Who is Voopoo?

Voopoo set out with the goal of customer satisfaction and continuous innovation. Since its inception, the company continues to provide professional technical services that promote healthy living and pleasure. The brand takes pride in making products that translate into the ultimate experience for their clients. Thus, they focus on quality as well as durability. In addition to being pioneers of technology-oriented devices, they offer replacement parts, including batteries, coils, glass spares, tank spares, and more.

Vaporizers Offered By Voopoo

Through extensive research and innovative strides in the vaping industry, the underlying principle in Voopoo is love and responsibility. Recently, the company gained fame by its involvement as a woody-vape brand, which is ultimately a high-end upgrade in its products.

Their patent innovations of 2017 saw the production of new products like Drag 2, while 2019 ushered in MAAT tech. The peculiar features in all products include quality airflow, longer battery run time, stunning performance, availability in different colors, and many more.

VooPoo UForce

VooPoo UForce

UFORCE by Voopoo tech is a standard and pioneer gear. It shows an example of what a sub-ohm tank should look like. This product has the OCC coils available in the U4 0.2 ohm (about 120 watts) and U2 0.4 Dual coil (80 watts).

In addition to the unwavering top-notch quality and gorgeous outlook seen in every Voopoo product, this device delivers a three-tier bottom airflow. This means that alongside other unique features, the airflow allows your tank to take a breather break. You simply enjoy vapor without concerns for hot spit back. Also included are spare parts pack, one replacement glass tank section, and others.

VooPoo Maat

VooPoo Maat

The MAAT is essentially a patent for Voopoo. You could call it a middle adjustable airflow design. Nevertheless, it produces a rich-flavor experience and a blend of technology that allows for ease of use.

It can retain up to 4 ml of e-juice that is within the tank. There is a spring-like refill mechanism. The spring has a sliding top fill system; you can activate this by pressing a lock button.

VooPoo Drag Vape

VooPoo Drag Vape

The Drag vape is nothing short of the excellence and creativity the company is known for. It is made from unique and rich resin materials which makes it perfect for the eyes and lungs. A perfect selection for new users too.

Internally, it has the highly advanced technology 32-bit GENE chip integration that allows the device to fire up to a temperature of your preference; with accurate setting. This fire up is swift and goes on instantaneously.

VooPoo Mojo Vape

VooPoo Mojo Vape

This is as simple and versatile as VooPoo gets. The gear is essentially powered by the advance GENE chipset. It has an instant fire speed alongside a maximum temperature control of about 88W.  

VooPoo Panda Vape

VooPoo Panda Vape

This vape features a dual coil system that houses up to 5mL extract. You can choose between the 1.2 ohm pod and the 0.8 ohm. It is relatively light weight and has a unique look.

VooPoo Vinci X Vape

VooPoo Vinci X Vape

Vinci X is suitable for a great airflow. It is an intelligent piece and is capable of setting airflow through a 180 degrees. You get pleasurable hits with a choice e-liquid as well as nicotine salts.

The vape is attention arresting and is lined up for your safety with protective frame work.

VooPoo Rex Vape

VooPoo Rex Vape

Rex is a sturdy one with a machine build. It is built to withstand a lot of fire power and is a perfect combination with the new GENE FIT chipset. This means that they have a proof against wind, dust and even a burn out.

What is the best Voopoo Vaporizer?

It is almost impossible to suggest the ideal Voopoo vaporizer because the choice depends on preference. However, making a great choice is quite easy. The most recent products consist of the latest technological advancement from the company. You, therefore, look towards new versions and, more importantly, one that suits your needs best. 

VooPoo UForce Sub-Ohm Tank

UFORCE represents all that Voopoo stands for, in structure, physical appearance as well as performance. It is, without a doubt, the flagship of Voopoo as the body has a stainless steel construction. There is also a pyrex glass reinforcement, which makes cleaning easier.

There is a vent channel plus a shorter version of a chimney where heat flows out. Air travels upward in the direction of the atomizer chamber where the vapor is dense, and you can maximize flavor. 

VooPoo Maat Sub-Ohm Tank

This tank is one device that introduced users to a brand new experience. It has a plug-and-pull mesh MT coil technology. In the middle of the tank is an adjustable airflow ring which addresses the leaking challenge seen in portable vaporizers. The bottom has a mimic chamber airflow tank that combats any leaking issue within. 

To utilize the mesh tech of MT coils, your tank will vaporize the juice that is within the container. They do so with the aid of mesh coil structures, thus creating a dense cloud of vapor that produces excellent flavors.

Where To Buy a Voopoo Vaporizer?

Voopoo is a famous and renowned vape brand, no gainsaying. You can easily purchase a device from vape shops as well as local head shops. Also, you can simply save stress and shipping costs when you are buying from vapevetstore.com. Log on to the website, place an order, and sit back as you expect your delivery for free.

Voopoo Vaporizer Frequently Asked Questions

A vape tank is essentially a vaping device that contains e-liquid and an atomizer that creates the kind of vapor and flavor that smoke lovers seek. In the frenzy of easy usage and utmost privacy, some enthusiasts are left out in this experience. The whole idea is different from what has been in existence, and this is a contributing factor. As expected, people have a lot of questions about what they have never tried out, and this is normal. 

How to Pack a Voopoo Vape?

Packing a VooPoo Vape is as easy as enjoying a flavorful vapor. The mode of packing may very well depend on the kind of extract you’re using. For devices like this, e-liquids are better.

Simply choose a juice and pour it inside your device, mostly through the slide-off top of the invention. Make sure it is not too full or too small; an adequate portion will give the best results.

Generally, use a dab tool to scoop in the juice such that it flows towards the coil. The coil then heats your extract, and you can begin to enjoy it. Avoid poking the coil with your dab tool, as it may cause irreparable damages.

How To Adjust The Temperature Of The Vape?

Again, the temperature range varies. Use the temperature control mode to set the temperature in the proportion you desire. Press the up adjustment button to increase and the down button to decrease.

Is A VooPoo Vaporizer Worth It?

Any product of quality is worth the price. These products are by no means the cheapest, but you find one that suits your budget. Value is why you put out your money at all, and that is what you get when you purchase any VooPoo device.

Components such as battery and coils tend to last longer as long as you do not lose them. Your choice regardless depends on preference. 

How to Charge a VooPoo Vaporizer Battery?

How to Charge a VooPoo Vaporizer Battery?

The battery capacity of devices made by VooPoo differ from each other, but the mode of charging them is the same. They charge through a micro USB port that is on the body of the device. Note that charge time may vary according to battery capacity. 

How to Use a VooPoo Vaporizer?

How to Use a VooPoo Vaporizer?

Every vape pen comes with instructions unique to only them. However, some of these are peculiar to all VooPoo vapes. Press the fire button five times to set the device in working condition. To power on/ off, press fire button thrice. The power button can also switch user modes i.e., from Power-Fit –TC mode or any other mode available on your device.

To surf through menu options, press the “+” and “-” buttons concurrently. For "Lock" or "Unlock" options, press the fire and “+” buttons simultaneously. Fire and “-” switches screen orientation.

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