Which Vape Batteries Last the Longest?

When it comes to vaping, habits of consumption vary by choice, necessity, and device capabilities. Depending on the type of make and model of your vape, you may or may not have a device that is intended to last throughout the whole day for a heavy user. Take portable dry herb vaporizers for example. They are known for having some of the strongest batteries. This is due to the fact that most of them come equipped with the feature of precision temperature control, which takes up a lot of juice.

Because of this, people assume that more power means longer lasting. This is simply not the case. High mAh ratings can be countered with battery-draining features such as this and require constant charging throughout the day depending on your vaping habits and needs. Other vapes with a lower mAh rating may last much longer than a vape with a higher rating. This can also be due to the fact that if you vape from an oil pen for example, the oil itself is concentrated, and so vape sessions tend to be shorter because the material is stronger.

Less is more, and your battery ends up lasting longer despite its lower rating. Plus, most oil vapes seldom have over-complicated or sophisticated features. While some box mods do, other oil and wax vape pens are simplistic and can last a user much longer than a higher mAh rated pen.

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Dry Herb Vape Batteries

As previously stated, most of these types of batteries are powerful, but are consumed by the temperature control feature. Because dry herbs are not as powerful as other modalities, users find themselves with extended vape sessions, often reloading or wanting to ride out the first session. This results in a massive drain on the battery and will require more frequent charges than other types of vapes. This is normal, however.

It is simply the nature of dry herb vapes. To mitigate this issue and potentially lengthen the lifespan of a charged dry herb vape, there are a few options to consider. First, one may try to limit sessions with a stronger type of dry herb. The next would be to take larger hits and speed up their vape sessions.

The last option would be to simply carry a portable charger and keep your vape plugged in between sessions. This would be most ideal for heavy consumption. Dry herb vapes remain one of the most popular modalities of vaporization, and so having a charger to keep your battery life to its max would be a wise investment.

Wax Vape Batteries

Much on par with oil vape batteries, it is common to find 3 in 1 vapes which can accommodate wax, oil, and dry herbs. Most specialized wax vapes that only focus on wax have a much smaller mAh rating than a dry herb vape, though because wax is much stronger than dry herbs, sessions can remain shorter. A mAh rating of 650 – 1100 is about average for this type of vape, and users will find that batteries like this are more than sufficient to last the whole day.

It should also be noted that despite having a vape like this last the whole day, that is usually the extent of its power, which is usually just that day. In other words, you will have to charge it every day after using it. So far, it would seem that doing a side-by-side comparison with a dry herb vape, wax vape batteries simply last longer, despite the lower power rating.

Wax Vape Pen

Oil Vape Batteries

Much like the wax vapes, oil vape batteries that specialize in just oil tend to be quite simplistic. It is common to find them with mAh ratings of about 650 mAh. Going into the box mod category however, we begin to see much higher ratings reaching as high as 1600 mAh. This can be due to having a box mod that can also accommodate dry herbs and wax concentrates.

The tricky part here is explaining how a battery that can use all these modalities may or may not outlast every other vape out there. Because box mods like these can change atomizers and use varying degrees of power, some sessions may last longer than others. As a whole, it would be safe to say that 3 in 1 box mods may not last as long as specialized units that only focus on one modality.

To get around this, much like the dry herb vapes, you can consider carrying a portable charger to mitigate the issue of having a low battery on the go. This is especially important if you happen to switch between styles and consequently drain the battery more than usual. If you plan on carrying just a simple oil pen, however, you might skip the portable charger altogether and just charge it by the end of that day.

Oil Vape Cartridges

Which Vape Battery Lasts Longest

That is a hard question to answer accurately. This is because different people have different habits and varying degrees of vape session frequency. If we were to simply turn on a dry herb vape, a wax vape, an oil vape, and a 3 in 1 vape side by side until they ran out of juice, our guess would be that the one with the highest mAh rating would win out.

This would not be an accurate assessment of true battery life however, because the reality would make it so that the highest mAh rated vape, such as the dry herb, gets used the most and drops the battery life considerably. What is interesting here is that if you were to take a box mod with a high mAh rating and only use it for oil or wax, you might find that this could last the longest.

This would be due to wax and oil not consuming as much power, the battery itself is stronger, and sessions are naturally shorter. A 3 in 1 vape with a high mAh that only gets used with concentrates could theoretically last the longest.

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