Who Are Pax Labs?

The innovative minds behind Pax are some of the best known vape-designers in the world. They began their foray into the vape pen game in 2007 and stood out for the elegance, simplicity, and effectiveness of their product. The Pax vape has been improved over three product generations and the newest offers something almost unheard of: smartphone support!

The Pax herb vape is not the only thing the Pax company is famous for. Their designers are the minds behind the Juul, one of the best-selling nicotine vape devices in the world. Pax decided to split the two companies so that they could stay focused on the two separate missions: a better nicotine delivery system that feels more like smoking a cigarette and a better herb vaping system that offers full flavors with even heat distribution.

Vaporizers Offered by Pax Labs

Pax only has a few different dry herb vaporizer models available. Each herb vaporizer model is similar to the previous in appearance and basic function but has a variety of improvements. Inspired by their success with the Juul company, Pax has also expanded into the pod-vape arena. The new Pax Era is basically a Juul for concentrates and oils instead of e-juice.

Here is a look at their product line:

Pax Vaporizer (Original)

Pax Vaporizer (Original)

The original Pax vaporizer was notable for its sleek, discreet design. Unlike most portable vaporizers, it is turned on by interacting with the mouthpiece. A gentle press will start it heating, and an LED will let you know when it is ready to smoke. The mouthpiece power-on-off design helps prevent accidental pocket usage, and a motion detector keeps it in standby mode when you are walking around. 

The original Pax has a forty-second heat time. It has a small steel herb chamber attached directly to the heater, which works like a convection oven. The shape of the chamber helps ensure even heat distribution, which means that you get the most possible out of your herbs. Despite extremely high ratings, some users had complaints about the ease of cleaning the Pax 1 vape and the on/off functions. That’s where the Pax 2 comes in.

Pax 2 Vaporizer

Pax 2 Vaporizer 

The Pax 2 vaporizer is a redux of the Pax original with a host of improvements. It’s a little bit smaller and lighter. It has a longer battery life and a more efficient heating chamber. It incorporates some new technology, like an airflow sensor. It notices when you hit the vape, increasing heat slightly to make sure you get an even flow of vapor. 

The Pax 2 also shines in accessibility and ease of understanding. The four-petal LED light makes it clear which of the four temperature settings you are using. It keeps you updated on how high or low your battery level is and has a stronger, longer-lasting battery. The Pax 2 is also easier to clean, taking into account criticism for the Pax 1. It uses a single vapor pathway that fits a standard pipe cleaner.

Pax 3 Vaporizer

Pax 3 Vaporizer

After having fixed all the issues from the Pax 1 in the Pax 2, the company decided to push their sleek design to the limit of what it could do. The Pax 3 supports concentrates as well as dry herbs. The Pax 3 insert for concentrates is algorithm-controlled, which prevents your concentrates from being burned. Coupled with the nuanced heat settings, this makes the Pax 3 one of the most versatile pocket vaporizer devices. 

Pax 3 has all the button functions that the earlier models do, but it comes with a smartphone app too. The app allows you to set more detailed heat settings and choose your amount of vapor. It features specialized settings for flavor, stealth, intensity, and efficiency.No matter what you are vaping, the Pax 3 heats more quickly than older models. It vibrates at the ready temperature so that you do not have to watch the LED indicator.

Pax Era Pod Vape

Pax Era Pod Vape

The Pax Era is very different than the other Pax vaporizers. It closely resembles a Juul in appearance and function, but is designed for use with herbal strains instead of e-juice. It is made with quality, food safe material. It features a small size and on-demand vaping. Just like with a Juul, you can hit it any time and still get a lungful of quality vapor. 

The Pax Era has a Standard and a Pro edition. The Pax Era Pro offers some awesome features: haptic (vibration) feedback, internal memory which sets the vape to your preferred temperature, and pod-recognition. When you buy a new strain in a Pax pod and put it into a Pax Era Pro, the vape will recognize the strain and change the settings accordingly. Because of this and the expert care put into the materials choice, the Pax Era Pro is the first oil vape to be UL Safety Certified.

Juul Pod Vape (E-cigarette)

Juul Pod Vape (E-cigarette)

The Juul is extremely successful and you have probably heard of it. It uses a salt-nicotine e-juice to provide a strong smoking experience. It is designed to reach a nicotine peak within about five minutes, creating a similar feeling to smoking a real cigarette. It still has the benefits of other vaporizers though: no combustion, better flavors, better smell, discretion, pocketability, and efficient cost.

The Juul is a small battery that attaches to a pod. The pod is what contains the nicotine and flavored juice. Juul offers a few flavors for people who like the taste of tobacco: virginia tobacco, classic tobacco, and menthol. They also offer fruity flavors: mint, mango, fruit, cucumber, and creme. There are two available nicotine strengths, 3% and 5%. 

What Is the Best Pax Vaporizer?

What Is the Best Pax Vaporizer?

Each generation of Pax Vaporizer is better than the last. Personal preferences matter, though. Sometimes a cheaper option is better; they are all quality products. The Pax 3 is definitely best if you want to use both concentrates and dry herbs. If you do not need that option, one of the earlier generations may be perfect for you even though they lack some of the nicer features.

The Pax Era is designed for people who use a specific type of product stored in pods. Some people have trouble finding Pax Pods with concentrate in them. If you get your herb products from a dispensary or live in a legal state, the Era should be fine. If you are going to have to search extensively for a pod that fits your Pax Era, you should probably consider another option. Make sure you talk to your head shop about availability before you decide.

Where to Buy a Pax Vaporizer?

Pax vaporizers are available in many head shops. The Juul is available almost anywhere - many gas stations and chain stores now carry their products in the cigarette/tobacco section of the store. The best place to shop for vaporizers and refill pods is online. Online stores are able to reduce markups from suppliers and some, like vapevetstore.com, offer free shipping anywhere in the US.

Pax Vaporizer Frequently Asked Questions

Pax Vaporizer Frequently Asked Questions

Vaporizers are a new technology and there is a lot of new vocabulary to go with it. If you are new to the world of vaping, it is normal to have questions. Let’s answer some of them: 

How to Pack a Pax Vape?

    If you are using herbs in your vape, you need to grind them before putting them in the chamber.  A solid unground chunk does not allow hot air to reach the middle, which wastes product. Avoid packing the vape chamber too tightly, because we need to leave room for hot air to circulate around all of the plant material. The chamber is on the bottom of the Pax. The lid is held on by magnets and comes off pretty easily.

    If you are using concentrates in the Pax 3, ypou will need a dab tool - usually a small glass or metal scraper. Scoop up a small piece of your concentrate and place it carefully in the concentrate insert. If the concentrate is sticky and does not want to come off, loosen it and try again. 

    How to Adjust the Temperature of the Pax Vape?

      Pax vaporizers adjust temperature by holding down the top button, the mouthpiece, until the LED display flashes. Then, you use quick presses to set the desired temperature. More lights equals higher temperature. If you shake the vape, go back to vaping it, or hold the button again, it will go back to vape mode.

      If you have the Pax 3, the temperature can also be selected via the smartphone app. Instead of the normal four temperature settings, it has five. It also has some nuanced temperature settings which control things like rate of heat increase and vapor cloud intensity. You can select different modes depending on where you are and what you want to get out of your device.

      Are Pax Vaporizers Worth It?

        Pax vaporizers are top of their class in the price range. There are cheaper vapes out there, but they lack the same attention to detail. Pax has improved their products over time and uses components designed to last. Pax vapes are known for their efficiency, so you will save money on your herb over time. In the end, it depends on your preferences and your budget. It is a better investment to get something that lasts, but cheap vapes will get the job done for a while. Keep in mind that many people are disappointed by cheap dry herb vapes which do not maintain good temperatures, causing herb to be wasted. 

        How to Charge a Pax Vaporizer Battery?

          Pax vapes comes with a specialized charging dock.  It plugs into USB ports on your computer or outlet. The LED display on the front will flash as it charges. Each petal of the Pax logo will stop flashing as the battery fills. When all four LED lights are lit and are no longer flashing, your device is fully charged.

          How to Use a Pax Vaporizer?

            First, remove the magnetic lid from the herb chamber. Fill the chamber with finely ground herbs and then replace the lid. Turn the vape on by pressing on the mouthpiece, then wait until the LED indicator or haptic feedback lets you know it is ready to hit. Then you take an inhale. Pax recommends that you “sip, not rip.” Take a short, calm hit. Wait a few seconds for vapor to build up, then hit it again. 

            If you want to adjust the temperature settings, make sure to go back to question number 2 and read there. If you are using the concentrate insert for the Pax 3, make sure to clean your heating chamber before each use to prevent the buildup of excessive resin.

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