What To Expect When You Take An Edible For The First Time

There are plenty of stories about people who have “had a bad time” on edibles because they took too much. And although those stories or experiences stick with you, edibles are actually thought of as a safer alternative to smoking herb. They also tend to provide stronger effects than smoking or vaping and can be beneficial for those looking to discreetly micro dose throughout the day. If you are approaching an edible for the first time though, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind.

Choosing Your First Edible

When you are selecting your first edible, you should take a few different factors into consideration. It is more than just a tasty snack and there are more details you should look into on the label than just the flavor. However, the flavor and the form of the edible are a great place to start with narrowing down your options.

Form and Flavor

There are a ton of edible options, ranging from baked goods to candy, drinks, olive oil, sauces, and so much more. It can feel a bit like you're in a candy shop when you first take a look. However, you can start narrowing down your choices by considering how you want to take the edible. If you want to take the full dose all at once, as a first timer you should probably select an edible with a lower total dose of 10mg. Or you can choose an edible that is easy to portion down into smaller doses, like candy, gummies, or chocolate bars. For example, if you get a pack of gummies that have 50mg of CBD and ten gummies included, then you can start with a single gummy that has 5mg of CBD and build from there. But if you get a drink that has 25mg in it all together, it is a bit more difficult to portion it out into smaller doses over a long period of time.

Once you have a general idea of how you want to take your edible, then you can take a closer look at the flavors offered in that category. Gummies can come in a wide range of flavors, with everything from apple to blue raspberry lemonade. Baked good edibles tend to stick to the classic of brownies or cookies, although more creative options are emerging every day. If you have any dietary restrictions, then there are even all-natural edibles. For example, CBD-infused honey sticks are made with just pure raw honey and CBD extract. There are a lot of choices available, so there is sure to be at least one edible that will fit your hankering perfectly.


You will also want to take a close look at what kind of effects the edible may provide. Edibles come in a variety of different cannabinoid ratios, and they will each work in different ways with your body. You can purchase an edible that is 100 percent CBD or includes other common cannabinoids like CBN. A good balance between CBD and its popular counter cannabinoid can be a great choice for trying edibles for the first time. It can provide the effect of feeling high, but with the evenness that CBD can provide. If possible, chat with a Budtender to get a better idea of what might fit your wants and needs best.

Read the Labels

Be sure to take a close look at the label of an edible you pick up. Take a look at what kind of plant extract is included and what other ingredients made it into the mix. It is always best to refer to a third-party laboratory analysis to be certain about exactly what is in your edible. Any trusted edible manufacturer will be able to provide this, and if not then it might be best to take a look at the next edible option on your list.

Preparing for Your First Edible

Once you have your very first edible selected, there are a few things you should do to be fully prepared. Thankfully though, this list is short and straightforward. Have a full water bottle or glass on hand, as well as a snack before you munch down on the edible. Having food in your stomach already can affect the adsorption of the edible into your body and allow for a smoother transition. It also might be helpful to have a few more snacks on hand once you start feeling the effects of the edible. Everybody will react to edibles differently, and it is important to keep this in mind even if you have smoked or vaped before.

Taking Your First Edible

Edibles will interact with your body differently than if you smoked or vaped herb. Smoking or vaping will provide effects right away, but it takes a bit longer for edibles to kick in. However, they last a lot longer than smoking or vaping. For most people, they will start to feel effects after thirty minutes to an hour, but for others, it doesn’t kick in until two hours or more after eating the edible. It also depends on your metabolism, body weight, and more. Be sure to be patient after taking your edible, and don’t take too much to start. You can always take more, but you can’t take less after you’ve swallowed the edible.

Start Low, Go Slow

The best general rule of thumb for taking edibles is to “start low and go slow”. This means that you take the smallest dose of an edible possible, such as 2 mg to 5 mg, wait a few hours, and gradually more pieces over a longer period of time. Most people who have become too high from edibles probably took the whole thing at once. You can always cut an edible in half or smaller pieces, to take an even smaller dose to start. It might take a bit longer to start feeling the effects, but you will also most likely not feel overwhelmed by them hitting you all at once.

From there you can try new edibles, cannabinoid ratios, and flavors depending on how you liked your first edible experience. And if edibles just aren’t for you, there is no shame in that. But they are definitely worth a try!

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