Yocan Evolve Plus XL Wax Pen Vape Review

With the immense popularity of the Yocan Evolve and Yocan Evolve plus wax pen, Yocan has now introduced the Yocan Evolve Plus XL. It has all the features we love from the Evolve Plus but has been redesigned to get you the biggest, smoothest rips yet. We love the dual-quartz coils from the Evolve because they heat up quickly and provide great flavor. The Evolve Plus XL doubles up on coils, boasting four quartz rod coils. This means you can vape more wax quicker, resulting in massive hits like you get from a dab rig. Some people are referring to this as a portable dab pen.

Just like any Yocan Vape, the Evolve Plus XL is built from high-quality components, making it one of the most reliable wax pens on the market. The simple, yet elegant design brags sophistication. The thing we love the most about all the Yocan Evolve vape pens is their smart coil top. This is designed to limit leakage, a problem that plagues every concentrate aficionado. We’ll get into more detail on that later. The Evolve Plus XL also sports magnetic connections as opposed to the screw connections in other Evolve vape pens. This makes loading, charging and using your Yocan Evolve easier than ever. Let’s take a look at some of the best features in the Yocan Evolve Plus XL.

Key Feature #1: Quad Quartz Coil Technology

Yocan Evolve Plus XL Quad Coil Technology

The Yocan Evolve Plus XL features four powerful quartz coils, setting this wax pen apart from the crowd. Get dab-like rips with the convenience of a vape pen from this monster pen. While you might be worried that all this power means you’ll be sacrificing battery life, you’d be dead wrong. The Yocan team stepped it up and threw in a massive 1400 mAh battery. That’s more than double the capacity of the standard Evolve pen. This means you get the added benefits of massive rips comparable to those from a dab rig with the battery capacity to vape all day.

If that wasn’t enough, this powerful wax atomizer includes a smart coil top that creates a strong seal, preventing hot wax from leaking. You should still keep the Evolve Plus XL vape upright when it’s full of hot, melted wax, but sometimes we forget after taking a huge dab. The smart coil top will keep that melted wax sealed in the atomizer. Not only does this avoid an annoying cleanup, but it will save you wax.

Key Feature #2: Airflow Valve

One of the most raved about features of the Evolve Plus XL is the airflow valve, located right above the vape battery. This allows you to adjust the airflow so you can dial in exactly the hit you want. Some users want to pull in as much as possible, leaving the valve all the way open. This is great for vape competitions or if you just want to take insane rips. However, many users want the power from the quad-coils but want long, smooth vape hits. The airflow valve can be adjusted to get the perfect hit for everyone.

Key Feature #3: Detachable Dual-Compartment Silicone Dab Container

Yocan Evolve Plus XL Silicone Dab Container

One of our favorite additions to the Evolve Plus was the silicone dab container. It is built right into the base, making it even easier to dab when you travel. Just stash your wax in the dab container, then pop it off and scoop out a dab when you’re ready to vape!

The Yocan Vaporizer Technology took it one step further with the dual-compartment dab container on the XL version. If you’re anything like us, you probably have at least two varieties of waxes at any given time. Our solution is usually to stick a chunk of wax on separate sides of the dab container and try not to mix them up. The dual-compartment container makes this so much easier. It also allows you to fit more wax on each side as you don’t have to worry about them mixing. Despite being a simple added feature, the dual-compartment dab container on the Evolve Plus XL is a standout characteristic of this perfectly-designed pen.

Evolve Plus XL Vape Specs

  • Dimensions: 115 x 22
  • Weight: 8.5oz
  • Vape Battery Capacity: 1400 mAh
  • Attached Silicone Dab Container
  • Coil type: Quad Quartz

What comes in the kit?

  • Wax Atomizer
  • Small Dab Tool
  • Vape Battery
  • Extra Vape Coil
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Lanyard

How to use the Yocan Evolve Plus XL Wax Pen?

How to use the Yocan Evolve Plus XL Wax Pen

Charging the Evolve Plus XL

  • Plug the usb charger into the charging port on the back of the Evolve and then into a power source
  • The LED indicator is built into the Plus XL power button so it will turn red when charging
  • When the battery is fully charged (after about two hours), the indicator light will switch off and your Evolve Plus XL is ready to use
  • Tip: Never leave your battery charging overnight

Loading the Evolve Plus XL

  • Before loading, make sure your coils heat up. Do this by connecting the coils and turning the Evolve on by pushing the power button five times quickly. Then you can hold the power button and the coils will heat up.
  • Now that you know your pen is working properly, you can take a dab about the size of a grain of rice (or a bit larger if your really want to utilize those quad coils) and drop it onto or near the coils with a dab tool. Be careful not to press down onto the coils as this could damage them.
  • Then put the coil cap back onto the atomizer

Hitting the Evolve Plus XL

  • At this point, your vape pen should already be on, but if it shut off for any reason, just press the power button five times quickly to turn it back on
  • Press and hold the power button to heat up and vaporize the shatter
  • Take long, smooth pulls to your liking
  • Tip: You can adjust the airflow using the airflow valve on the base of the Evolve Plus XL

Maintaining the Yocan Evolve Plus XL:

While the Evolve Plus XL doesn’t require much cleaning, proper care and maintenance will keep it tasting fresh and lengthen its lifespan. The vape coils will eventually burn out and this is why an extra set of coils is provided. These are also easy to order separately. However, here are some tips to get the most out of your Evolve Plus XL:

  • Tip #1: Avoid laying the wax pen horizontally right after use. Even though all the Evolve pens are designed not to leak, keeping it vertical will ensure that wax doesn’t cover the entire inside of the atomizer.
  • Tip #2: Clean your pen after every few grams of wax. You can scrape the walls of the atomizer with your dab tool, but be careful not to press against the sensitive coils.
  • Tip #3: Don’t forget about tip #2, the more wax buildup, the harder it is to clean

Cleaning the Evolve Plus XL

  • Soak the base, mouthpiece and heating chamber with coils in rubbing alcohol (over 95%)
  • Give each piece a little shake in the alcohol and if it doesn’t clean up right away, let it soak a few more minutes
  • Transfer all the pieces to a container filled with warm water to rinse off any excess alcohol
  • Let everything dry thoroughly before putting the Evolve Plus XL back together

Is the Evolve Plus XL the vape pen for me?

This vape pen is great for anyone who enjoys wax. If you’ve been on the fence about buying a wax vape because you’re just not sure it can pack the same punch that your dab rig can, the Evolve Plus XL is definitely the best vape pen for you. This powerful vape can provide almost as much punch as any dab rig, all with the convenience of a vape pen. Additionally, its 1400 mAh battery and attached dual-compartment silicone dab container make the Evolve Plus XL a great travel vaporizer. Additionally, it’s loaded with a ton of other great features like the adjustable airflow valve and magnetic connections. All this at a very affordable price, the Evolve Plus XL is arguably one of the best Yocan vape pens

Evolve vs Evolve Plus vs Evolve Plus XL

Yocan Evolve vs Yocan Evolve Plus vs Yocan Evolve Plus XL

True to its name, the Evolve continues to evolve. The original Yocan Evolve is a great wax pen, and the Evolve Plus Vape built on that but added a larger battery and the attached silicone dab container. The Plus XL aimed at actually providing more power with quad-coils as opposed to the dual-coils in the Evolve and Evolve Plus. Of course, the XL also has all the added features we’ve mentioned above like the airflow valve, magnetic connections and dual-compartment dab container. Here’s an overview of all three:


Evolve Plus

Evolve Plus XL





Attached silicone dab jar



Yes, dual-compartment

Dimensions (mm)

120 x 14

120 x 19

 115 x 22

Weight (oz)




Coil Type

Dual quartz

Dual quartz

Quad quartz


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2 Responses

Adam Reese
Adam Reese

February 12, 2020

I don’t think you should put the parts in water after cleaning with alcohol. Just let them air out the alcohol will evaporate on its own I recommend 99% alcohol. But if you place them in warm water as suggested it will leave minerals from the water in the pen adding new unwanted tastes to the coil.


March 01, 2019

This thing so far has been worth it I’ve gone through 24 grams of dabs and haven’t had to change the coil yet and it came with an extra so ya way better than snoops pen.

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