What Types Of Pre-Rolls Are The Best?

If you recently visited a licensed dispensary for the first time, it might have been an overwhelming experience. You may have walked in looking for a simple joint and left with more questions than you ever thought you would have about dry herb. Joints, also known as pre-rolls, are one of the oldest methods for smoking dry herb. But they have come a very long way since they were first rolled up. Read on to learn about all your modern-day pre-roll options.

What Is a Pre-Roll?

A “pre-roll” is simply another term for a joint, or dry herb rolled inside paper. Rolling papers now come in many different forms though, including hemp wraps, cones, cellulose, rice paper, and so much more. These wraps are filled with a variety of plant matter, including A-bud, B-bud, trim, and kief, just to name a few options. However, the term "pre-roll" can encompass all these different types of wraps and fillings.

Why Smoke a Pre-Roll?

Pre-rolls are known for their convenience. All the hard work of rolling up is removed and you can easily purchase a pre-rolled joint instead, at a licensed dispensary. Pre-rolls are great for passing around and convenient for hosting a great session. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes these days though, and you should know the difference before you purchase one based on impulse.

Isn’t A Pre-Roll Just a Joint?

What is included in a pre-roll can vary and makes each type of pre-roll incredibly different. One pre-roll could contain just A-bud, while another can be dipped in infused CBD oil and layered with hash as well. Thankfully, we’ve outlined five of the most common types of pre-rolls you will find in dispensaries so that you know exactly what you are looking for.

1. Classic Joints

The most common type of pre-roll you will see in a session is the classic joint. These are typically made with A-bud dry herb that is ground up and rolled in a classic rolling paper. They tend to have a cylindrical shape that is even across the entire length of the joint.  They can also include a crutch or filter -- if the person rolling up is especially skilled. However, classic joints are not typically sold in dispensaries. This is because there is a much easier method for creating the mass numbers of pre-rolls you see on dispensary shelves.

2. Cone Joints

A cone joint is the most common type of pre-roll sold in dispensaries. This is because there are machines that can shake the ground up dry herb into the pre-rolled paper cones, already equipped with a crutch. Once the paper cones are filled, the open end of the cone can then be pinched closed, and you are ready to light up. Cone joints typically contain anywhere between half a gram to a gram of dry herb. However, that herb may be a mix of A-bud, B-bud, and trim.

You can also purchase empty pre-rolled cones if you want this easy method for rolling joints of your own. Cone joints burn smoothly and evenly, allowing you to smoke all the way down to the last bit near the filtered tip. There are also king-sized cones that allow you to pack in as much as two grams of dry herb if you’re looking to host a larger session.

3. Pre-Roll Packs

Another convenient option at dispensaries is the pre-roll pack. These packs usually contain anywhere from two to half a dozen cone joints, in a variety of weights. But, the most popular packs contain seven one-gram cone joints or fourteen half-gram cone joints, all equipped with filter tips. Buying pre-rolls in packs can help cut back on packaging and is a convenient option if pre-rolls are your preferred smoking method for dry herb.

4. Infused Joints

If you want to take your session to the highest level, literally, then you’ll want to check out infused pre-rolls. These are cone joints that are infused with concentrated oil, hash, kief, or all of the above. These joints are loaded with cannabinoids and pack a real punch in a session. Be careful though, a whole infused joint should not be smoked alone by anyone with a lower tolerance.

5. Cannagars

If you are looking to treat yourself and ten of your closest friends, then you should check out your dispensary’s selection of cannagars. These look like cigars but are made with dry herb instead of tobacco. They are hefty in size, containing anywhere from four to eight grams of dry herb, and perfect for hosting large sessions or celebrations. They can also be infused if you really want to have a high-potency session.

Which Pre-Roll Is the Best?

With so many options of pre-rolls available at licensed dispensaries, it can be difficult to choose the right option for you. However, we advise that you start with knowing the difference between the different types of pre-rolls. You can try a new pre-roll every time you visit or stick to one kind you know you like. Just know your tolerance, consider what kind of session you want to host, if the dispensary can deliver if you can't come in person and ask a knowledgeable Budtender to point you in the right direction.

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