Who Is SMOK?

SMOK is known for setting trends and giving vapers unprecedented control over their e-juice vaporizers. Some of their industry-changing innovations include the top-fill atomizer, compact dual-coil cartomizers (the little atomizers you see on vape pens), Bluetooth connectivity, and offering multiple coils on one tank. SMOK is the major brand of the Shenzhen IVPS Technology CO, busy making creative leaps for the vaping industry since 2010.

Whether you are using an easily pocketed Nord model or one of the big boxes like the Mag, you can expect vapor that sets a high industry standard. SMOK is an excellent beginner vaping choice, as they offer most of their mods in kits which include atomizers and coils. The flexibility of the SMOK vape brand helps vapers get a feel for what they like as they replace coils and change the variety of settings. Box mods by SMOK are well-known for pleasing aesthetics and grip. Many of their models have tough leather grips, sharp LED displays, touchscreen functions, and a wide variety of color and style choices.

Vaporizers Offered by SMOK

SMOK has a ton of different products on the market for vapers of all kinds. Many of their products boast similar performance but have different appearances. Some of their most popular models are compared below:



The Nord is a mesh pod vape you’ve probably seen before. It’s super-pocketable, with rounded edges and a slim profile. Depending on the type of coil you put in, you can get up to eight hours of continuous-use battery life. The mesh pods have excellent surface area and give surprisingly big clouds for such a small device.This vape pen is easy to fill and has a good size (4ml) e-juice chamber compared to most low-profile pocket vapes.


Similar Item: SMOK Novo

The Novo is basically a stripped-down Nord. It looks almost the same, but is smaller in every respect: battery, e-juice chamber, and choices for coils. It’s a good product for grab-and-go or beginners.

SMOK Fetch

SMOK Fetch

The Fetch is an innovative pod mod. It has some airflow control, a removable 18650 battery, full wattage control, replaceable 510 drip tip. Designed to work well with mesh pods, some users have reported up to sixteen hours of battery life. Its options for MTL coils may interest people who are transitioning from cigarettes. The replaceable pod coils have a nice conical shape which gives excellent flavor.


Similar Item: SMOK RPM

Like the Fetch, there are a few different RPM models available. They are similar devices and performance is pretty equal between the two of them. Your choice here might come down to aesthetics and preferred shape; the RPM is taller,  while the Fetch is more squat and boxy.



The G-PRIV is for people who want powerful devices. With a maximum of 220v, it’s more than double the power of the other vapes discussed so far. It is a bigger device too, but the newest version is slimmed down a bit. It is known for excellent airflow and cloud production. It has a big touchscreen display with sharp visuals. It comes standard with an X-baby atomizer, which grants a wide variety of coil options.



The SMOK X-PRIV has a more sleek design than the G-PRIV and a more conservative touchscreen design. Its button placement is a little unusual too, and it uses one battery instead of two. The H-PRIV is the somewhat chunky grandad of the PRIV series. The E-PRIV is the most powerful of the lot with a maximum of 240W and has some unique features, like the ability to set the color of your display screen.



The SMOK Mag has a unique hand grip. Your activation button feels like the trigger on a plume-summoning gun. It is heavier than many box mods but is very well constructed. The dual batteries are loaded into the bottom something like a magazine. Overall, it’s a marvel of design that supports a huge variety of atomizers without making bigger tanks look clunky or out of place. It is a little less powerful than the G-PRIV (225W) and has a less intrusive screen with buttons instead of touchscreen function.

The SMOK Species

The SMOK Species

The species looks like an old Nokia phone spent the last ten years in a gym. Unlike most box mods, it has a symmetrical appearance; the atomizer sits dead center atop the vape. Many would say it is the best of the SMOK box mods. Like the E-PRIV, it has a max power of 230W. It excels in customization, with an organized touchscreen that keeps all the options clean through a variety of sub-menus.

What is the best SMOK Vaporizer?

As with most vaporizer companies, the interests of the vaper determine which choice is best. If you want to get something that is simple and pocketable, the Nord is a very popular choice. If you want the best, most customizable, most powerful box mod, the Species is the almost indisputable choice. One of the PRIV models might have an aesthetic or feature that you like better, and with very similar outputs, they are also worth examining. If you are a budget spender and want something more advanced than the Nord, the pod mods Fetch and RPM are almost the same device, just with different grip styles.

Where to buy SMOK Vaporizers?

SMOK products are very popular, so they are common in local vape shops. They are manufactured at pretty cheap prices from a big company, so a lot of local stores mark the prices up significantly. If you are interested in a SMOK, you can save some money by ordering from vapevetstore.com. They have good prices on SMOK products and, if you are in the US, will ship to you for free!

SMOK Vapes Frequently Asked Questions

SMOK Vapes Frequently Asked Questions

SMOK Vapes work like most portable vape devices, but they can be confusing if you are new to the vaping world. Their pod vapes are pretty straightforward, but their box mod vapes could be more complex to use. Let’s look at some common questions consumers ask about SMOK vape products: 

How to Load a SMOK Vape?

SMOK vapes are e-Juice devices. If you have a pod mod, you will need to pull the pod off and open the switch on the bottom to fill it. If you have a box mod, it will depend on the type of atomizer you are using. Many SMOK atomizers have the top-fill function; you can press on the tip, rotating it away to the side, and fill directly into the atomizer without removing it. 

How to Adjust the Temperature of a SMOK Vape?

    Most SMOK box mod vapes (except the smaller pod mods like the Novo) will show you voltage, wattage, and resistance. You cannot adjust the temperature directly but will adjust the wattage and voltage. Make sure to check the ideal range for your atomizer so you do not ruin a coil. Some SMOK mods have dedicated buttons for adjusting, others have places on their touch screen that let you set it. Many of them adjust in very small amounts at a time - you can hold the button to speed up the process. 

    Is It Worth It?

      SMOK products are great for mid-range budget buyers and beginners. They are reliable products of high quality with a lot of replacement options. If you want to get something solid that will last a long time, SMOK is a great choice. If you want to explore a mid-range quality vape without breaking the bank, SMOK can expose you to a lot of power and coil options in a single box mod.

      How to Charge a SMOK Vaporizer Battery?

        SMOK vaporizers often have replaceable 16850 batteries. These can be charged outside the device with a special charger, or you can leave the batteries inside and charge the device by plugging in the correct USB cable. Check your packaging to see what kind of cable you need; some SMOK devices use USB-C and some micro-USB.

        How to Use a SMOK Vaporizer?

          All e-juice vaporizers follow the same basic pattern for use. Fill your atomizer or pod with e-juice and wait a few seconds for the wick to soak up the juice. Screw the atomizer on or pop the pod in place and make sure the magnets seat properly. Turn on your device by clicking the main button five times. Adjust your wattage until it is just below the recommended range for your atomizer and coil. Hit it slowly and gently at first, then increase the wattage a bit until you find a satisfactory level for yourself. Some SMOK box mods have a lot of options - online tutorials can help you learn the specifics about changing the settings on your new vape.

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