Who is Dr. Dabber?

Dr. Dabber is a premium vape brand that has largely dedicated itself to bringing the best portable dab rigs on the market. They do have a few products that can handle dry herbs (which we will discuss below), but its bread and butter is absolutely wax vaping and accessories. The products offered have won numerous best in class awards, and for good reason. If you want a combination of a sleek, modern design, super-easy portability, and the internal components to produce incredible vapor flavor, you will be hardpressed to find a better brand than Dr. Dabber.

Of course, the brand is not all wax vaping devices. They offer a wide variety of glass and silicone attachments for their devices, which allow for great customization in your vaping experience. They also have their own line of CBD vaping oil and with matching oil vape pen line, should CBD vaping products be more your forte.

Vaporizers Offered by Dr. Dabber

There are several different vaporizers offered by Dr. Dabber. Take a look below to see if one might fit your vaping needs!

Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber’s switch is one of their higher-end table-top devices and also one of the few that handles both concentrates and dry herb vaporizers. In fact, that is how it got its name! By simply pressing a button, you can switch between concentrate or dry herb vaping, making it one of the easiest hybrid vaping devices on the market.

The SWITCH is also a full-featured machine. It will come to the set heat in about four seconds, it sports a self-cleaning mode, and it has a monster battery life. You can expect to get more than 150 cycles out of the device before needing to recharge.

It is built to be placed on a table, so it has a sturdy foundation and sits easily on a flat surface. However, it is built with mobility in mind, making it easily portable, and the battery life makes life easy while dabbing away from an outlet. You will pay a pretty penny for it, but the SWITCH is an absolutely fantastic device.

Dr. Dabber Boost

Dr. Dabber Boost

The Dr Dabber BOOST is an electronic dab rig system. Unlike traditional electric dab nails, which still rely on a normal dab rig set up, the BOOST is a completely inclusive system. It brings the dab nail to temperature within 25 seconds, which you can calibrate precisely according to your preference. The BOOST will even turn off automatically! This vape is the king of ease, removing much of the intimidating, complicated process that a traditional dab rig and dab nail would provide.

However, what sets it even further apart from other wax vape pens is the built-in water percolator system. The BOOST can use water to filter your hits, giving you some of the smoothest, coolest hits you have ever had from a vape pen.

For those that have always wanted to dab but have hated the traditional dab rig system, the BOOST is an easy, modern option that you will absolutely love!

Dr. Dabber Ghost

Dr. Dabber Ghost

The Ghost is Dr. Dabber’s solution for super-portable, discrete vaping. Its design is that of a traditional vape pen but do not judge it on appearance alone. The Ghost is designed for slow, gradual heating, which helps eliminate some of the unwanted burnt taste that wax pens can sometimes have. It comes with a titanium atomizer, but ceramic is an available option, too. 

Dr. Dabber Light

Dr. Dabber Light

The Light is a super-slim version of the Ghost, should you be looking for something even more compact and discrete. The Light has a battery that connects to its atomizer with 510 threading, so it can be used with your preferred prefilled cartridges or accessories. The battery is smaller, so expect dabbing times or use of other power-hungry accessories to be limited.

Dr. Dabber Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Dabber Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Dabber offers some devices that are quite unique to the vaping market, so it is only natural that you might have some questions. Below are some of the most common questions we get asked! If you have a specific question not answered, reach out to us and we will be happy to help!

Are Dr. Dabber’s Devices Compatible with 510 Threading?

The only device offered by Dr. Dabber that is compatible with 510 threading is the Light vape pen. All other devices are specifically designed to handle raw product (like dry herb or wax).

How Do I Clean Dr. Dabber Vape Devices?

Cleaning the flagship SWITCH and BOOST devices from Dr. Dabber can prove a bit tricky when compared to other traditional devices. Since they are electric, they cannot be soaked. However, because they handle wax and vape dry herb, residue will build over time, requiring a good, thorough cleaning. 

The best way to clean these devices is to use a cotton swab soaked with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). The cotton swab is gentle enough to not damage the atomizers, but the alcohol can dissolve and remove residue. You should regularly clean these devices, as a deep, thorough clean resulting from cleaning neglect will prove difficult.

The Ghost and Light vape pens are much more straightforward to clean. You will still use a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol but cleaning will be far less frequent, especially with the Light.

What Replacement Parts Are Available For Dr. Dabber Vaporizers?

You will be happy to know that there are a wide variety of different replacement parts available across the spectrum of Dr. Dabber vaporizers. This includes titanium, ceramic, and quartz dab nails (like you would use in the BOOST), replacement mouthpieces (like you would use in the Ghost), and spare batteries (like you would use in the Light). Replacement heating rods are available, too. You will also find a wide selection of glassworks available for the SWITCH and the BOOST which can help customize your vaping experience to exactly your preference.

How Do I Load Concentrate into Dr. Dabber Vaporizers?

It depends on the specific model that you are using, but Dr. Dabber has done a great job of making sure the entire dabbing process is easy. The SWITCH uses an open nail, so all you need to use is the included dab nail to gently apply the wax concentrate to the nail once it reaches your desired temperature. You can also preload the induction cup with wax so all you have to do is turn the device on! Just make sure it is set to “oil” mode to use wax. The BOOST uses a similar top-loading mechanism for the wax you want to vape!

The Ghost operates much more like a traditional wax vape pen. Simply apply the wax to the heating compartment on the pen. You will need to be careful to not overfill the compartment, as the Ghost is small and can be clogged due to overloading.

How Do I Load Dry Herb into the Dr. Dabber Switch?

The same way you load concentrate into the switch! You use the same induction cup you use for load wax. The only difference is that, once it is loaded, you need to make sure that the SWITCH is set on the “leaf” setting instead of the “oil” setting. It is one of the easiest hybrid devices to use that is available on the market. If it fits into your budget for a vaping device, you should definitely give it a try! 

Which Dr. Dabber Vaporizers are Hybrid Devices?

If you want to smoke more than just wax concentrate, you will want either the SWITCH or the Light. The SWITCH is designed for both wax and dry herb. Simply “switch” the device from oil mode to leaf mode. The Light is compatible with 510 threading, so it can use a wide variety of different accessories, as long as they also have 510 threading.

Which Dr. Dabber Vaporizer is the Best?

By now you can probably tell that these devices offer pretty unique pros and cons for customers across the board. The best one will end up being the vaporizer that best fits into the vape-shaped hole in your heart. Are you wanting something high-end, fully-featured, and can handle large amounts of dry herb or wax? You probably want the SWITCH. Do you want something discrete and easily portable? The Ghost or Light vaporizers are likely your best choices. Take a look at the different features offered by each device and see which vape pen lines up best with what you think would be best!

Where Can I Buy Dr. Dabber Vaporizers?

It is possible to find Dr. Dabber vaporizers in retail stores, but actual in-person offerings will be few and far between. Dr. Dabber does not have a list of retailers that carry their product, so you will have to search store to store to see if The easiest way to find their devices is through online vape stores, and that includes right here at vapevetstore.com! Any Dr. Dabber vaporizer you buy will ALWAYS come with FREE U.S. shipping with no order minimum required! If you think Dr. Dabber might be the brand for you, reach out to us and we will make sure you get the perfect vaporizer!

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