the Micro Vape’s battery is meant to heat wick, ceramic, or quartz coils, meaning that it is not in need of a great deal of power in order to function.

That being said, increases in battery power have meant improvements in vaporizers’ battery lives. A wax pen like the Yocan Evolve -- despite the fact that it is using significantly more power -- will still more often have a longer battery life than older vaporizer models. This is because much of that battery power is devoted to ensuring that it will last longer than just a few hits.

Yocan Evolve Wax Pen Vape Charger

Power Settings

One of the only drawbacks to the Yocan Evolve -- at least compared with other wax vaporizers of its generation -- is that it does not have customizable temperature settings. The SteamCloud Mini 2.0, on the other hand, has three variable voltage settings allowing you to change the temperature of the wax pen. 

Variable Voltage is a feature that is relatively new among vaporizers. Neither the Micro Vape nor the AGO vaporizer boasts customizable temperature settings. Things have since changed with the newer generation vapes like the SteamCloud Mini vape for wax.

The Yocan Evolve has one temperature at which wax may be vaporized. Though it does come equipped with a sensor that turns it off after ten seconds of vaping, so that it does not overheat. The battery is 650mah and will last for a very long time. No need to bring your charger out with you. You can charge it before going to bed each night and you'll never have to worry about the battery draining if you use it all day.

Miscellaneous Vape Features

Aside from the Yocan Evolve’s heating elements, battery functionality, and power settings, this wax pen boasts numerous other features that set it apart from its industry competitors.

For starters, and as mentioned in the above paragraph, the vaporizer shuts off within ten seconds of each hit from the consumer, ensuring that battery power isn’t wasted and that the pen doesn’t overheat.

Secondly, the Yocan Evolve’s kit includes several useful vaping tools that consumers will find helpful and handy. Included are a dab tool -- which allows the user to pack the atomizers without getting their hands sticky -- as well as a micro USB power cable that provides easy charging.

Finally, despite the Yocan Evolve's multitude of unique specifications, it is relatively lightweight, allowing the consumer to vape on the go without having to lug around a heavy and inconvenient vaping apparatus.

To Sum Up:The Yocan Evolve is a once-in-a-generation wax pen vaporizerthat uses substantial battery power and massive amounts of atomizer space to achieve a vaping experience that is unlike any other.

If you want to read more wax pen vape reviews or guides about vaping shatter or wax, go to our Vaporizer Learning Center. If you're interested in buying a wax pen similar to the Yocan Evolve, check out our wax vape collection in our online vape store

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