What Should I Expect the First Time I Vape?

Vaping has been an increasingly popular hobby for quite a while, and at some point or another, every single person who vapes (both old and new) will have a first time. For some it is everything they expected, for others, it can sour the entire activity altogether. Nevertheless, it is important for first-time vapers to understand that while vaping does provide a highly customizable experience, there are also several things you should anticipate happening.

Vaping Expectations

What you plan to vape out of, what type of material you plan to vape (ex. Wax, oil, dry herb vaporizer, etc.), how large of a hit you take; there are plenty of choices you need to determine for your first vaping session. However, no matter what decisions you make, there are certain things you should be ready for. These expectations include (but are not limited to):

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You may cough…a lot

Big hit. Small hi. It does not matter. One of the most common things beginning vapers report occurring during their first vaping session is some type of bout of coughing.

You may get dehydrated.

Always make sure to keep a drink on hand, as vaping tends to cause your body to dehydrate quicker than you usually would.

It is NOT the same as smoking.

Often times, vapers tend to switch to vaping from smoking. Many users just assume since they know how to smoke, they will know exactly what is going to happen when they vape. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Smoking and vaping ARE NOT the same thing, and each one provides a completely different experience.

Tips to Consider Before First Vaping Session

You have your device, some material to vape, and you know what to do; with everything ready, you may think you are good to go. While for some things, this may be true. For vaping, you need to remember it is a learning process. While there are plenty of things you will pick up as time goes on, consider these helpful tips to help prevent a negative first-time experience.

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Avoid sugary drinks

In order to stay hydrated, you have to do more than just drink more. You need to drink the right liquids - mainly water. Sugary drinks (such as tea, soda, or coffee) will not hydrate you even close to the amount you will get by drinking water.

Start Small

Vaping is not like other activities, and a little can go a long way. If you are just starting out, you should begin small (like one or two small hits). Once you are done, wait about 20 minutes to see how it will affect you. How you feel will determine if you need to take any additional puffs.

Keep a backup coil

Vape pen coils are an essential component of vaping. Although they are easy to find, they tend to have relatively short life spans. Typically, if your vapor starts to have a burnt taste to it, the first thing you will want to check is to see if you need to replace the coil in your device.

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Because you can, does not mean you should

There are plenty of ways you can customize your vaping experience. But as a beginner, you need to remember, just because it is an option, does not mean you are ready for it. Take your battery for example. Many vaping devices have the ability to use replaceable batteries. Even so, while this is a sensible option, mishandling a battery can not only damage the battery, it can ruin your device. To prevent this from happening, you should always wait until you understand more about your device and the type of battery you require before you begin to mess with this feature. If you do decide to purchase spare batteries, make sure you not only use a carrying case but that you only purchase batteries from a reliable (and reputable) seller.

There is no “one size fits all” aspect to vaping

Picking the right combination is filled with personal choices, and it can be extremely easy to get overwhelmed (especially for those who are just starting out). Be patient. Take the time to experiment and learn about your choices. Vaping is very much a trial and error process to determine which aspects make the best selection to improve and cater your session to your needs and wants.

Unless you are partaking with a seasoned user, the first vaping session can be both challenging and unsatisfactory. There are plenty many components you need to think about. Not to mention, tricks for better usage, things to avoid, and more. Vaping requires patience. It takes time to learn about this activity, and you will not know every tip or trick right away. It takes time and effort, but as you gain experience, you will learn more about what you need to complete to have the perfect vaping session.

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